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stone's and throw
" The Sirenum Scopuli are sharp rocks that stand about a stone's throw from the south side of the island " of Capri, was Joseph Addison's confident identification.
Bishop Grosseteste University College, a stone's throw away from Lincoln Cathedral, is named after Robert Grosseteste.
* Covered Bridge Museum is a small museum located a stone's throw from the Euharlee Covered Bridge.
In the 1950s a movie theater, a stone's throw beyond the main entrance to the lake, called Winona Parkway, was built along the adjacent county roadway, route 15, which leads to the Dutch colonial and revolutionary era mining town of Sparta.
It has a 5, 000-foot ( 1, 524 m ) runway and a parallel taxiway located a stone's throw from the inlet that gives Grays Harbor its name.
It is still possible to walk in the woods and on the common, meander around the airfield, and even go for a meal and a pint in the Wattenden Arms a stone's throw from the airfield and said to be a favourite with pilots during the war.
Capp, who lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just a stone's throw from Harvard, satirized campus radicals, militant student political groups and hippies during the Vietnam War protest era.
Agis, who was desperate for a victory to redeem his embarrassment at Argos, charged ahead ; but according to Thucydides, when the armies had closed to a stone's throw, " one of the elder Spartans " ( the xymboulos Pharax, according to Diodorus ) advised him not to try to correct one error ( his former defeat ) with another.
Hawker went in for medicine and studied in Plymouth under Samuel White of Bretonside ( a stone's throw from Charles Church ).
Université de Saint-Boniface Located in the heart of Winnipeg's green and quiet St. Boniface neighbourhood, Université de Saint Boniface is a stone's throw away from cafés, restaurants and shopping.
George Walker arranged to have him buried just a stone's throw away from his old rival Alexander McDonnell in London's Kensal Green Cemetery.
"), only one church is mentioned ; Pankhurst adds that " what is special about Lalibela ( as every tourist knows ) is that it is the site of eleven or so rock churches, not just one – and they are all within more or less a stone's throw of each other!
It is in the Caucasus Mountains, near the frontier between Georgia and Russia and a ' stone's throw ' from troubled Chechnya.
* Hraunfossar ( the Lava Falls ) in birchwoods, a stone's throw from Barnafoss.
Literally a stone's throw upstream from Hraunfossar, there is another waterfall called Barnafoss.
Operated and programmed by the British Film Institute, it re-opened as the National Film Theatre in October 1952, until its demolition in 1957 as the NFT was relocated a stone's throw away from its original site, under Waterloo Bridge.
The closest buildings of historical importance are St Edburgh's church and Blakesley Hall, both a stone's throw outside Stechford in Yardley.
Obviously he was quite at home in Paris and like any other boy he was fascinated by the Cirque d ' Été, the Summer Circus, which used to be pitched halfway down the Champs Elysees, a stone's throw from his home on the avenue Montaigne.
A cooper by trade, Queen arrived in Canada in 1906 with his younger brother William, moving into a rooming house at 259 Dorothy St., a stone's throw from the massive Canadian Pacific Railway yards where many working-class Scottish and English immigrants were then employed.
Within a stone's throw of the family mansion in the Konigstrasse stood the Gymnasium, where the uncle, doctor of theology and a voluminous writer, was the master ; there the nephew became a classic scholar and received instruction in art.
" He moves " a stone's throw away " from them, where he feels overwhelming sadness and says " My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by.
With his help and support, she founded a needlecraft school in Chiyoda, Tokyo, a stone's throw from the Imperial Palace ( Kokyo ).
Ards hoped to play at a new community-owned site, a stone's throw from Castlereagh Park that was due to be developed in 2010 by the local council.
Having found a suitable setting for the picture, Millais remained on the banks of the Hogsmill River in Ewell within a literal stone's throw of where fellow Pre-Raphaelite William Holman Hunt painted The Light of the World for up to 11 hours a day, six days a week, over a five-month period in 1851.

stone's and away
Magnus dies gathering the attention of the Crayven and leading them away from stone's unit, and is rescued by Major Parker.
The Stony Creek Puppet House is a puppet theater on the shoreline of the Stony Creek section of Branford, Connecticut, near New Haven, a stone's throw away from the famed Thimble Islands.
Puckane is a stone's throw away from many beautiful places such as Dromineer and Garrykennedy.
It will be held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre ( MIEC ), only a stone's throw away from Langkawi International Airport.
He moved " a stone's throw away " from them, where He felt overwhelming sadness and anguish, and said " My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by.
The club's premises has always been in Sanctuary street, a stone's throw away from the parish church dedicated to the same patron.
He was buried in Ipsden churchyard, Oxfordshire, a stone's throw away from the family home, which is still to this day owned and inhabited by a member of the Reade family.

stone's and are
These gems are designed to show the stone's color or surface properties as in opal and star sapphires.
Gems which are transparent are normally faceted, a method which shows the optical properties of the stone's interior to its best advantage by maximizing reflected light which is perceived by the viewer as sparkle.
Alchemical authors sometimes suggest that the stone's descriptors are metaphorical.
Many colored gemstones, such as amethyst, emerald, and sapphire, are expected to have inclusions, and the inclusions do not greatly affect the stone's value.
There was once a clan that could control the stone's powers ( the traveling caravan and Temujin are part of this clan ), but they were destroyed because of fights for the stone.
Somewhat misleadingly, the central states are not in the exact center, but a bit towards the East Coast-states such as Colorado, geographically very close to the center of the continental United States, are almost never considered the central US, while Ohio, a relative stone's throw from the East Coast, is.
Traces of the earliest phases of the timeline of İzmir, such as " The Tomb of Tantalus " and " Old Smyrna " are located at a stone's throw from Karşıyaka, in the very recently constituted metropolitan district of Bayraklı, which was formerly within the boundaries of the district of Karşıyaka.

stone's and
After all, if one considers the stone's position relative to the sun around which the planet orbits, one could hold that the stone is constantly being lifted strained though that interpretation would be in the present context.

stone's and ),
Of architectural note is the Church of St John ( Church of Ireland ), noted for its French Bath stone's decay due to its proximity to the sea.
Its dispersion ( 0. 057 ) is unusually high, and this is often visible as " fire " ( rainbow-coloured flashes of light ), although in some cases the stone's green body colour can render this effect less noticeable.
Thomas Browne affirmed the stone's application to obstetrics in his Pseudodoxia Epidemica ( 1672 ), but doubted the story about eagles.

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