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smaller-scale and can
These philosophers explore ways in which one can talk about phenomena at a larger-scale level of organization exerting causal influence on a smaller-scale level, and find that some, but not all proposed types of downward causation are compatible with science.
* The Studio Theatre, with 300 to 496 seats depending upon the set-up, can accommodate smaller-scale theatre and performance works.

smaller-scale and be
Afterwards, although continuing to be trained in parachute delivery, paratroopers were only used in a parachute role for smaller-scale operations, such as the successful rescue of Benito Mussolini, the then-deposed dictator of Italy in 1943.
As their ideas evolved, the concept changed to focus on smaller-scale productions of operas by Mozart which would be well suited to the intimate scale of the planned theatre.
By the end of the 18th century, the tontine had fallen out of favour as a revenue-raising instrument with governments, but smaller-scale and less formal tontines continued to be arranged between individuals or to raise funds for specific projects throughout the 19th century, and, in modified form, to the present day.
A smaller-scale building was proposed by Pelli to be built in Hartford during the late 1980s, but the plan was ultimately canceled.
* Radius affects the size of the edges to be enhanced or how wide the edge rims become, so a smaller radius enhances smaller-scale detail.
A smaller-scale proposal of Dr. Ashkouri's is the Sindbad Hotel Complex and Conference Center, a high-rise hotel and movie theater complex which would be Baghdad's first skyscraper.
Larger-scale models tend to incorporate higher levels of detail, but even smaller-scale models may be quite intricate.
This allows regional models to resolve explicitly smaller-scale meteorological phenomena that cannot be represented on the coarser grid of a global model.

smaller-scale and seen
The latter was seen to offer limited opportunity for local and smaller-scale artists.

smaller-scale and scene
* Toronto has a large and vibrant theatre scene, with many different companies, some producing large-scale Broadway-style productions ( produced by companies like Mirvish Productions ), and others producing smaller-scale plays by Canadian and other playwrights.

smaller-scale and has
Exportation has been on the increase and government agencies have been helping smaller-scale producers obtain the equipment and techniques needed to produce higher quantities and qualities for export.
" In addition to large scale orchestral works like Symbolon ( 1988 ), Symphony no. 2 ( Cello Symphony ) ( 1985 ), and Symphony no. 3 ( 1992 ), all of which were commissioned by the New York Philharmonic, she has written a number of notable, smaller-scale concertos for relatively uncommon instruments.
Hayes has licensed smaller-scale replicas, which have sold well.
Since 2000 another venue, the Teatro Sperimentale ( Experimental Theatre ), has offered the opportunity to present smaller-scale or minor works by contemporaries of Rossini such as Mosca, Generali, and Coccia.
A common and even smaller-scale British tabletop variant is shove ha ' penny, played with coins, while a somewhat larger wooden-puck variant called sjoelen, which has much in common with the ball games bagatelle and skeeball, is played principally in the Netherlands.
The smaller-scale spring show, The Rude Olympics, has moved from Theater Intime to the Frist Campus Center Theater.
Since 1911 the mine has been re-opened several times for smaller-scale operations.

smaller-scale and are
For smaller-scale maps, such as those spanning continents or the entire world, many projections are in common use according to their fitness for the purpose.
Other authors define topographic maps by contrasting them with another type of map ; they are distinguished from smaller-scale " chorographic maps " that cover large regions, " planimetric maps " that do not show elevations, and " thematic maps " that focus on specific topics.
Among other, smaller-scale companies in the D. C. metropolitan area are the Washington Concert Opera, which specializes in unstaged presentations ; Opera Lafayette, which specializes in French baroque opera ; and Aurora Opera Theatre, formerly known as Opera Theatre of Northern Virginia.
In traditional and smaller-scale wine making, the harvested grapes are sometimes crushed by trampling them barefoot or by the use of inexpensive small scale crushers.
Whatever the reason, navigational techniques are still the preferred way to handle smaller-scale structures.
In the independent sector, sixth forms are an integral part of secondary schools ( public schools ), and there is also a number of smaller-scale independent sixth form colleges.
Electromagnetic pulse weapons are also quite common and have almost exactly the same function, but they are smaller-scale and " DEMP " ( destructive electromagnetic pulse ) weapons also damage organics, unlike ion cannons.
However, some of Annakin's better received films are smaller-scale comedies and dramas, including his episodes in Quartet ( 1948 ) and Trio ( 1950 ), based on Somerset Maugham's stories, Hotel Sahara ( 1951 ), Across the Bridge ( 1957 ), Crooks Anonymous ( 1962 ), The Fast Lady ( 1963 ) and The Informers ( 1963 ).

smaller-scale and .
The government of the UK produces the classic 1: 50, 000 ( replacing the older 1 inch to 1 mile ) " Ordnance Survey " maps of the entire UK and with a range of correlated larger-and smaller-scale maps of great detail.
In that time, he painted smaller-scale mythological scenes, and portraits of citizens of Brussels and Napoleonic émigrés, such as the Baron Gerard.
According to Mark Potok, director of Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, his organization tracked another 60 domestic smaller-scale terrorism plots from 1995 to 2005.
An alternative method used by home gardeners and smaller-scale growers involves covering the growing area with organic mulches such as straw or with plastic sheets.
The smaller-scale fantasias ( those a3 and a4 ) use a light-textured imitative style which owes something to Continental models, while the five and six-part fantasias employ large-scale cumulative construction and allusions to snatches of popular songs.
Small-scale gardening and farming, for household food production or small business production, tends to use the smaller-scale methods above, whereas medium-to large-scale farming tends to use the larger-scale methods.
In smaller-scale architecture, concrete's strength freed the floor plan from rectangular cells to a more free-flowing environment.
Livy emphasizes that this was a scale of persecution without precedent in Rome, but smaller-scale witch-hunts.
Other smaller-scale mitigation efforts include acquiring and demolishing flood-prone buildings or flood-proofing them.
After finding sufficient evidence, authorities accused Aum Shinrikyo of complicity in the attack, as well as in a number of smaller-scale incidents.
Similar, the concept of a mall having one or more " anchor " or " big box " stores was pioneered early, with individual stores or smaller-scale chain stores intended to benefit from the shoppers attracted by the big stores.
Herbert also composed a considerable body of smaller-scale works, often writing music for his own performance on the cello or producing individual songs for the Victor Herbert Orchestra.
Howells followed it with An English Mass ( 1956 ), a smaller-scale setting to English words for chorus, strings and organ.
The accusations were less fanatical and smaller-scale but also grew to prominence through gossip and hysterics.
Further, webmasters may also act as website designers on smaller-scale sites.

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