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telephone and message
While a telephone is a two way communication device, mass media refers to medium which can communicate a message to a large group, often simultaneously.
Later, a Telex was a message sent by a Telex network, a switched network of teleprinters similar to a telephone network.
# The connection of a user to two switching centers by separate access lines using a single message routing indicator or telephone number.
In telecommunication, a group alerting and dispatching system is a service feature that ( a ) enables a controlling telephone to place a call to a specified number of telephones simultaneously, ( b ) enables the call to be recorded, ( c ) if any of the called lines is busy, enables the equipment to camp on until the busy line is free, and ( d ) rings the free line and plays the recorded message.
In telecommunication, part 68 ( Subpart F obsolete ) is the section of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States governing ( a ) the direct connection of telecommunications equipment and customer premises wiring with the public switched telephone network and certain private line services, such as ( 1 ) foreign exchange lines at the customer premises end, ( 2 ) the station end of off-premises stations associated with PBX and Centrex services, ( 3 ) trunk-to-station tie lines at the trunk end only, and ( 4 ) switched service network station lines, i. e., common control switching arrangements ; and ( b ) the direct connection of ( 1 ) all PBX and similar systems to private line services for tie trunk type interfaces, ( 2 ) off-premises station lines, and ( 3 ) automatic identified outward dialing ( AIOD ) and message registration.
When quasi-analog form of signaling is used to convey message traffic over dial-up telephone systems, it is often referred to as voice-data.
The term is only relevant in the case of signaling systems that use discrete signals ( e. g. a combination of tones to denote one digit ), as opposed to signaling systems which are message-oriented ( such as SS7 and ISDN Q. 931 ) where each message is able to convey multiple items of information ( e. g. multiple digits of the called telephone number ).
* In the Placebo song " Evil Dildo ", the obscene telephone message is left on Thursday the 23rd of an unknown month and year.
The unnamed protagonist travels to Helsinki to deliver a package after receiving instructions from a mysterious mechanically operated telephone message.
Judge Hardy would like to convey a message to his wife but there is no telephone at her mother ’ s home and Emily finds telegrams unnerving.
In telecommunication switching centers, multiple access is the connection of a user to two or more switching centers by separate access lines using a single message routing indicator or telephone number.
All other telephone services, such as call forwarding and message taking, were handled by human operators.
shall, if so directed, proceed to broadcast a predetermined message and also relay the message by telephone to all " Relay Key Stations " under his control as specified.
Sites may offer additional services, such as webcasts, online chat, telephone chat ( VOIP ), and message boards.
An estimated 100 million fans watched the final contest, and viewers from all 43 participating nations voted for their favourite performers via text message and telephone.
The closing track, " Letters from a Porcupine ", was recorded as a telephone message left by Hoon on Thorn's answering machine.
* Mobile-terminated, a call, text message or data received on a mobile telephone
In messages that are conveyed by the telephone, a messenger, or a letter, the situation or context in which the message is sent becomes part of its non-verbal content.
To spread their message, members held showings of documentary films and operated initiatives such as " Let Freedom Ring ", a nation-wide network of recorded telephone messages.
A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message.
The answering machine, answerphone or message machine, also known as the telephone answering machine ( or TAM ) in the UK and some Commonwealth countries, ansaphone, ansafone, or telephone answering device ( TAD ) is a device for answering telephones and recording callers ' messages.
Voice-mail ( also known as voicemail, voice message or voice bank ) is a computer based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages ; to select and deliver voice information ; and to process transactions relating to individuals, organizations, products and services, using an ordinary telephone.
The conventional solution to efficient handling of telephone communication in businesses was the " message center.

