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version and truck
In 1965, Jeep developed the M715 1. 25-ton army truck, a militarized version of the civilian J-series Jeep truck, which served extensively in the Vietnam War.
Following World War II and the successful application of four-wheel drive to the truck line, Dodge introduced a civilian version that it called the Power Wagon.
* GAZ-M73-prototype truck version of GAZ-M72 ( 1955 )
Improved version T13 introduced as T26 with more powerful 4-cylinder flat air-cooled engine and in six-wheeler chassis created capable offroad light utility truck which later evolved in to T72 model which was heavily used by Czechoslovakian army at the time and was also manufactured under license by the French company Lorraine-Dietrich.
A pick-up truck version was used by the British Royal Navy for pioneering Royal Marine helicopter carrier amphibious operations aboard HMS Bulwark and Albion in the late 1950s and early 1960s, because of the payload limitations of their first large helicopters.
* The original version of The Italian Job had scenes shot including some on the old Crystal Palace race track. The television transmitter is visible in the scene where an armoured truck is destroyed by explosives.
Duane Allman died not long after the Fillmore East album was certified gold, killed in a motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971 in Macon, Georgia, The popular version of the accident was that he collided with the rear of a flatbed truck that had turned in front of him.
Unlike most sport-utility vehicles which are based on adapted pickup truck designs, the Cherokee XJ SUV came first and the Comanche was designed as a later pickup truck version.
The first line of the toy series is the Mickey Mouse Transformer which was modeled after Optimus Prime with the same colors as its Transformer counterpart and can transform into a cartoonish trailer truck like the original version.
The Dodge engine saw its first production use in substantially revised form in the Dodge Viper while the truck version of the engine was used starting with the 2nd generation Dodge Ram.
Ford also developed a heavy-duty V10 version of their Triton engine to replace the 460 big block in truck applications.
There was also a pickup truck version available.
However, it remained a popular choice with pick-up truck buyers until the Sierra-based P100 was launched in 1988 ; this version lasted until the end of Sierra production in early 1993.
From July 1971, a locally designed pick-up truck version ( known in Afrikaans as a " bakkie ") was also offered, and this remained in production after the Cortina was replaced by the Sierra.
The Cortina pickup was exported to the UK, in a lengthened wheelbase form, as the Ford p100 until 1988, when Ford divested from South Africa, and a European built pick-up truck version of the Sierra was introduced in its place.
The second version used in U. S. syndicated airings since 2007 simply features the first eight seconds of the full sequence with the opening establishing shots of Queens placed before the truck scene.
Ford later used a different version of the song in its truck advertising.
When the four door version was introduced, Nissan chose to conceal the door handles as a part of the " C " pillar trim to visually make it appear like a two door truck with a camper shell, with the conventional door handles on the front doors.
The regular Escalade was again joined by a stretched ESV version as well as a new EXT sport utility truck.
Chevrolet produced 4 door versions of its S-10 pickup in the early 90's, and Nissan began making its own 4 door version of the compact truck in 2000.
version of the knuckle coupler and sintered truck.
The alternate version of reality was erased when Marty and Doc went back to 1955 and got the almanac from Biff before he could use it or had time to memorize some of the statistics for future use, causing Biff to crash into the very same manure truck a second time.

version and was
His Italian journey was a poet's version of those perennial thrusts across the Alps of the German emperors of the Middle Ages.
At a recent meeting of the Women's Association of the Trumbull Ave. United Presbyterian Church, considerable use was made of material from The Detroit News on the King James version of the New Testament versus the New English Bible.
Fing, a lean, chiseled, impeccable gentleman of the old school who was once mistaken on the street for Sir Cedric Hardwicke, is responsible for the rediscovery of Verdi's earliest, most raucous opera, Nabisco, a sumptuous bout-de-souffle with a haunting leitmotiv that struck me as being highly reminiscent of the Mudugno version of `` Volare ''.
It was heard again in Philadelphia in 1927 in the first version of `` Strike Up The Band '' and again abandoned shortly before the entire show was given up.
Fudo, the god of wisdom, was also thought of as the Japanese version of Acala.
As with most mythology, there is a tale which offers an alternative version of these events: in Argonautica ( iv. 760 ) Zeus ' sister and wife Hera alludes to Thetis ' chaste resistance to the advances of Zeus, that Thetis was so loyal to Hera's marriage bond that she coolly rejected him.
A version with Alicia Keys was included in Charles ' 2005 duets album Genius & Friends.
Its drafting by the Continental Congress began in mid 1776, and an approved version was sent to the states for ratification in late 1777.
The first version of the robot was first developed back in 2003.
Asteroids is also the first game to use Atari's " QuadraScan " vector-refresh system ; a full-color version known as " Color-QuadraScan " was later developed for games such as Space Duel and Tempest.
The Atari 7800 version was a launch title and featured co-operative play, it was the built in game on the European Atari 7800 release.
Also, a new version of Asteroids was developed for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Windows, and the Game Boy Color in the late 1990s.
In 1960, Nicholas Poppe presented what was in effect a heavily revised version of Ramstedt ’ s volume on phonology that has since set the standard in Altaic studies.
In the 1998 version, Alliaceae were a distinct family ; in the 2003 version, combining the Alliaceae with the Agapanthaceae and the Amaryllidaceae sensu stricto was recommended but optional ; in the 2009 version, only the broad circumscription of the Amaryllidaceae is allowed, with the Alliaceae reduced to a subfamily, Allioideae.
" The first well-known version of anarcho-capitalism was formulated by Austrian School economist and libertarian Murray Rothbard in the mid-twentieth century, synthesizing elements from the Austrian School of economics, classical liberalism, and nineteenth century American individualist anarchists Lysander Spooner and Benjamin Tucker ( rejecting their labor theory of value and the normative implications they derived from it ).
In the most famous version of her myth, her birth was the consequence of a castration: Cronus severed Uranus ' genitals and threw them behind him into the sea.
In another version of her origin, she was considered a daughter of Zeus and Dione, the mother goddess whose oracle was at Dodona.
As someone in constant contact with ( this watered-down version of ) “ nature ”, the farmer was positioned to experience moments that transcend the mundane material world.
" In the version that was offered by the Hellenistic poet Callimachus, which has become the standard setting, Artemis was bathing in the woods when the hunter Actaeon stumbled across her, thus seeing her naked.

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