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third and unofficial
Sometimes third parties create an unofficial new or modified version of firmware to provide new features or to unlock hidden functionality.
Morris performed both backing and co-lead vocals on many of the Communards ' other recordings, and appeared in group photos as an unofficial third member.
In the unofficial Tompkins Table ( which ranks the colleges by the class of degrees obtained by their undergraduates ), Corpus's 2012 position was third, with 32. 4 % of its undergraduates achieving first-class results.
Shortly before the end of his second term, he rejected an unofficial request by members of the Security Council to reconsider his earlier decision not to run for a third term, shortened to two years, as a search for his successor had not, as of then, yielded a consensus candidate.
This reorganisation brought him scores of 115 * and 197 * in the third and fourth unofficial Tests.
Restored to rank of Captain in the South Essex Battalion after successfully leading an unofficial forlorn hope to take the third breach of Badajoz and the death of several Captains in the Battalion ( Sharpe's Company ).
* Summer Hayes ( 2007 ) The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory: an unofficial full color illustrated guide to the third generation of MLP including all ponies, playsets and accessories from 2003 to the present.
Four hundred and fifteen, about a third of those contacted, answered, making the project as unofficial as it was interesting.
A third, unofficial name, Rambov ( a contraction of " Oranienbaum ") is popular among the locals.
In 1965 she was ( as an unofficial entrant ) the third woman in history to finish the 90 km of the Comrades Marathon, and the first since the 1930s.
It is the final novel in his Abhorsen trilogy ( unofficial name coined by fans ) and his third book in the currently five book long planned Old Kingdom series ( following Sabriel and Lirael ).
The second and third heats take place on the Sunday, after a morning warm-up session, like the unofficial practice.
The country managed to come third in the CONCACAF championships of 1963 and 1969 ; for four days in March 1963 they could have been regarded as unofficial World Champions, beating Mexico 2 – 1 before losing to Costa Rica 0 – 1.
A self-proclaimed five-percenter, Jus was present on every non-AotP track on Violent by Design as JMT's unofficial third member.
After leaving the state government, he became a major player in national Republican politics as the unofficial leader of the third largest Republican state party in the country.
Dubbed Puke, he was the unofficial third member of the group.
Shortly after Norville's appointment as Todays news anchor, the decision was made to feature Norville as an unofficial third host.
( which for record-label reasons is under-represented here ), designers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are unofficial second and third Janet Jacksons.
The most recent version of PGPLOT is 5. 2. 2, released in February 2001, although third parties have written unofficial patches that include support for additional devices, 64 bit systems, and RGB ( true color ) plotting.
However, the decision proved controversial, as Vasquez only won the fight on the knock-downs he scored ( with Wright appearing to win every round ( except the third round, which appeared to be even ) that Vasquez didn't knock him down in ) and that the knock-down ( which was the first knock-down ) in the second round was a controversial variation of a slip ( the one unofficial slip in the fight ), which would mean that if it wasn't controversially ruled a knock-down, Wright would've narrowly won the fight on the scorecards ( on a one-point margin ): 112-111.
The duo's third unofficial release was titled " Finally In Calabria " / " She Wants to House ".
During the initial 8 year career of the successful group Lamb, Thorne acted as an unofficial third member with his most potent contribution on the group's second album Fear of Fours.
Cohen cast Moriarty in It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive ( 1987 )-the third part of the Alive Trilogy-and again in A Return to Salem's Lot ( 1987 ), the unofficial sequel to Stephen King's novel and TV miniseries, Salem's Lot.
" Pop Ya Collar " is the first single from Usher's unofficial Internet-leak album All About U, and later officially released on some editions of his third studio album 8701.

third and expansion
Amartya Sen's Development as Freedom ( Nobel Prize in Economics, 1999 ), argues that third world development must be understood as the expansion of human capability, not simply the increase in national income per capita, and thus requires policies attuned to health and education, not simply GDP.
The expansion port was removed in the second and third revisions of the 7800.
The binomial coefficients 1, 2, 1 appearing in this expansion correspond to the third row of Pascal's triangle.
On July 4, 2005, Cape Verde became the third country to sign a compact with the U. S. Government-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation ( MCC ); the five-year assistance package is worth over $ 110 million in addressing rural economic expansion, infrastructure development, and development of the credit sector.
* Constantinople makes an appearance in the game " Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings " in the fifth scenario of the Barbarossa campaign and again in the third scenario of the Attila the Hun campaign in the expansion pack " Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion ".
Some third party hard disks for IBM PCs were sold as kits including a controller card and replacement power supply, and some were integrated with their controller into a single expansion card, commonly called a " Hard Card ".
The ongoing expansion of existing settlements by Israel and the construction of settlement outposts is frequently criticized as an obstacle to the peace process by the Palestinians and third parties, including the United Nations, Russia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.
Six expansion packs and five stuff packs have been released for this third generation of the series.
Successive decisive Dutch victories in the second and third Anglo-Dutch Wars confirmed the Dutch mastery of the seas during the Dutch Golden Age, financed by the expansion of the Dutch Empire.
A third period of expansion was Chincha ( Ica ).
The third movement of supply chain management development, the globalization era, can be characterized by the attention given to global systems of supplier relationships and the expansion of supply chains over national boundaries and into other continents.
External 32 kB RAM packs that mounted in the rear expansion slot were also available from third parties.
Further expansion included the creation of a third battalion at Mubende, a signals squadron at Jinja, brigade reconnaissance units, an antiaircraft detachment, an army ordnance depot, a brigade signals squadron training wing, a records office, a pay and pensions office, and a Uganda army workshop.
The 400 series included 4 expansion slots ( although a 2 slot backplane could be added to the 300 series as an official upgrade, and third parties produced their own 4 slot backplanes ) and an ST506 controller for an internal hard drive.
A third phase of expansion, which will build a second runway by 2013, is projected, depending on environmental impact reports funds for purchasing private land around the airport.
By winning it all in only their third season, the Bucks became the fastest expansion team in NBA history to win the championship, however four decades later, it remains the only title in club history.
Gordon oversaw Avro Canada's restructuring and expansion during the 1950s into the third largest corporation in Canada.
Ultima Online's third expansion occurred in March 2001, introducing the new land of Ilshenar, new beasts and monsters, and an entirely new way to view the game.
In 2009 the majority of the village was under threat of demolition owing to the planned expansion of London Heathrow Airport, which would have created a third runway at the airport.
In October 2006 the third facility expansion was added and course offerings were expanded to include Collision / Refinishing Technology, Trim and Upholstery Technology and High Performance Power Trains.
The third floor, within the mansard roof, was to supply additional jury rooms, or other uses for future expansion needs.
A plan for expansion ( Plan Barcelona ) includes a third terminal building ( also designed by Ricardo Bofill ) and control tower.
Its subjugation may have occurred around AD 500, from the opposition of the British leader known as Arthur, the second, third and fourth of whose twelve battles were fought in ' Linnuis ' and whose twelfth victory held back Anglo-Saxon expansion for fifty years.
The third plaque and the statue of Busby were originally located on the north side of the East Stand, but the statue was moved to the front of the East Stand and the plaque to the south side of the stand after the stand's expansion in 2000.

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