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revolt and which
And no doubt many people in states like the Carolinas and Georgia, which were among the most Tory in sentiment in the eighteenth century, bitterly regretted the revolt against the Crown.
The pro-Western government, which the United States had helped in a revolt against the Souvanna Phouma `` neutralist '' government, never did appear to spark much fighting spirit in the Royal Lao Army.
It certainly maintained strong Phoenician sympathies, for it was its refusal to join the philhellene league of Onesilos of Salamis which provoked the revolt of Cyprus from Achaemenid Persia in 500-494BC, when Amathus was besieged unsuccessfully and avenged itself by the capture and execution of Onesilos.
Aelia Capitolina (; Latin in full: Colonia Aelia Capitolina ) was a city built by the emperor Hadrian, and occupied by a Roman colony, on the site of Jerusalem, which was in ruins since 70 AD, leading in part to the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132 – 136.
This Bar Kokhba revolt, which the Romans managed to suppress, enraged Hadrian, and he came to be determined to erase Judaism from the province.
The continued expeditions against the Hafsunids did not distract Abd ad-Rahman III from the situation of other regions in al-Andalus, which recognized him only nominally, if not being in open revolt.
In history, Antiochus persecuted the Jews unmercifully from 176-164 BC, which led to the Maccabean revolt of 167 BC.
In AD 60 or 61, while the current governor, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, was leading a campaign against the island of Mona ( modern Anglesey ) in the north of Wales, which was a refuge for British rebels and a stronghold of the druids, the Iceni conspired with their neighbours the Trinovantes, amongst others, to revolt.
According to Tacitus in his Annals, Boudica poisoned herself, though in the Agricola which was written almost twenty years prior he mentions nothing of suicide and attributes the end of the revolt to socordia (" indolence "); Dio says she fell sick and died and then was given a lavish burial ; though this may be a convenient way to remove her from the story.
Agricola was a military tribune under Suetonius Paulinus, which almost certainly gave Tacitus an eyewitness source for Boudica's revolt.
The revolt was used as an opportunity by Darius to extend the empire's border to the islands of the eastern Aegean and the Propontis, which had not been part of the Persian dominions before.
The political revolt brought little social change, however, and 19th century Chilean society preserved the essence of the stratified colonial social structure, which was greatly influenced by family politics and the Roman Catholic Church.
After Silvanus revolted, he received a letter by Constantius that recalled him to Milan, but which made no reference to the revolt.
Marx's Critique of Political Economy played an important role in the German branch of the student revolt, which was centered in Berlin.
In 1715 the French established their first permanent settlements in Dominica following a revolt of " poor white " smallholders in the north of Martinique, known as La Gaoulé, which caused an exodus of them to southern Dominica.
Such was the scale of their defeat the Ottoman army mutinied – a revolt which spread to Constantinople.
Of equal alarm was Francis II Rákóczi's revolt which, by the end of the year, had reached as far as Moravia and Lower Austria.
In 1440 several western and eastern Prussian towns formed the Prussian Confederation, which led the revolt of Prussia against the rule of the Teutonic Knights in 1454.
In the belief that the revolt had been successful, Pope Pius V issued a bull in 1570, titled Regnans in Excelsis, which declared " Elizabeth, the pretended Queen of England and the servant of crime " to be excommunicate and a heretic, releasing all her subjects from any allegiance to her.
The first crisis faced by Honorius was a revolt led by Gildo, the Comes Africae and Magister utriusque militiae per Africam, in Northern Africa, which lasted for two years ( 397 – 398 ).
In Russia the Social Democrats ' plan had the backing of Vladimir Lenin and the Russian Bolsheviks, who in July 1917 were plotting a revolt against the Russian Provisional Government, which was opposed the Power Act, as it would reduce the power of the Russian administration in the country.
Major sources for Gothic history include Ammianus Marcellinus ' Res gestae, which mentions Gothic involvement in the civil war between emperors Procopius and Valens of 365 and recounts the Gothic refugee crisis and revolt of 376 – 82, and Procopius ' de bello gothico, which describes the Gothic war of 535 – 52.
Fox wrote a letter to the governor and assembly of the island in which he refuted charges that Quakers were stirring up the slaves to revolt and tried to affirm the orthodoxy of Quaker beliefs.

revolt and broke
In 1215, the year after his accession, the clans Meic Uilleim and MacHeths, inveterate enemies of the Scottish crown, broke into revolt ; but loyalist forces speedily quelled the insurrection.
The simmering tension finally broke into open revolt due to the actions of the tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras.
Jews secretly started putting aside arms from the Roman munitions workshops ; soon after, a revolt broke out under Simeon ben Kosiba.
This agitation continued in the Ubaye Valley ; a new revolt broke out on 14 June, and famine was declared in April 1792.
When the revolt broke out, it was supported by intellectuals, the army, and almost all the ethnic minorities of the Empire, and forced Sultan Abdul Hamid II to re-adopt the long defunct Ottoman constitution of 1877, ushering in the Second Constitutional Era.
However, yet another massive rebellion broke out in the capital Nineveh, and the king was forced to turn back in order to quell the revolt.
They resented the changes imposed on the Roman Catholic Church by the Civil Constitution of the Clergy ( 1790 ) and broke into open revolt in defiance of the Revolutionary government's military conscription.
He also aimed to conquer Genoa, then an Angevin possession ; when a revolt broke out there in 1461, he had Spinetta Campofregoso elected as Doge, as his puppet.
In February, a revolt broke out in the city of Gonaïves, which was soon under rebel control.
Greek discontent grew until a revolt broke out in Athens in September 1843.
During the Christmas holiday of 1831, a large-scale slave revolt known as the Baptist War broke out.
Following a revolt against the Empire in Armenia in the late 530s and possibly motivated by the pleas of Ostrogothic ambassadors, King Khosrau I broke the " Eternal Peace " and invaded Roman territory in the spring of 540.
A revolt which broke out in Greece, mainly on religious grounds, was crushed by the imperial fleet in 727.
Conflict between the states flared up again in 465 BC, when a helot revolt broke out in Sparta.
The battle of Cotyaeum in 492 " broke the back " of the revolt, but guerrilla warfare continued in the Isaurian mountains for some years longer.
The conspirators effectively ruled Egypt as Ptolemy V's guardians, until, two years later, a revolt broke out under the general Tlepolemus and Agathoclea and her family were lynched by a mob in Alexandria.
In 1925, Syrian resistance to French colonial rule broke out in full scale revolt.
The Basmachi revolt that broke out in the wake of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was quelled in the early 1920s and Tajikistan became an autonomous Soviet socialist republic ( Tajik ASSR ) within Uzbekistan in 1924.
" However, a famine broke out and Rome was unwilling to supply them with either the food they were promised or the land ; open revolt ensued leading to 6 years of plundering and destruction throughout the Balkans, the death of a Roman Emperor and the destruction of an entire Roman army.
A Peasant Arab revolt broke out in April 1834 when Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt announced he would recruit troops from the local Muslim population.
In 1139 Geoffrey took Mirebeau, and in 1142 Champtoceaux, but in 1145 a new revolt broke out, this time under the leadership of Elias, the count's own brother, who, again with the assistance of Robert of Sable, laid claim to the countship of Maine.
While in Bohemia, a revolt broke out in Bavaria.
Popular revolt broke out a few years later, and the weakened empire soon fell to a Chu lieutenant, who went on to found the Han Dynasty.
He was undermined by his ineptitude, however, and popular revolt broke out in 209 BC.

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