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reviewer and for
In its review of the 1989 London revival, the reviewer for The Guardian wrote that the " production also strikes me as infinitely superior to Harold Prince's 1975 version at the Adelphi.
A reviewer concluded that Stickel brought forward every possible argument which would speak for that hypothesis, but he proved the opposite of what he had attempted to do ( Johannes Gildemeister in ZDMG 13, 1859, 289 – 304 ).
The Athenaeum reviewer praised Ellis Bell's work for its music and power, and the Critic reviewer recognized " the presence of more genius than it was supposed this utilitarian age had devoted to the loftier exercises of the intellect.
One reviewer declared that Fellini had “ not the slightest aptitude for cinema direction ”.
From 1748 to 1760 he lived in Leipzig and Berlin and worked as reviewer and editor for, amongst others, the Vossische Zeitung.
Ralph Thompson, a book reviewer for The New York Times, was critical of the length of the novel, and wrote in June 1936:
A reviewer for The A. V.
His mother, of Irish and German descent, had been a reviewer of film and theatre for the Akron Beacon Journal before marrying his father, a businessman of Czech and German descent who worked for the B. F. Goodrich Company.
In an anonymous review for the July 1816 Literary Panorama, the reviewer claimed, "' Kubla Khan ' is merely a few stanzas which owe their origin to a circumstance by no means uncommon to persons of a poetical imagination ...
" Bassist Jeff Jensen of Boston's Real Kids reports of a show that year, " A reviewer for one of the free entertainment magazines of the time caught the act and gave us a great review, calling us a ' punk band.
The reviewer for the Deseret Morning News ( Salt Lake City ), wrote of the 2007 Pioneer Theatre Company production: " Paint Your Wagon " has a lusty new lease on life and is rarin ' to go.
Continuing to ride what one movie reviewer has called a " pop cultural wave ," they also appeared at a live show in April 2009 for the comedy film I Love You, Man.
Fiennes was later criticised by the reviewer of another book for the personal nature of his attacks on Huntford, and for his apparent assumption that his own experiences as a polar explorer gave him unique authority.
A reviewer for Home of the Underdogs lauded the game's excellent writing and the " superb " English translation patch, noting that the " interesting plot " would appeal to fantasy fans if they could stomach the limited interactivity.
He had evolved from what Edward Alden Jewell, a reviewer for the New York Times, called a “ debilitating focus on Regionalist and ethnic concerns ” to what became known as his stylistic approach which participated in the post-war aims of avant-garde American art.
A reviewer noted that the artist had " a special talent for depicting hair, ... with the saint's beard ending in curling droplets of ink.
Another show was called It Stands To Reason-The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf ; one reviewer concluded that " Speight and Mitchell are to be congratulated for understanding so well the mind of a man who they hate ".
In his later years, Perutz was a regular reviewer / essayist for The New York Review of Books on biomedical subjects.
The set design, overseen by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, was lavish and advertised as historically accurate, though the reviewer for the time complained of such anachronisms as gold crowns and printed books as props.
During the late 1970s, Straczynski also became the on-air entertainment reviewer for KSDO-FM and wrote several radio plays before being hired as a scriptwriter for the radio drama Alien Worlds.
Pyramid magazine reviewer Scott Haring said Planescape is " the finest game world ever produced for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

