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professor and at
His father was a professor at Hartford Theological Seminary, and from him he acquired a conviction, which he passed along to me, that there is in the universe of persons a moral law, the law of love, which is a natural law in the same sense as is the physical law.
It reminded me of my other professor, Edward Kennard Rand, of whom I had been so fond when I was at Harvard, the great mediaevalist and classical scholar who had asked me to call him `` Ken '', saying, `` Age counts for nothing among those who have learned to know life sub specie aeternitatis ''.
The responsibility for scores of deaths, including the abduction and murder of Jesus Maria Galindez, a professor at Columbia University in New York, has been laid at his door.
That's because the good professor teaches only Weider methods at his famous Montreal Health Studio which is located at 1821 Mt. Royal East in Montreal.
In 1806 his ambition was realized and he became professor of physics at the Copenhagen University, though not realizing full professorship ( ordinarius ) until 1817.
A massive investigation of the characteristics of in-migrants and prospective out-migrants in Ruanda-Urundi is being carried on by J. J. Maquet, former Director of the Social Science branch of IRSAC, now a professor at l'Universite Officielle Du Congo Belge et Du Ruanda-Urundi.
`` The majority of children in the United States could benefit by some form of orthodontic treatment '', says Dr. Allan G. Brodie, professor and head of the department of orthodontics at the University of Illinois and a nationally recognized authority in his field.
and after 1883, was professor of astronomy at Brown University.
Dr. Clark has served as teacher and principal in Oklahoma high schools, as teacher and athletic director at Raymondville, Texas, High School, as an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, and as an associate professor of education at Fort Hays, Kan., State College.
The participants were Professor H. Bondi, professor of mathematics at King's College, London ; ;
In 1893, at the age of thirty-three, Bates, an English professor at Wellesley College, had taken a train trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to teach a short summer school session at Colorado College.
That remained the state of affairs until the late 1960s when Harald Loe ( at the time a professor at the Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark ) demonstrated that a chlorhexidine compound could prevent the build-up of dental plaque.
Arne Kaijser ( born 1950 ) is a professor of History of Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the head of the university's department of History of science and technology.
* Chanakya ( c. 350-c. 275 BCE ), author of Arthashastra, professor ( acharya ) of political science at the Takshashila University
Joseph Dongell, professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, states " the most conscipuous feature of Ephesians 1: 3 – 2: 10 is the phrase ' in Christ ', which occurs twelve times in Ephesians 1: 3 – 4 alone ... this means that Jesus Christ himself is the chosen one, the predestined one.
Cofounder Marc Bloch ( 1886 – 1944 ) was a quintessential modernist who studied at the elite École Normale Supérieure, and in Germany, serving as a professor at the University of Strasbourg until he was called to the Sorbonne in Paris in 1936 as professor of economic history.

professor and University
* Adrian Bejan ( born 1948 ), Romanian-born professor of mechanical engineering at Duke University
Though the resolution is historically significant, Hideaki Uemura, professor at Keisen University in Tokyo and a specialist in indigenous peoples ' rights, commented that the motion is " weak in the sense of recognizing historical facts " as the Ainu were " forced " to become Japanese in the first place.
It was then that he began to study the principles of law and administration under Konstantin Pobedonostsev, then a professor of civil law at Moscow State University and later ( from 1880 ) chief procurator of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in Russia.
In 1851 Kolbe succeeded Bunsen as professor of chemistry at Marburg, and in 1865 he was called to the University of Leipzig.
In 1779 he became professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia, a chair he occupied for almost 25 years.
He was made an honorary professor at Braunschweig University of Technology.
He returned to academia a few years later as a professor at the University of Montpellier, where he stayed until his retirement in 1988.
Notable in this area is Michael Leyton, professor of psychology at Rutgers University.
During that time, while studying at Kabul University, Massoud became involved with the Sazman-i Jawanan-i Musulman (" Organization of Muslim Youth "), the student branch of the Jamiat-i Islami (" Islamic Society "), whose chairman then was professor Burhanuddin Rabbani.
Bohr became a professor at the University of Copenhagen in 1956, and, following his father's death in 1962, succeeded him as director of the Niels Bohr Institute, a position he held until 1970.
Hill then became an assistant professor at the Evangelical Christian O. W. Coburn School of Law at Oral Roberts University where she taught from 1983 to 1986.
In 1855 Aagesen became a professor of jurisprudence at the University of Copenhagen.
In mid-December 1915, Dr. Alzheimer fell ill on the train on his way to the University of Breslau, where he had been appointed professor of psychiatry in 1912.
* Michael Genesereth, Stanford University professor of Computer Science.
This word was first used by Robert Blair ( d. 1828 ), professor of practical astronomy at Edinburgh University, to characterize a superior achromatism, and, subsequently, by many writers to denote freedom from spherical aberration.
He was professor of astronomy at Uppsala University from 1730 to 1744, but traveled from 1732 to 1735 visiting notable observatories in Germany, Italy and France.

professor and Constantinople
Anthemius of Tralles ( c. 474 – before 558 ; ) was a Greek professor of Geometry in Constantinople ( present-day Istanbul in Turkey ) and architect, who collaborated with Isidore of Miletus to build the church of Hagia Sophia by the order of Justinian I. Anthemius came from an educated family, one of five sons of Stephanus of Tralles, a physician.
The second mission ( 860 ), requested by the Byzantine Emperor Michael III and the Patriarch of Constantinople Photius ( a professor of Cyril's at the University and his guiding light in earlier years ), was a missionary expedition to the Khazar Khaganate in order to prevent the expansion of Judaism there.
After his return to Constantinople, Cyril assumed the role of professor of philosophy at the University while his brother had by this time become a significant player in Byzantine political and administrative affairs, and an abbot of his monastery.
During the same time, he became the leading professor at the newly founded University of Constantinople, bearing the honorary title of " Consul of the Philosophers " ().
He visited France, while in Paris he spent several days at the Musée du Louvre ; Italy, in Rome he sketched, antiquities sculptures and paintings at the Vatican Museums and other galleries, then on to Naples and Pompeii, Bari then to Corfu ; while in Italy Barry had met Charles Lock Eastlake, an architect Mr Kinnaird and a Mr Johnson ( later a professor at Haileybury and Imperial Service College ) with these gentlemen he visited Greece, where their itinerary covered Athens which they left on 25 June 1818, Mount Parnassus, Delphi, Aegina, then the Cyclades, including Delos to Smyrna and Turkey where Barry greatly admired the magnificence of Hagia Sophia, from Constantinople he visited the Troad, Assos, Pergamon and back to Smyrna.
Ethnic composition map of the Balkans by A. Synvet in 1877, a French professor of the Ottoman Lyceum of Constantinople.
Ethnic composition map of the Balkans by the pro-Greek A. Synvet of 1877, a French professor of the Ottoman Lyceum of Constantinople.
He was a professor at the University of Constantinople during World War I, when he was an officer in the German army stationed in Turkey.
Ethnic composition map of the Balkans by the A. Synvet of 1877, a known French professor of the Ottoman Lyceum of Constantinople.
The evidence was often not just non-existent but absurd, with Hungarian George Paloczi-Horváth ’ s party interrogators delightedly exclaiming " We knew all the time — we have it here in writing — that you met professor Szentgyörgyi not in Istanbul, but in Constantinople.
Ethnic composition map of the Balkans by A. Synvet of 1877, a French professor of the Ottoman Lyceum of Constantinople.
AD 600 ) was a deacon and professor at the ecumenical school at Constantinople.

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