telephone and claiming
" After Mangope had asked for help from the South African government, he declared a state of emergency and cut telephone links to the territory " for political reasons ," claiming that " normal laws had become inadequate.
The first softmodem-related announcements were made by Motorola, Intel and other companies, back in 1997, claiming that an ordinary sound card and some CPU power would be enough to emulate the functionality of an actual modem, although " sound card telephone adapters " and related software was never released or at least never caught on.
Koch consistently demonstrated a fierce love for New York City, which some observers felt he carried to extremes on occasion: In 1984 he had gone on record as opposing the creation of a second telephone area code for the city, claiming that this would divide the city's population ; and when the National Football League's New York Giants won Super Bowl XXI in January 1987, he refused to grant a permit for the team to hold their traditional victory parade in the city, quipping famously, " If they want a parade, let them parade in front of the oil drums in Moonachie " ( the latter being a town in New Jersey adjacent to East Rutherford, site of the Meadowlands Sports Complex, where the Giants play their home games ).
Two days after his abduction, a telephone message allegedly from Islamic Jihad, claiming responsibility for the abduction " in order to renew our acceptance of Reagan's challenge and to confirm our commitment of the statement ... that we will not leave any American on Lebanese soil.
One more recent variant involves claiming to be a customer-owned coin-operated telephone ( COCOT ) vendor, connecting an autodialer to what should have been a payphone line, dialing an assorted series of toll-free " wrong numbers " ( such as + 1-800 in US, which effectively reverses the charges ) and then demanding that the called parties reimburse the fraudulent COCOT provider for the cost of " calls received from a payphone ".
A Kellogg's telephone helpdesk employee was not willing to discuss the ingredients of their products in general, claiming it was a company secret, although in the show the company was not confronted with the findings.
At 9: 43 am, Granada Studios on Quay Street received a telephone call claiming that there was a bomb at the corner of Corporation Street and Cannon Street and that it would explode in one hour.
It was reported that a 2002 telephone conversation between Lastewka and Chrétien turned heated, with Lastewka claiming that the Liberal government under Chrétien hadn't " done a damn thing " for Niagara.
Hussein, through his United Nations envoy, refuses to back down and cuts off telephone negotiations, claiming Emerson is a non-elected leader and also a Jew.

telephone and represent
Mobile phone subscribers now represent 83 % of all telephone users in the country.
For example, if an office has two telephone operators who are both busy all the time, that would represent two erlangs ( 2 E ) of traffic ; or a radio channel that is occupied for one hour continuously is said to have a load of 1 Erlang.
Letters were associated with the dial numbers to represent telephone exchange names in communities having more than 9, 999 telephone lines, and additionally given a meaningful mnemonic to facilitate memorization of individual telephone numbers by incorporating their exchange names.
represent ( either dismissively or with approval ) this body of theoretical work as reducing the great epics to children's party games like " telephone " or " Chinese whispers ".
The petition for organization used several names out of a Cincinnati telephone directory to represent as residents of Harper County.
His distant acquaintance, Jonah ( a physicist ), whom many believe represent Goldratt himself, helps him solve the company's problems through a series of telephone calls and short meetings.
Werber liked the group's raw energy but did not consider them refined enough to want to represent them as an agent or manager at that point, though he left his telephone number with Guard.
Before the era of rapid international transport or instantaneous communication ( such as radio or telephone ), diplomatic mission chiefs were granted full ( plenipotentiary ) powers to represent their government in negotiations with their host nation.
Later another Liberal multiculturalism critic Rob Oliphant in a telephone call to Shafiyev expressed his regret about his colleague's statement and added that Karygiannis's words did not represent the attitudes of the Liberal Party.
The change to all figure dialling occurred between 1966 and 1970 when letters ceased to be used in place of numbers to represent telephone exchanges in area codes.
She won the right to represent Peru in the Miss World contest as runner-up to Liesel Holler ( Miss Peru Universe 2004 ) and was one of the major favorites in the run-up to the pageant, which was decided by a global television / telephone / online vote.
For example, 8. 8. 2. 5. 5. 2. 2. 0. 0. 8. 1. e164. arpa., which might represent an E. 164 telephone number in the ENUM system, might be sub-delegated at suitable boundaries of the name.
AIDR or As-Is Data Rate is a term primarily used by telephone companies to represent the level of available data throughput that can actually be provided to an end-user over copper wiring.

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