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third and explanation
A third explanation is suggested by Richardson's analysis of Sukuma tone.
* In November 2007, it emerged that more than £ 400, 000 had been accepted by the Labour Party from one person through a series of third parties, causing the Electoral Commission to seek an explanation.
A third explanation is that the music allows for a greater degree of freedom of dance expression than other music of the time, and each dancer is free to create his or her own style.
The third explanation offered by Jex & Britt says that some employees have personality traits that predispose them to participate in organizational citizenship behavior.
This explanation relies on the second and third of Newton's laws of motion: The net force on an object is equal to its rate of momentum change, and: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Monetarism offers a third explanation for mercantilism.
A third solution, found untenable by many philosophers for its inadequacy to give explanation is skepticism.
The third theoretical explanation of gentrification is political-economic and is divided into two approaches: traditional and Marxist.
In the explanation of Locke, for example, reason requires the mental use of a third idea in order to make this comparison by use of syllogism.
An extensive explanation is given of the third rule, concerning the qualities of bodies, and Newton discusses here the generalization of observational results, with a caution against making up fancies contrary to experiments, and use of the rules to illustrate the observation of gravity and space.
A more prosaic explanation may simply be that Holst wrote the movements in the order they stand, with one exception, and that the only structural change was to place " Mercury " third.
" The Fürstliche Häuser series of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels has followed this lead, likewise enrolling some issue of unapproved marriages in its third section, " III B ", with a similar explanation ( Die in dieser Abteilung nachgewiesenen Familien besitzen kein besonderes Diplom, sondern sind nach besonderer Ubereinkunft aus der 1 und 2 Abteilung ubernommen worden ).
) However, Joan and Eunice decide that this possible explanation is irrelevant, and near the end of the book, a third personality, that of Joan's new husband, joins them by means that can only be explained via delusion, religion or mysticism, not science.
In the second philosophical stage, the Báb gives an explanation of the metaphysics of being and creation, and in the third legislative stage his mystical and historical principles are explicitly united.
Some explanation for these discrepancies in personality may be drawn from his characterization in the third of the Oedipus plays by Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus.
The third explanation is that it is named after the dramatic appearance it creates rising from the flat fenlands that surround it for miles.
A third, and potentially the most controversial explanation of the iconographical program of the central ceiling painting can be read in terms of Lord Burlington's suspected Jacobite loyalties.
A third explanation is that the town takes its name from the French word for swallow, hirondelle, a bird which is on the town's crest.
in which the third degree was listed as " Craft of Masonry " and listed the initiations involved as " Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason " and elaborated on this with " Full instruction in Craft Masonry, including the Catechism of the first three degrees, and an explanation of all the various Masonic systems.
Livius states that the Hernici agreed to surrender two thirds of their land, but a more likely explanation is that the Romans, Latins, and Hernici agreed to share their acquired land evenly, with each receiving one third of the lands conquered by their mutual arms.
This contains the explanation of the motion of the apsis which had previously puzzled astronomers, and which Clairaut had at first deemed so inexplicable that he was on the point of publishing a new hypothesis as to the law of attraction when it occurred to him to carry the approximation to the third order, and he thereupon found that the result was in accordance with the observations.
He divides philology into five parts: first, an inquiry into public acts, with a knowledge of times and places, into civil institutions, and also into law ; second, an inquiry into private affairs ; third, an exhibition of the religions and arts of the ancient nations ; fourth, a history of all their moral and physical speculations and beliefs, and of their literatures ; and fifth, a complete explanation of the language.
The third explanation of multicellularisation is the Colonial Theory proposed by Haeckel in 1874.
However, starting with the third season, the Jonny Quest characters were renamed: Jonny was renamed " Action Johnny ", Race Bannon was referred to as " Red " and Dr Zin was simply called " Dr. Z "; there was no in-show explanation for the change.
A third possible explanation for the nature and the characteristics of boom – bust cycles emphasizes the role of financial frictions.

third and promoted
Then within this intellectual triad Iamblichus assigns the third rank to the Demiurge, identifying it with the perfect or Divine nous with the intellectual triad being promoted to a hebdomad.
