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player's and string
*" Few lawyers today can rival Boies ' string of major triumphs ... Boies ' strengths include an encyclopedic mastery of the facts of a case and a chess player's sense of predicting a course of action.
Such a model consists of ( possibly simplified ) laws of physics that govern the sound production, and will typically have several parameters, some of which are constants that describe the physical materials and dimensions of the instrument, while others are time-dependent functions that describe the player's interaction with it, such as plucking a string, or covering toneholes.
Achieving a tonal characteristic that is effective and pleasing to the player's and listener's ear is something of an art, and the makers of string instruments often seek very high quality woods to this end, particularly spruce ( chosen for its lightness, strength and flexibility ) and maple ( a very hard wood ).
Different tones could be obtained from a single bowed string by pressing the fingernails of the player's left hand against various points along the string to fret the string.
In freehand ( 5A ) tricks, the yo-yo's string is not tied to the player's hand, instead ending in a counterweight.
The instrument is generally strung with the melody string ( or string pair ) on the player's side of the instrument, and the bass string on the outside.
The string buzzes against the wood and is somewhat muted because the sounding portion of the string is in direct contact with the flesh of the player's finger.
Also known as squelch picking, a pinch harmonic or pick harmonic is a guitar technique in which the player's thumb or index finger on the picking hand slightly catches the string after it is picked, canceling the fundamental of the string, and letting one of the overtones dominate.
It is similar to the tangent of a clavichord only in the sense that they both are driven ultimately by the player's finger to strike the string to initiate sound.
It is similar to the tangent of a clavichord only in the sense that they both are driven ultimately by the player's finger to strike the string to initiate sound.

player's and polo
Safety gear includes ear protection, usually in the form of a water polo cap to protect the eardrums and as a secondary indicator of the player's team ( coloured black / blue or white as appropriate ).

player's and may
Non-controlling players may double their wager or decline to do so, but they are bound by the controlling player's decision to take only one card.
Strutt ( Sports and Pastimes ) suggests that the first player's bowl may have been regarded by the second player as a species of jack ; but in that case it is not clear what was the first player's target.
In the course of a move, a checker may land on any point that is unoccupied or is occupied only by a player's own checkers.
When all of a player's checkers are in that player's home board, that player may start removing them ; this is called bearing off.
From time to time the player's towns may be harassed by barbarians, units with no specific nationality and no named leader.
Since only one tech may be " researched " at any given time, the order in which technologies are chosen makes a considerable difference in the outcome of the game and generally reflects the player's preferred style of gameplay.
Any player may block another player's passage, so long as he does not hold or trip the player he intends to block.
* A snare drum, mounted on a specialised stand, placed between the player's knees and played with drum sticks ( which may include rutes or brushes ).
That player's team immediately gains possession of the ball and he may attempt to advance the ball toward his opponent's goal.
Seeing the player's hand may be worth the small amount of money in the long run.
As well, players may not raise their stick or play the ball above their knee level, and a stick cannot be placed in between a player's legs ( to avoid tripping ).
Additionally, an inexperienced player's success may decrease after opposing teams discover his or her weaknesses and exploit them.
Unlike pachisi, there are no resting squares, but the coloured home column may only be entered by its own player's tokens.
This may accurately describe the player's experience — but in the mechanics of the keyboard, velocity controls musical dynamics.
Previously completed stages may be revisited to improve the player's high scores ; a " C " grade in all the selected child's levels must be achieved to unlock the relevant Twin Seeds dream for that character.
When the privilege is abused by a player ( i. e. the player does not suspect cheating, but asks to see the cards just to get insight on another player's style or betting patterns ), he may be warned by the dealer, or even removed from the table.
Note that the hidden cards of a player's opponents may affect the calculation of outs.
Freeroll tournaments can be genuinely free, may require a payment of points ( from a point system developed by the site ), or on some occasions require a deposit of funds into the player's account.
Non-playable characters may be bystanders, competitors, bosses, or may exist to aid the player's progress in the game.
In multiplayer mode, players on several computers connect to a server ( which may be a dedicated machine or on one of the player's computers ), where they can either play the single-player campaign together in co-op mode or against each other in multiplayer.
It is also possible to play variants of Reversi and Othello wherein the 2nd player's 2nd move may or must flip one of the opposite-colored disks ( as variants closest to the normal games ).

player's and number
Castle of the Winds possesses an inventory system that limits a player's load based on weight and bulk, rather than by number of items.
Players win resources if they are able to fend off the pirate attack ( which depends on the number rolled by the dice, as well as the number of warships in the defending player's possession ; warships are created from using Knight cards on existing ships ), but lose resources if they are unsuccessful.
Hexes on the main island for which there are no number tokens do not produce resources, but number tokens are moved in such a way so as to avoid rendering a city unproductive ; furthermore, whenever possible number tokens must be reassigned from hexes bordering a player's own settlements and cities, so as to prevent harming another player's economy without harming a player's own economy at the same time.
The determining factors are the player's position on the field at the snap and their jersey number.
The number of harp strings varies greatly, depending on the type of guitar and also the player's personal preference.
* Efforts to improve fairness by reducing first-move advantage include the rule of swap, generalizable as " swap -( x, y, z )" and characterizable as a partially compounded and partially iterated version of the pie rule (" one person slices ; the other chooses "): One player places on the board x stones of the first-moving color and a lesser number y stones of the second-moving color (" slicing " in the pie metaphor ); the other player is entitled to choose between a ) playing from the starting position, in which case the selecting player is also entitled to choose which color to play, and b ) placing z ( usually-y ) + 1 ) more stones on the board at locations of that player's choice (" reslicing " in the pie metaphor, with limitations created by the board's existing setup akin to limitations arising from the existing slices in the pie ), in which case the former player is entitled to choose which color side to play.
The gray pants featured a horseshoe on the top of the sides with the player's number inside the horseshoe.
This selection is often limited to holes on the current player's side of the board, as well as holes with a certain minimum number of seeds.
The Phillies are the only team that also displays the player's number on one sleeve, in addition to the usual placement on the back of the jersey.
The basic dress of a player is a protective equestrian helmet ( usually of a distinctive color, to be distinguished at the considerable distance from which onlookers are watching the game ), riding boots to just below the knees, white trousers ( often ordinary denim jeans ), and a coloured shirt bearing the number of the player's position.
In addition to deviating from the player's expectations of the culture represented in each game, the series also included a number of intentional anachronisms, such as the pizza-loving, mad scientists in the later games.
One of the ways to achieve this involves reducing the number of moves available to the player's opponent.
The helmets were white and had both the arc-shaped lightning bolt logo, in gold, and the player's number.
As of 2010, the Chargers ' policy was to have the Chargers Hall of Fame committee evaluate candidates for a player's number to retire after the player has retired from the league after five years, Seau was the only exception to this policy.
Based upon the player's selection, the slot machine automatically calculates the number of credits the player receives in exchange for the cash inserted and displays the amount of available credits to the player.

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