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sensitive and photomultiplier
When a single photon is sent through an interferometer, it passes through both paths, interfering with itself, as waves do, yet is detected by a photomultiplier or other sensitive detector only once.
The detection of these photons has been made possible ( and easier ) by the development of more sensitive photomultiplier tubes and associated electronic equipment.
UV-visible spectroscopy of microscopic samples is done by integrating an optical microscope with UV-visible optics, white light sources, a monochromator, and a sensitive detector such as a charge-coupled device ( CCD ) or photomultiplier tube ( PMT ).
The photomultiplier, subject of intensive research at RCA and in Leningrad, Russia, would become an essential component within sensitive television cameras.
Behind this grid system, an image dissector tube ( photomultiplier type detector ) with a sensitive field of view of about 38 arc-sec diameter converted the modulated light into a sequence of photon counts ( with a sampling frequency of 1200 Hz ) from which the phase of the entire pulse train from a star could be derived.
A spectrum within a certain wavelength range can be recorded simultaneously by using a two-dimensional position-sensitive detector such as a microchannel photomultiplier plate or an X-ray sensitive CCD chip ( film plates are also possible to use ).

sensitive and tube
The Williams tube would nevertheless prove to be frustratingly sensitive to environmental disturbances.
The tube was relatively immune to vibration, and thus vastly superior on shipboard duty, particularly for navy ships with the shock of weapon fire commonly knocking the sensitive but delicate galena off its sensitive point ( the tube was in general no more sensitive a radio detector, but was adjustment free ).
Stars were observed as the satellite rotated, by a sensitive region of the image dissector tube detector.
The tube feet, spines, and pedicellariae found on starfish are sensitive to touch, while eyespots on the ends of the rays are light-sensitive.
The tube feet, especially those at the tips of the rays, are also sensitive to chemicals and this sensitivity is used in locating odour sources such as food.
* Photomultiplier tube, an extremely sensitive light detector
In older analog camcorders, the imaging device was based on vacuum tube technology where the charge on a light sensitive target was in direct proportion to the amount of light striking it.
The advantage of this is that it reduces the total telescope weight, and the telescope's balance becomes less sensitive to changes in the weight loading of telescope tube from the use of heavier eyepieces or the addition of cameras etc.
In 1926, the Hungarian engineer Kálmán Tihanyi explained in detail that the principle of " storing " electrical charges in proportion to the amount of light received throughout each scanning cycle results in a much more sensitive video camera tube.
Upon RCA's development of the more sensitive image orthicon tube in 1943, RCA entered into a production contract with the U. S. Navy, the first tubes being delivered in January 1944.
A one inch camera tube has a sensitive area of approximately two thirds of an inch diameter or about 16 mm.
Typically, the higher the value, the more sensitive the tube is to light.
The 1955 Flash-Matic remote system, invented by Eugene Polley, used a highly directional photo flash tube in the hand held unit that was aimed at sensitive photoreceivers in the four front corners of the television cabinet.
One example of such a device is the US M24 that consists of a rocket launcher tube firing a HEAT rocket that is detonated by a pressure sensitive tape switch laid across the road.
The growing popularity in the audiophile community of single-ended valve ( vacuum tube ) amplifiers has sparked renewed interest in the Klipschorn and other highly sensitive Klipsch models.
A positive test means having a high risk of chromosomal abnormalities ( and neural tube defects ), and such patients are then referred for more sensitive and specific procedures to receive a definitive diagnosis, mostly invasive procedures like amniocentesis.
A phototube or photelectric cell is a type of gas-filled or vacuum tube that is sensitive to light.

sensitive and measures
Whatever measures have been taken to reduce the privacy risk in census data, new technology in the form of better electronic analysis of data poses increasing challenges to the protection of sensitive individual information.
Even more sensitive measures exist and the question of what measure is best for specific card games is still open.
In telecommunications, communications protection is the application of communications security ( COMSEC ) measures to telecommunications systems in order to: ( a ) deny unauthorized access to sensitive unclassified information of value, ( b ) prevent disruption of telecommunications services, or ( c ) ensure the authenticity of information handled by telecommunications systems.
* Position sensitive device or position sensitive detector, a device that measures the one-or two-dimensional position of a light spot
The initial jobless-claims data is more sensitive to business conditions than other measures of unemployment, and as such leads the monthly unemployment data released by the U. S. Department of Labor.
Pearson product moment correlation coefficient | Pearson / Spearman's rank correlation coefficient | Spearman correlation coefficients between X and Y are shown when the two variables ' ranges are unrestricted, and when the range of X is restricted to the interval ( 0, 1 ). Most correlation measures are sensitive to the manner in which X and Y are sampled.
They recognize that the damage done by privacy loss is typically not measurable, nor can it be undone, and that commercial organizations have little or no interest in taking unprofitable measures to drastically increase privacy of customers-indeed, their motivation is very often quite the opposite, to share data for commercial advantage, and to fail to officially recognize it as sensitive, so as to avoid legal liability for lapses of security that may occur.
: Here one measures two different spectral lines, one sensitive to temperature and one which is not.
However, physical SLOC measures are sensitive to logically irrelevant formatting and style conventions, while logical SLOC is less sensitive to formatting and style conventions.
Because sneakernets take advantage of physical media, different security measures must be taken into account for the transfer of sensitive information.
Loss of sensitive company information is of significant risk to all businesses and measures should be taken to adequately protect this data.
Only if outcome measures are valid, reliable and appropriately sensitive can impact assessments be regarded as credible '.
YTD measures are more sensitive to early changes than late changes.
* Norway's economy was more dependent on foreign trade and therefore more sensitive to the protectionist measures the Swedes were adopting.
The FG's metering system is controlled by a micro-computer which measures center-weighted brightness, using a sensitive silicon photodiode ( SPD ) sensor.
* The ironic conundrum of the preference sensitive measures, P4P and HEDIS criteria.
Develops standardized CUI policies and procedures that appropriately protect sensitive information through effective data access and control measures.
* The Directorate for Controlled Unclassified Information Develops standardized CUI policies and procedures that appropriately protect sensitive information through effective data access and control measures.
Hand-held laser scanners create a 3D image through the triangulation mechanism described above: a laser dot or line is projected onto an object from a hand-held device and a sensor ( typically a charge-coupled device or position sensitive device ) measures the distance to the surface.

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