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successor and parish
It remained a municipal borough until 1974, when it was merged into the South Hams district, and became a successor parish of Dartmouth with a town council.
To preserve city status, new letters patent were issued to the metropolitan borough, non-metropolitan district or successor parish councils created by the 1972 Act.
The successor civil parish has adopted town status.
It became a successor parish in the Cumbria district of South Lakeland under the Local Government Act 1972.
Ripon is a cathedral city, market town and successor parish in the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, located at the confluence of two streams of the River Ure in the form of the Laver and Skell.
Although it is now governed by Harrogate Borough Council, Ripon also became a successor parish with a parish council of its own called Ripon City Council.
Within another hundred years this too was to be demolished, but it was decided that the successor should be relocated elsewhere within the parish ; a site was chosen in Kennington Park Road.
In 1974, at the same time as the creation of successor parishes, the law was changed so that any parish council could pass a resolution to declare its area a " town ", with the council known as a " town council ".
The majority of successor parishes, and a number of other small market towns now have town councils, whose powers are exactly the same as those of parish councils, although their chairmen are entitled to style themselves as " town mayor ".
Upon his father's death in 1813, Grundtvig applied to be his successor in the parish but was rejected.
The town was a successor parish, and thus kept its own town council.
When a successor parish was formed for the former borough of Appleby, the council effected a change in the town's name, to preserve the historic county's name.
It was one of the boroughs reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, and remained a municipal borough until the Local Government Act 1972 came into force in 1974 when it became a successor parish within the Ribble Valley district.
It was the successor to the vestry of the parish of Hackney, which had been the local authority since 1855.
The town lost its status as a municipal borough in 1974, when the Local Government Act 1972 made it a successor parish within the district of West Oxfordshire.
His followers ' belief was so strong that his successor as parish priest had Mason's corpse exhumed to disprove his claim of resurrection.
In July 1717 Wettstein returned to take the office of a curate at large ( diaconus communis ) at Basel, a post which he held for three years, after which he became his father's colleague and successor in the parish of St Leonard's.
The parish was created in 1974 as a successor to the Norton-Radstock Urban District which had been created in 1933 by the merger of Midsomer Norton and Radstock urban districts, along with part of Frome Rural District.
Under the Local Government Act 1972 it became a successor parish to the urban district.
Until then, the town was part of the Norton Radstock civil parish, which was created in 1974 as a successor to the Norton-Radstock Urban District, itself created in 1933 by the merger of Midsomer Norton and Radstock urban districts, along with part of Frome Rural District.
Under the Local Government Act 1972 it became a successor parish to the urban district.
Where a parish council ( whether the successor of a former borough or not ) has resolved to style itself a Town Council, then its chairman is entitled to the designation Town Mayor, though in practice, the word Town is often dropped.
until the Local Government Act 1972, when it became a successor parish in the Non-metropolitan district of South Somerset.

successor and continued
However, the civic traditions of many boroughs were continued by the grant of a charter to their successor district councils.
The highest-ranking official whose term unquestionably continued during the interim was Polk's Secretary of State, James Buchanan ( later elected President himself in 1856 ), whose term did not formally expire until his successor, John M. Clayton, took office on March 7.
Epicurus ' cheerful demeanor, as he continued to work despite dying from a painful stone blockage of his urinary tract lasting a fortnight, according to his successor Hermarchus and reported by his biographer Diogenes Laertius, further enhanced his status among his followers.
In September 1933 Dollfuss merged his Christian Social Party with elements of other nationalist and conservative groups, including the Heimwehr, which encompassed many workers who were unhappy with the radical leadership of the socialist party, to form the Vaterländische Front, though the Heimwehr continued to exist as an independent organization until 1936, when Dollfuss ' successor Kurt von Schuschnigg forcibly merged it into the Front, instead creating the unabidingly loyal Frontmiliz as paramilitary task force.
By the 1860s, the Russian Empire – continued as the Soviet Union – became the largest contiguous state in the world, and the latter's main successor, Russia, continues to be so to this day.
Monroe resigned as Secretary of State on October 1, but no successor was ever appointed, so he continued doing the work.
The uncertainty about what would happen after Henry's death continued to grow ; Richard was keen to join a new crusade and remained concerned that whilst he was away Henry would appoint John his formal successor.
His successor, Joaquim Chissano, continued the reforms and began peace talks with RENAMO.
This diplomacy would be continued under Murad's successor Mehmed III, by both the sultan and Safiye Sultan alike.
He continued to direct the affairs of his son and successor, Fujiwara no Yorimichi.
This continued under his son and successor Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed ( Grand Vizier 1661 – 1676 ).
This new practice was continued under his successor Psusennes II and the twenty-first dynasty kings.
After Grand Master Paul von Rusdorf died in 1441, his successor, Konrad von Erlichshausen, continued to negotiate a compromise until his own death in 1449.
The successor of Pope Honorius III, he fully inherited the traditions of Pope Gregory VII and of his cousin Pope Innocent III, and zealously continued their policy of Papal supremacy.
At the same time the Tatars of the Crimean Khanate, the only remaining successor to the Golden Horde, continued to raid Southern Russia.
However, the change had not yet been officially ratified by Britain when Rhodesia declared itself independent, and as a result, the British Government continued to refer to the breakaway colony as " Southern Rhodesia " throughout its existence, a stance it maintained regarding the June – December 1979 successor state of Zimbabwe Rhodesia.
After the dissolution, Serbia continued to be the legal successor of the union, while Montenegro re-applied for membership in international organizations.
The process was begun in earnest by Alexander II and was continued by his successor Alexander III.
The Athenians were certainly aware throughout this period that the Persian interest in Greece had not ended ; Darius's son and successor, Xerxes I, had continued the preparations for the invasion of Greece.
His successor, Anne, continued the war.
He and his successor Shulgi were both deified during their reigns, and after his death he continued as a hero-figure: one of the surviving works of Sumerian literature describes the death of Ur-Nammu and his journey to the underworld.
Although King William III died in 1702, his successor in England, Queen Anne, continued the vigorous prosecution of the war, under the guidance of her ministers, Godolphin and Marlborough.
Arafat continued negotiations with Netanyahu's successor, Ehud Barak, at the Camp David 2000 Summit in July 2000.
After Baibars died in 1277, his successor Qalawun continued expansionist policies.
As the DC's role was ended, the 1919 PPI strongholds and the DC's traditional heartlands were to become Lega Nord's power base, while the successor parties of the DC continued to be key political actors only in the South, where the clientelistic way of government practised by the Christian Democrats and their allies had left a mark.

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