Fascism promoted such economics as a " third position " alternative to capitalism and Marxism, as fascism declares both as being obsolete.
After the Great Depression began, many people from across the political spectrum blamed laissez-faire capitalism, and fascists promoted their ideology as a " third way " between capitalism and communism.
The principal B-side to the original 12-inch single was a cover version of " War ", which became the subject of an accomplished extended remix in its own right ( subtitled " Hidden ") on the single's third UK 12-inch release, where it was promoted as a double-A-side with " Carnage ".
Hired as a writer during the third season, Manny Coto was promoted to co-executive producer, becoming the series showrunner for the fourth season.
The fifth marriage was to the Catholic Catherine Howard, a cousin of Thomas Howard, the third Duke of Norfolk, who was promoted by Norfolk in the hope that she would persuade Henry to restore the Catholic religion in England.
The three lowest placed teams in La Liga are relegated to the Segunda División, and the top two teams from the Segunda División promoted to La Liga, with an additional club promoted after a series of play-offs involving the third, fourth, fifth and sixth placed clubs.
The third promoted team was decided in the promotion play-offs where Real Valladolid returned to La Liga after two seasons in Segunda División.
He was taken on as a teaboy, promoted to clapperboy, and soon rose to the position of third assistant director.
In the First / Second and Second / Third Division, while the champions are automatically promoted and the bottom team relegated, there are playoffs of the second-bottom teams against the second, third and fourth placed teams from the league below.
Neither S3 nor SFL was ever promoted as a development tool for end-user applications ; neither was delivered as a standard part of the operating system, nor were they marketed as products in their own right, though in practice they were made available to users and third parties who needed them.
In the autumn of 1988, Carlucci was called to the Defense Department to succeed Caspar Weinberger, and for the third time among his six appointments to the position of National Security Adviser during his presidency, Reagan promoted the Deputy.
In 1989, Benito Floro consecutively promoted it from the third to La Liga, overachieving for a seventh place in the first season in the top level.
There has been argument for well over a century about the practicability of third rail operation, and numerous devices have been promoted to overcome the problem, especially at turnouts, including " Brennan Switch ".
At times Late Show even came in third in its timeslot ( behind Nightline, most recently in November 2008 ), once prompting Letterman to arrange for a Manhattan billboard proudly declaring himself and his show to be "# 3 in Late Night ," aping an older, nearby billboard which promoted Leno and The Tonight Show as # 1.
Udinese remained in the third tier ( later renamed Serie C in 1935 ) until 1938 – 39, when coming second in Girone Finale Nord di Serie C, they were promoted to Serie B.
The defense employed a three-pronged strategy: First, portraying the CPUSA as a conventional political party, which promoted socialism by peaceful means ; second, employing the " labor defense " tactic to attack the trial as a capitalist venture which could never provide a fair outcome to proletarian defendants ; and third, using the trial as an opportunity to publicize CPUSA policies.
In 2006, Vitória was runner-up of the third division, and was promoted to the Brazilian second division.
In 1745, a group of courtiers, including her father-in-law, promoted her acquaintance with the monarch, who was still mourning the death of his third official mistress, the duchesse de Châteauroux.
Notably, Depor were relegated and promoted along with arch-rivals Celta who played during the 1980-81 season the most attended games ever in Spain's third tier.
Despite this poor finish in John McGrath's first season, they eventually achieved their first success for thirteen years 1982 – 83, when Vale were promoted to the Third Division in third place, passing Crewe on the way up.
Vale were promoted back to the third tier in 1985 – 86, losing just once at Vale Park they finished in fourth spot, helped by the goals of prolific Welshman Andy Jones.
This automatically promoted Amin al-Husseini to third position, which, under Ottoman law, allowed him to qualify, and Samuel then chose him as Mufti.
On June 25, Manny Parra pitched the club's second perfect game, only the third nine-inning perfect game in PCL history, against the Round Rock Express ; he was promoted to the Brewers shortly thereafter.

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