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ship's and lifeboat
Near Earth most of the ship's 1500 passengers are killed by meteors, and only two men and six women land in a lifeboat and become the ancestors of humanity.
Instead, he recounts a story of human brutality, being adrift on a lifeboat with his mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and the ship's cook, who killed the sailor and Pi's mother and cut them up to use as bait and food.
The ship runs aground on a reef, and the family learns the ship's crew has taken to a lifeboat and abandoned them.
The Harbour Master and another of the lifeboat crew, George Castle, were on the Mary White with the ship's captain and the two others remaining of her crew, when the rope snapped and the lifeboat broke away from the wreck, which was rapidly going to pieces, soon to be devoured by the ‘ Shippe Swallower ’ ( Goodwin Sands ).
She, nevertheless, was sucked under the water and struck her head on the ship's keel before surfacing and being rescued by a lifeboat.
He served as executive officer on the USS Monitor in the engagements on the James River, Virginia, April to May 1862, and when the ship foundered in a gale on November 30 – December 1, 1862, which Greene survived after being pulled into a lifeboat by the ship's surgeon, Dr. Grenville M. Weeks.
Schat patented a number of systems in 1926 that allowed the lifeboat to glide over obstructions on a ship's hull, known as the " Schat Skate ".
The " Jolly Boat ", a small lifeboat launched from the SS Anglo Saxon on 21 August 1940 after its sinking by the German auxiliary cruiser Widder, carried the surviving members of the ship's crew West across the Atlantic Ocean for sixty-eight days, before finally landing in Eleuthera.
In the ship's final death throes, Petersen leaps from the deck with the little girl still in his arms and is then pulled aboard Sigrid's lifeboat and they watch in horror as the Titanic plunges beneath the waves.

ship's and shipboard
As the commanding officer of USS England ( DLG-22 / CG-22 ), he pioneered the shipboard use of computers to manage the ship's force portion of yard overhauls.
Even today, it is still logged daily in the ship's deck log and reported to the Captain prior to eight bells on the forenoon watch ( shipboard noon ).
For example: on a ship, the gyroscopes, shipboard compasses, stoves, and even drink holders, typically use gimbals to keep them upright with respect to the horizon despite the ship's pitching and rolling.
Unable to fly while recovering from an emergency shipboard appendectomy a few days before the battle, he was present on the ship's bridge during the morning attacks.
" established a precedent by acting as Chairman of the ship's concert, the first woman, so far as the records show, to preside at an entertainment on shipboard.
Radclive had first been exposed to executions as a Royal Navy seaman helping with shipboard hangings of pirates in the South China Sea, and it is possible he was trying to approximate something similar to hanging a man on a ship's yardarm.
However, the frigate was the first to use the ensign, when the ship's company unofficially flew the flag on 25 December 1966 as part of shipboard Christmas Day celebrations while deployed to the Far East Strategic Reserve.
Marine Engineering ( or Engine ) students learn the functions, operation, and maintenance of the ship's propulsion engines ( steam and diesel ) and other shipboard systems.
Examples include maintenance and upkeep of the ship, handling of the ship's rigging and ground tackle, coordination of underway replenishment operations, conductance of minesweeping operations, maintenance and operation of the ship's boats, supervision of diving and salvage operations ( including towing ), and serving as shipboard seamanship specialists.

ship's and |
Between them on a garlanded altar, a Ancient Roman units of measurement # Dry measures | modius ( grain measure ), and in the background, a ship's stern.
File: Toscanini on deck. jpg | Arturo Toscanini poses on a ship's deck.
File: Toscanini 4. jpg | Toscanini lifts his hat for the camera on a ship's deck.
The USS Lancaster Eagle | figurehead of USS Lancaster ( 1858 ) | USS Lancaster carved by John Haley Bellamy and on display at The Mariners ' MuseumIt is still common practise for warships to carry ships ' badges, large plaques mounted on the superstructure with a unique design relating to the ship's name or role.
The keelhauling of the ship's surgeon of admiral Jan Jansse van Nes | Jan van Nes, Lieve Pietersz.
A smooth-bore, cast-iron ship's cannon, from the Grand Turk ( frigate ) | Grand Turk, a replica of a mid-18th century three-masted frigate
Judy ( dog ) | Judy was a ship's dog on both HMS Gnat ( T60 ) | HMS Gnat and HMS Grasshopper ( 1938 ) | HMS Grasshopper.
The recommissioning ceremony for USS New Jersey ( BB-62 ) | USS New Jersey ; President Ronald Reagan attended and Ship commissioning | gave the ship's orders
Normandie Hotel | The Normandie Hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was inspired by the ocean liner SS Normandie | S. S. Normandie and displays the ship's original sign
The ship's Boatswain | bosun, an Able Seaman ( occupation ) | able seaman ( AB ) day worker, and a Watchstanding | watchstander AB are seen here working aloft aboard a U. S. freighter to maintain cargo Rigging | rigging.

ship's and built
The character of the Doctor began his service on the USS Voyager as the standard Emergency Medical Hologram built into almost every newer Starfleet ship's sickbay.
* City Market ( built in 1876, oldest city market in North America, with an original ship's hull roof design )
Most of the ship's on-screen appearances result from computer-generated imagery, although Tony Meinenger built a model used in the series.
The band achieved some fame in South America with 1992's Cargo Tour, where it played a series of shows in port cities, performing from a stage built into their tour ship's hold.
Members of the Albaola Society based near Bilbao in the Basque region of Spain, after studying the ship's structural details believe that the ship may have been built by Basque shipwrights, either in the Basque lands or in what is now south-western France.
Miller was spotted by Lieutenant Commander Doir C. Johnson, the ship's communications officer, who ordered the powerfully built sailor to accompany him to the bridge to assist with moving the ship's Captain Mervyn Bennion, who had a gaping wound in his abdomen where he had apparently been hit by shrapnel.
The ship's components were built at the Starfleet Division of the San Francisco Navy Yards and assembled in orbit.
Several episodes, as well as the ship's dedication plaque, establish that the Enterprise was built at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit around Mars.
It was built on the model of a market hall, using naval construction techniques, which gives the impression of an upside-down ship's hull.
*, a ship's tender built by the White Star Line to service the Olympic class ocean liner
* The ship's bell from the USS California, the only dreadnaught-type battleship built on the Pacific Coast.
The Normandie Hotel, which opened during 1942, is built in the stylized shape of Normandie the ship, and it includes the ship's original sign.
The ship's boilers were originally built to burn wood, but were converted to burn coal in 1839.
Before the lighthouse was built in 1898, two ship's lamps exhibiting fixed green lights were erected on a flagstaff at Port Alfred, but these lights later proved to be inadequate.
With respect to the glass-sphered ship's design, Aronofsky argued, " There is no reason a spaceship would be built like a giant truck in space.
Two contiguous sets were built, between them containing the entirety of the ship's interior, which provided several advantages to the cast and crew during filming.
Model of a Chola ( 200 – 848 CE ) ship's hull, built by the ASI, based on a wreck 19 miles off the coast of Poombuhar, displayed in a Museum in Tirunelveli.

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