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second and branch
A second and also good practice is to shear off the tops, leaving an inch high stub with just a leaf or two on each branch.
He was the second and last Prussian duke of the Ansbach branch of the Hohenzollern family.
Compare the appearance of the Welsh Taliesin in the second branch of the Mabinogi.
In flood-time it is said to have a second connection with the Rio Negro by a branch, which it throws off to the westward, called the Itinivini, which leaves it at a point about above its mouth.
The second, Fairy offering Posy of Harebells to Elsie, shows a fairy either hovering or tiptoeing on a branch, and offering Elsie a flower.
In 1815 he succeeded his uncle as second Baron of Halkin according to a special remainder and assumed the additional surname of Duff ( see Duff-Gordon baronets for further history of this branch of the family ).
Arthur Hamilton-Gordon, fourth son of the second marriage of the fourth Earl, was a Liberal politician and was created Baron Stanmore in 1893 ( see this title for more information on him and this branch of the family ).
The second branch of media studies in Germany is comparable to Communication Studies.
The Kansas City office today is a branch of State Street and is State Street's second largest US operation outside of eastern Massachusetts.
When Bernard's brother, Adam Gimbel, became President of Saks Fifth Avenue in 1926 after Bernard's sudden passing, the company took on national aspirations, opening its very first branch store that year in the city of Palm Beach, Florida, as a seasonal resort store, followed by a second resort store in Southampton, New York, in 1928.
During the first series there were hints Steed worked for a branch of British Intelligence, and this was expanded in the second series.
In mid flight they tuck their arms and legs close to the body ; they are then brought out at the last second to grab the branch.
After the asymptotic giant branch ( AGB ) phase, the short planetary nebula phase of stellar evolution begins as gases drift away from the central star at speeds of a few kilometers per second.
The second official language of Iraq, referred to only as ' Kurdish ' in political documents, is in fact an academic and standardized version of the Sorani dialect of a branch of languages spoken by Kurds.
It has been benefited from steady economic growth and is now the second commercial and financial center of the city, housing international firms like Moody's, Citibank, Aon Corporation, Huawei, Millicom International Cellular, Nissan Motor Corporation represented by Taiyo Motors, Pan American Silver Corporation, a Sumitomo Corporation branch, Ernst & Young, and the " MegaCenter ", Bolivia's biggest shopping mall ( 52. 000 mts2 of construction ).
Bourke held a high position as chieftain of a senior branch of his sept. Because of his sept leadership he would eventually be eligible for election as Mac William, the second most powerful office in Connacht.
The system opened on 11 October 1906 operating two routes from Flemington Bridge — one to Essendon via Mount Alexander Road, Pascoe Vale Road, Fletcher Street and onto Mount Alexander Road again ( with a short branch line along Puckle Street ), and the second to Saltwater River via Mount Alexander Road, Victoria Street, Racecourse Road, Epsom Road, Union Road and Maribyrnong Road.
It is unclear whether the biramous condition is a derived state which evolved in crustaceans, or whether the second branch of the limb has been lost in all other groups.
The Spanish branch of the House of Bourbon was founded by Philip V. He was born in 1683 in Versailles, the second son of the Grand Dauphin, son of Louis XIV.
Strickland would go on to design many other American public buildings in this style, including financial structures such as the New Orleans, Dahlonega, Mechanics National Bank ( also in Philadelphia ) and Charlotte branch mints in the mid-to-late 1830s, as well as the second building for the main U. S. Mint in Philadelphia in 1833.
One source was the Syrian-born branch manager, Ghassan Qassem, the second a young British employee.
Efnysien fab Euroswydd ( also spelled Efnissien or Efnisien ) is a sadistic anti-hero in Welsh mythology, appearing prominently in the tale of Branwen ferch Llŷr, the second branch of the Mabinogi.
Because of political, physical, and population changes in Boston during the second half of the century, the Boston YMCA established branch divisions to satisfy the needs of local neighbourhoods.
Around 1994 the second branch was cut back to West Croydon as this route crossed the commuter networks of what were to become several different rail companies and the onset of rail privatisation made the route increasingly difficult to maintain.

second and extends
A four-piece kit extends the three-piece by one tom, either a second hanging tom mounted on the bass drum and often displacing the cymbal, or a floor tom.
Metzger and Aland list the probable date for this manuscript as c. 125 but the difficulty of estimating the date of a literary text based solely on paleographic evidence must allow potentially for a range that extends from before 100 to well into the second half of the 2nd century.
The second extends from Pope Urban VI ( 1378 – 1389 ) to Pope Pius II ( 1458 – 1464 ).
A second north-south range extends along the western borders of Agusan and Davao provinces from Camiguin Island in the north to Tinaca Point in the south.
One might expect that by the Hahn-Banach theorem for bounded linear functionals, every bounded linear functional on C < sub > c </ sub >( X ) extends in exactly one way to a bounded linear functional on C < sub > 0 </ sub >( X ), the latter being the closure of C < sub > c </ sub >( X ) in the supremum norm, and that for this reason the first statement implies the second.
GAVI is now entering its second phase of funding, which extends through 2014.
The metro railway extends along most of Gran Valparaíso and is the second metro system in operation in Chile ( after Santiago ’ s ), and includes an underground section that crosses Viña del Mar ’ s downtown.
Furthermore, the time period during which such a death or the onset of such a legal disability or disqualification might call for such an adaptation extends, under the Electoral College system, from before Election Day ( many states cannot change ballots at a late stage ) until the day the electors vote ( the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December ).
The second, which extends to the present day, is as a papermaking center.
In the same work the archbishop claims to have written his Chronicon januense in the second year of his episcopate ( 1293 ), but it extends to 1296 or 1297.
The second period includes the Genoese crusading exploits in the East, and extends to their victory over the Pisans ( c. 1130 ), while the third reaches down to tha author's days as archbishop.
Richmond Park is the second largest park in London ( after the 10, 000 acre Lee Valley Park, whose area extends beyond the M25 into Hertfordshire and Essex ) and is Britain's second largest urban walled park after Sutton Park, Birmingham.
The first carries the history from 1096 to the death of Ranulf Flambard ( 1129 ); the second extends from 1133 to 1144.
Its cell body sits in the central nervous system and its axon usually extends to a ganglion somewhere else in the body where it synapses with the dendrites of the second neuron in the chain.
The second section extends from the Whitsunday group to Carmila, including Mackay, and the third section includes the Warginburra Peninsula, extending inland to include portions of the Normanby Range.
A second, pedestrian-only bridge, known as " the Living Bridge ", extends between the North and South Banks from the Millstream Courtyard to the Health Sciences Building.
* Morton's toe, condition in which the second toe extends further than the first toe
The second incision begins at the blue dot and extends upwards, along the black arrow, until meeting the zig-zag line ( red ).
# During the second episode, eruptive activity was along the chain of scoria cones and lava flows that extends from the south side of Sheridan Mountain to the explosion crater at the south end of the chain.
The two petitions, transcripts of which are extant among the Harleian manuscripts, are undated, but in the first of them he speaks of having been ten years hanging about the court in hope of preferment, and in the second he extends the period to thirteen years.
The first groove spiral usually starts on the inner edge and extends outwards, while the second groove starts on the outer edge and extends inwards.
It usually starts from the level of the second lumbar vertebra and extends to the root of the neck.

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