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recipe and for
I don't know any secret recipe for certainty.
Satisfied with his plan, Pseudolus steals Hysterium's book of potions and has Hero read him the recipe for the sleeping potion ; the only ingredient he lacks is " mare's sweat ," and Pseudolus goes off in search of some.
Historian Garry Wills argued " Their nullification effort, if others had picked it up, would have been a greater threat to freedom than the misguided and sedition laws, which were soon rendered feckless by ridicule and electoral pressure " The theoretical damage of the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions was " deep and lasting, and was a recipe for disunion ".
With Wills, Bubbles undertook freelance design commissions, including a redesign of Motor Racing magazine and a recipe book for the English Egg Marketing Board.
There doesn't seem to be a central recipe for how to celebrate it — chalk it up to the nature of the federation.
A book frontispiece ( decorative illustration facing a book's title page ) for Apicius, a collection of Roman cookery recipe s, circa the late 4th or early 5th century Common Era | CE.
One of the first written references is from an anonymous 13th-century North Africa / Andalusian cookbook, Kitāb al-tabǐkh fǐ al-Maghrib ( North Africa ) wa ' l-Andalus ( Arabic ) " The cookbook of the Maghreb and Al-Andalus ", with a recipe for couscous that was ' known all over the world '.
In 1663, the Pilgrim cookbook appears with a recipe for cranberry sauce.
In 1796, cranberries were served at the first celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims, and Amelia Simmons ( an American orphan ) wrote a book entitled " American Cookery " which contained a recipe for cranberry tarts.
One such recipe calls for 1 litre of boiled water, 1 / 2 teaspoon of salt, 6 teaspoons of sugar, and added mashed banana for potassium and to improve taste.
In the mid-nineteenth century, Ricasoli developed a recipe for Chianti that was based primarily on Sangiovese.
His recipe called for 70 % Sangiovese, 15 % Canaiolo, 10 % Malvasia ( later amended to include Trebbiano ) and 5 % other local red varieties.
The town of Ein Gedi, mentioned many times in the Mishna, produced persimmon for the temple's fragrance and for export, using a secret recipe.
After flying to San Francisco for a recipe for sourdough bread, he came home and spent hours preparing loaves.
Escoffier included a recipe for a Lenten espagnole sauce, using fish stock and mushrooms in Le Guide culinaire but doubted its necessity.
The classical recipe calls for additional veal stock to be added as the liquid gradually reduces but today water is generally used instead.
His writing was remarkable in its time for its directness ( he frequently uses a strange second-person voice, telling youthe reader — what you are seeing and smelling as you follow a recipe ) and for his general disdain for upper-class elaborate French cuisine.
The witness testifies that his breakfast took him five minutes to prepare, but the lawyer Vincent Gambini, furiously but humorously, traps him in a contradiction by pointing out that the recipe for regular grits requires 20 minutes of preparation time, not five minutes.
If one takes the median of 17 of these 22 compositions for rockets ( 75 % nitrates, 9. 06 % sulfur, and 15. 94 % carbon ), it is nearly identical to the modern reported ideal gunpowder recipe of 75 % potassium nitrate, 10 % sulfur, and 15 % carbon.
One recipe for " flying fire " ( ingis volatilis ) involves saltpetre, sulfur, and colophonium, which, when inserted into a reed or hollow wood, " flies away suddenly and burns up everything.