reviewer and publication
Despite Douglass's enthusiasm, an anonymous 1852 reviewer for William Lloyd Garrison's publication The Liberator suspected a racial double standard in the idealization of Uncle Tom:
Furthermore, he had read a scathing Cream review in Rolling Stone, a publication he had much admired, in which the reviewer, Jon Landau, called him a " master of the blues cliché.
" A reviewer of the book at the time of its publication regarded it as an apologium for Roman Catholicism.
On its initial publication, Galaxy reviewer Groff Conklin described Second Foundation as " a thoroughly satisfying and adult play of the scientific imagination.
Upon their publication in 1979, White Dwarf magazine reviewer Don Turnbull gave the Trilogy a 4 out of 10 rating, stating that he was perplexed as to whether the books were supposed to be a supplement to Dungeons & Dragons or a standalone game.
On its initial book publication, reviewer Groff Conklin termed the novel " a first-rate piece of imaginative story-telling.
On publication, New York Times reviewer Fred T. March compared it to the " genial gusto " of the " picaresque " Tortilla Flat.
" Much of Brown's work was given a Nihil obstat and an Imprimatur ( the " nihil obstat " is a statement by an official reviewer, appointed by a bishop, that " nothing stands in the way " of a book being given an imprimatur ; the " imprimatur ," which must normally be issued by a bishop of the diocese of publication, is the official endorsement — " let it be printed " — that a book contains nothing damaging to Catholic faith and morals ).
Perhaps the most infamous personality was " Sushi-X ", a pseudonym for a reviewer ( and, at times, someone who had a mini-letters section ) who was modeled after Taco-X of the multi-panel review team of the Japanese publication Famitsu, which inspired EGMs own review style.
After the publication of her third book, The Well-dressed Explorer, the Herald's reviewer, Sidney J. Baker, wrote " With this book, Miss Astley earns a place among the leaders of modern Australian fiction ".
Upon publication of the work in 1956, a Glasgow Herald reviewer called it " completely hair-raising ".
A reviewer in the Christian Science Monitor said the book was " filled with sly wit and memorable images " and considered the publication of it " a generous gift to readers ".
Prior to writing the book, Byrne was a reviewer and Technical Director of Government Computer News, a trade publication focusing on IT use in federal, state, and local government.

reviewer and wrote
In reviewing the 2008 Menier Chocolate Factory production, The Telegraph reviewer wrote that " Sondheim's lyrics are often superbly witty, his music here, mostly in haunting waltz-time, far more accessible than is sometimes the case.
" Turn Archer sideways, and he disappears ," one reviewer wrote.
A reviewer wrote, " All anxieties and fears which overshadowed his work in its beginning had passed away.
" In a review of H. D. Traill's analysis of Coleridge in the " English Men of Letters ", an anonymous reviewer wrote in 1885 Westminster Review: " Of ' Kubla Khan ,' Mr. Traill writes: ' As to the wild dream-poem ' Kubla Khan ,' it is hardly more than a psychologial curiosity, and only that perhaps in respect of the completeness of its metrical form.
Influential reviewer Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that " Nancy Davis delightful as gentle, plain, and understanding wife.
" Amid The New York Times pan of the film when it opened in August 1955, the reviewer wrote, " About five minutes ( out of ninety-five ) suggest the picture this might have been.
For example, The Era reviewer wrote,
" AV Club reviewer Noel Murray wrote: " Ketcham also experimented with his line a little early on, tightening and thickening without losing the looseness and spontaneity that remains the strip's best aspect even now.
As far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, a reviewer wrote that, if the film had been shown to the people of Europe before the war started there would have been no war :"' Civilization ' is worth $ 1. 50 today, tomorrow, or at any time.
In August 1967, a Newsweek reviewer wrote: Dont Look Back is really about fame and how it menaces art, about the press and how it categorizes, bowdlerizes, sterilizes, universalizes or conventionalizes an original like Dylan into something it can dimly understand.
A reviewer wrote, " The visitor is struck, on entering the gallery, with a curious sense of harmony and fitness pervading it, and is more interested, perhaps, in the general effect than in any one work.
A reviewer for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner wrote, " Certainly, it will outrage some and, indeed, it's not Disney.
In a 1970 concert Norman wrote " The Tune ", which one reviewer described as " probably ... Larry's finest achievement as a songwriter and recording artist ", while improvising on the piano.
Another reviewer, Lawrence Gilman, a Richard Wagner specialist who later wrote a famously devastating review of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, commenting on the Rhapsody in the New York Tribune on February 13, 1924, said:
He wrote extensively as an essayist and reviewer, and on British history.
The New York Times reviewer wrote: " The show moves with the zing and sparkle of a Waller recording-filled with bright melodies and asides.
Concerning volume one of the book, The Sunday Times reviewer Oscar Turnill wrote that " Fleming was right in judging the children's market ripe for the ... cliff hanger " and praised his " avuncular and knowledgeable storytelling ", which was matched by Burningham's illustrations.
Variety magazine's reviewer wrote: " Considerable excitement is whipped up in this suspense drama, and fans who go for tight action will find it entirely satisfactory.
The film was critically well-received ; the Variety reviewer wrote " Hawke ... gives a haunting performance.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reviewer wrote that " Hawke, building on the sympathetic-but-edgy presence that has served him well since his kid-actor days, is most impressive ".

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