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police and operation
An internal police operation managed by Scott McLeod, a former F.B.I. man installed as security officer upon congressional insistence, was part of the vengeance.
Aggravated assault can also be charged in cases of attempted harm against police officers or other public servants, or for bodily harm stemming from the reckless operation of a motor vehicle.
Ganev and Wardas were caught in a large police operation in May, and Chaplin's coffin was found buried in a field in the nearby village of Noville.
After a three-month police surveillance operation, nine members of the DPM crew were convicted of conspiracy to commit criminal damage costing at least £ 1 million.
In February of 2012, it was reported in Turkish newspapers that another Syriac manuscript of the Gospel of Barnabas had been found in Cyprus in 2000, in an operation conducted by police against smugglers ; and, having been kept in a police repository since then, had been deposited in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.
July 2005 saw the introduction of EUJUST LEX, the European Union's rule of law operation intended to train Iraqi police and legal officials in human rights along with other issues.
This force is still in operation today as part of the Metropolitan Police and is the oldest police force in the world.
As police and army troops prepared to launch a rescue operation, Lizcano escaped alongside one of his guerrilla guards who had decided to desert.
Fort Pannerden ( a military fort built in 1869 ) was evicted on November 8, 2006, by a massive police operation which used military machinery and cost one million euros.
" Since World War II, every major military action has been technically a U. S. military operation or a U. N. " police action ", which are deemed legally legitimate by Congress, and various United Nations Resolutions because of decisions such as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution or the Authorization for Use of Force.
The Zoo line was Melbourne's last horse tram and the only line still in operation at the formation of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board ( MMTB ), but it was destroyed by fire during the 1923 police strike.
Other crimes were like that of a three-day operation by Macedonian police against the ethnic Albanian village of Ljuboten, from August 10 12, 2001, which left ten civilians dead and resulted in the arrest of more than 100 men, many of whom were severely beaten and tortured while in police custody.
Belarusian traffic police DAI every year holds operation " Clean Air " to prevent the use of cars with extremely pollutive engines.
When police find evidence of a child pornography operation in the house's remains, Cunningham is arrested.
The group's most infamous operation was the killing of 11 Israeli athletes, nine of whom were first taken hostage, and the killing of a German police officer, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.
Under its National Police Services branch the RCMP provides support to all police forces in Canada through the operation of support services such as the Canadian Police Information Centre, the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, Forensic Science and Identification Services, the Canadian Firearms Program and the Canadian Police College.
The term " sting " was popularized by the 1973 Robert Redford and Paul Newman movie The Sting, although the film is not about a police operation: it features two grifters and their attempts to con a mob boss out of a large sum of money.
Their top-level members are 21 individuals, 18 of whom handle day-to-day affairs and are drawn in groups of three from six of the world's greatest criminal organisations — the Gestapo, SMERSH, Marshal Josip Broz Tito's secret police, the Mafia, the Unione Corse, and a massive heroin-smuggling operation based in Turkey.
The real time operation of the system able to emulate the judgment of a traffic police officer on duty, by considering the number of vehicles in each column and the routing proprieties.
It appeared on the news on 22 July 2005 after a police surveillance operation on a blocks of flats in Scotia Road within the new development.
Michael is given the life-saving operation and, after watching the procedure with Denise, John is taken into police custody.
Khan who is known as the Guyanese Pablo Escobar and whose name is mentioned in almost 200 murders in Guyana was arrested in Paramaribo in June 2006 in a sting operation by the Surinamese police.

police and which
`` When they became members of the city police narcotics unit '', Sokol said, `` they were told they would have to get to know certain areas of Chicago in which narcotics were sold and they would have to get to know people in the narcotics racket.
A 1945 radio series of at least 13 original half-hour episodes ( none of which apparently adapt any Christie stories ) transferred Poirot from London to New York and starred character actor Harold Huber, perhaps better known for his appearances as a police officer in various Charlie Chan films.
There are at least two versions of the movie, with one having some scenes deleted by State censors, the most notable of which depicts the killing of a renegade farmer by a police officer, who shoots the farmer in the back.
The ACLU was involved in the Miranda case, which addressed misconduct by police during interrogations ; and in the New York Times case which established new protections for newspapers reporting on government activities.
1960 saw the Sharpeville incident, in which 69 people were killed when police opened fire on anti-apartheid protesters.
The Lord's Day Act, which since 1906 had prohibited business transactions from taking place on Sundays, was struck down as unconstitutional in the 1985 case R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd. Calgary police officers witnessed several transactions at the Big M Drug Mart, all of which occurred on a Sunday.
In the eighth episode of season 8, named " Manhattan Hillbillies ," Granny tells the police officer in Central Park that her family comes from Taney County ( which is in southwest Missouri ).
Outside the Fuerza Pública, there is a small Special Forces Unit, the Unidad Especial de Intervencion ( UEI ) or Special Intervention Unit, which trains with special forces of Israel, and its namesake in Spain and other democratic nations, but is not part of the main police forces.
In Lika and west Herzegovina in particular, which he described as " hotbeds of Croatian separatism ," he wrote that the majority-Serb police acted " with no restraining authority whatsoever.
On 17 January 2011, police in Nemi, Italy, announced that they believed they had discovered the site of Caligula's burial, after arresting a thief caught smuggling a statue which they believed to be of the emperor.
In 1950, Chiang Ching-kuo became director of the secret police ( Bureau of Investigation and Statistics ), which he remained until 1965.
Two years later, the city hosted the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention, which featured physical confrontations both inside and outside the convention hall, including full-scale riots, or in some cases police riots, in city streets.
Hall died in a shootout ( May 17, 1974 ) with police in which five other SLA members were killed.
Another subgenre of detective fiction is the serial killer mystery, which might be thought of as an outcropping of the police procedural.
There are early mystery novels in which a police force attempts to contend with the type of criminal known in the 1920s as a homicidal maniac, such as a few of the early novels of Philip Macdonald and Ellery Queen's Cat of Many Tails.
In the era after the Congress of Vienna, which was influenced by Prince Metternich and his secret police, Hoffmann's text had a distinctly revolutionary, and at the same time liberal, connotation, since the demand for a united Germany was most often made in connection with demands for freedom of the press and other liberal rights.
The game features a wide range of monsters, some of which are aliens, other mutated humans ( the LAPD has been turned into " Pig-cops ", a play on the derogatory term " pig " for police officers, with LARD emblazoned on their uniforms ).
His mother was imprisoned by Somoza's National Guard for being in possession of " love letters " which the police stated were coded political missives.
" Leveritt speculated that the small local police force was overwhelmed by the crime, which was unlike any they had ever investigated.
In October 2003, Vicki Hutcheson, who played a part in the arrests of Misskelley, Echols and Baldwin, but did not testify at the trial, gave an interview to the Arkansas Times in which she stated that every word she had given to the police was a fabrication.
* 2000 The " Texas 7 " escape from the John Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas and go on a robbery spree, during which police officer Aubrey Hawkins is shot and killed.
In East Pakistan, the political impasse culminated in 1958 in a violent scuffle in the East-Pakistan parliament between the members of the Pakistan Muslim League and the East-Pakistan police, in which the deputy speaker was fatally injured and two ministers badly wounded.
A notable film to have emerged during this period was Ryszard Bugajski's 1982 film Interrogation ( Przesluchanie ), which depicts the story of an unfortunate woman ( played by Krystyna Janda ) who is arrested and tortured by the secret police into confessing a crime she knows nothing about.

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