recipe and one
We made it by Doerner's recipe, five parts thoroughly washed cheese curd to one of lime putty ; ;
In the Middle Ages, Guillaume Tirel Taillevent, a court chef, wrote Le Viandier, one of the earliest recipe collections of Medieval France.
" Another recipe, for artificial " thunder ", specifies a mixture of one pound native sulfur, two pounds linden or willow charcoal, and six pounds of saltpeter.
Heinz Ketchup is available in India in two varieties, with one being the traditional recipe, and another a recipe which does not contain garlic or onion.
A popular alternative recipe calls for the addition of an alcoholic beverage to the mix, contributing approximately one third to one half of the liquid added after the gelatin has been dissolved in the boil.
In other words, whereas one might set about gathering green onions, anchovies, herring sauce and honey, as called for by the recipe for Lucrezio's green onion soup, one did not gather the ingredients of minestrone with the intention of making minestrone, as evidenced by the fact the name " minestrone " did not appear until the 14th century ( see Etymology ).
There are many recipes of how to make a piña colada but the one that his friends tell in the book of José L. Díaz De Villegas to be the original recipe created by Monchito, is the following:
Today, it is still made according to the original recipe and is one of Italy's oldest cheeses.
At one point, Lovett provides Brown with a large tub of ground meat for his recipe of shepherd's pie and is evasive about what type of meat it is.
The whitedish was one of the preparations that could be found in recipe collections all over Europe and one of the few truly international dishes of medieval and early modern Europe.
Only one of these release methods is used after timing, as recommended in the recipe.
On the show, the recipe for the green slime was treated as a closely guarded secret, with attempts by the kids to find out the true recipe all being unsuccessful ( in one episode, Ross ( Les Lye ) even went so far as to decoy the kids with a fake recipe ), although some episodes posited revolting theories as to what the slime was really made of-one 1989 episode which dealt with smoking, for example, theorized that slime was mucus from smokers ' lungs.
A classic European recipe is essentially the same as the basic one described above, but it uses olive oil with vinegar or lemon juice.
Almost all baking-oriented cookbooks will contain at least one type of recipe.
Mithaecus's cookbook was an early one, but most of it has been lost ; Athenaeus quotes one short recipe in his Deipnosophistae.

recipe and such
The use of such fresh fruits in a gelatin recipe results in a dessert that never ' sets '.
The original Moser recipe used about 5 % of neodymium oxide in the glass melt, a sufficient quantity such that Moser referred to these as being " rare earth doped " glasses.
Eventually the use of other spirits became common, such as a gin recipe becoming popularized in the late 1940s.
Scandinavian pea soup normally includes pieces of pork – although it may sometimes be served on the side – and a typical recipe would also include some onion and herbs such as thyme and marjoram.
There is no fixed recipe, but it is usually made using stale ( usually left-over ) bread, and some combination of ingredients like milk, egg, suet, sugar or syrup, dried fruit, and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, mace or vanilla.
For distributions based on. deb and. rpm files as well as Slackware Linux, there is CheckInstall, and for recipe-based systems such as Gentoo Linux and hybrid systems such as Arch Linux, it is possible to write a recipe first, which then ensures that the package fits into the local package database.
There are currently organisations in a number of UK counties, such as Lincolnshire, which are seeking European Protected designation of origin ( PDO ) for their sausages so that they can be made only in the appropriate region and to an attested recipe and quality.
Television networks such as the Food Network and magazines are still a major source of recipe information, with international cooks and chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray having prime-time shows and backing them up with Internet websites giving the details of all their recipes.
Internet sites such as AllRecipe. Me, Epicurious and Food Network have become extremely popular destinations to find recipe information, as well as mobile applications.
In this form, the Hot Bar can be prepared according to any particular vendor's ' secret ' recipe: plain, mixed with vegetables such as diced carrot or whole perilla leaf, or served with any number of sauces or condiments such as ketchup or mustard.
Sometimes different flavors, such as chocolate and honey melon, are used in the recipe and create various colors.
In Cyprus the pancake recipe is used for a similar dish such as Genoese canelloni -- ground meat with tomato sauce, cheese, and sometimes bechamel sauce -- instead of the traditional canelloni dried pasta sold at supermarkets.
Agroecology proposes a context-or site-specific manner of studying agroecosystems, and as such, it recognizes that there is no universal formula or recipe for the success and maximum well-being of an agroecosystem.
The basic Polish borscht ( barszcz ) recipe includes red beetroot, onions, garlic, and other vegetables, such as carrots and celery or root parsley.
Pure Mania, Home's first novel from 1989, took the recipe of the Richard Allen parodies from SMILE and turned them into a recipe for much of his subsequent novel writing of the 1990s ( there are exceptions such as the non-linear " Come Before Christ & Murder Love ").
Many of these cookbooks, therefore, provide only limited sociological or culinary value, as they leave out significant sections of ancient cuisine such as peasant food, breads, and preparations such as vegetable dishes too simple to warrant a recipe.
Both styles of cookbook have additional recipe groupings such as soups, sweets.
Carême, in the 1830s, gives a similar recipe, calling it simply Mire-poix ; and, by the mid-19th century, Gouffé refers to a mirepoix as " a term in use for such a long time that I do not hesitate to use it here ".

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