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veteran and diplomat
Mr. Einaudi, the veteran diplomat, recalled attending the I. R. I.
German pressure then resulted in the dismissal of the government led by Vilhelm Buhl and its replacement with a new cabinet led by non-party member and veteran diplomat Erik Scavenius, who the Germans expected would be more cooperative.
Bokassa's overthrow by the French government was called " France's last colonial expedition " (" la dernière expédition coloniale française ") by veteran French diplomat Jacques Foccart.
Bokassa ’ s overthrow by the French government was called “ France ’ s last colonial expedition ” ( la dernière expédition coloniale française ) by veteran French diplomat Jacques Foccart.
* Richard Holbrooke, veteran US diplomat, dies at BBC News with obituary and tributes
Roger Short MVO ( 9 December 1944 – 20 November 2003 ) was a veteran British diplomat who was killed on 20 November 2003 in a truck bombing in Istanbul while serving as the British Consul-General in Turkey.
Finally, the party's electoral secretary, ex finance minister, and veteran diplomat Shah M S Kibria, a Member of Parliament from Habiganj, was killed in a grenade attack in Sylhet later that year.
Adnan al-Pachachi or Adnan Muzahim Ameen al-Pachachi () ( born May 14, 1923 ) is a veteran Iraqi politician and diplomat.
President Jakaya Kikwete appointed Mustafa Nyang ` anyi, a veteran politician and diplomat Ambassador as the Board Chairman and former Parastatal Pensions Fund Director General, David Mattaka as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.
Amézaga's Vice President was Alberto Guani, who had already distinguished himself as a veteran diplomat.
* Chick Parsons ( Charles Thomas Parsons, Jr., 1900 – 1988 ), American businessman, diplomat, and decorated World War II veteran
Grossman is a native of Los Angeles, California and a veteran diplomat and foreign policy scholar.
Jamsheed Kaikobad Ardeshir Marker, HI ( b. 24 November 1922 ), is a veteran Pakistani diplomat.
The Provid members were: Generals Kurmanovych and Kapustiansky ( both generals from the times of Ukraine's revolution in 1918-1920 ); Yaroslav Baranovsky, a law student ; Dmytro Andriievsky, a politically moderate former diplomat of the revolutionary government from eastern Ukraine ; Richard Yary, a former officer of the Austrian and Galician militaries who served as a liaison with the German Abwehr ; colonel Roman Sushko, another former Austrian and Galician officer ; Mykola Stsyborsky, the son of a tsarist military officer from Zhytomir, who served as the OUN's official theorist ; and Omelian Senyk, a party organizer and veteran of the Austrian and Galician armies who by the 1940s was considered too moderate and too conservative by the youngest generation of Galician youths.
Yikuang was then sent by Empress Dowager Cixi, along with veteran diplomat Li Hongzhang, to reach an agreement with the Eight-Nation Alliance after the foreign powers invaded China in 1901.

veteran and with
Robbie was a war veteran with battle-shattered knees.
The Vienna meeting will bring together a seasoned, 67-year-old veteran of the cold war who, in Mr. Kennedy's own words, is `` shrewd, tough, vigorous, well-informed and confident '', and a 44-year-old President ( his birthday is May 29 ) with a demonstrated capacity for political battle but little experience in international diplomacy.
Angry, impatient and short-tempered, Buzzcut is a Vietnam War veteran who served in the Marine Corps and, with the possible exception of Principal McVicker, hates the duo more than any other character.
Charlton's next England game was his 75th as England beat Northern Ireland ; 2 caps later and he had become England's second most-capped player, behind the veteran Billy Wright, who was approaching his 100th appearance when Charlton was starting out and ended with 105 caps.
During this stretch, the Orioles began to phase out their veteran infield by replacing Davey Johnson and Brooks Robinson with younger stars Bobby Grich and Doug DeCinces, respectively.
Due to the situation in Iberia, Martel believed he needed a virtually full-time army — one he could train intensely — as a core of veteran Franks who would be augmented with the usual conscripts called up in time of war.
In the offseason they signed Alfonso Soriano to the richest contract in Cubs history at 8 years for $ 136 million, and replaced unpopular skipper Dusty Baker with fiery veteran manager Lou Piniella.
During his tenure as Cowboys coach, Tom Landry co-hosted his own coach's show with late veteran sportscaster Frank Glieber and later with Brad Sham.
Additionally, Guillermo Mota, who was acquired by Florida in 2004 along with Paul Lo Duca and Juan Encarnacion and was expected to be their closer, was inconsistent, and the Marlins gave the closer job to veteran Todd Jones, whom they signed in the offseason.
Unable to afford the services of the Elvis band for a month, the band featured the talents of obscure Colorado-based rock guitarist Jock Bartley ( soon to skyrocket to fame with Firefall ), veteran Nashville sideman Neil Flanz on pedal steel, Kyle Tullis on bass and former Mountain drummer N. D. Smart ( once described by Canadian folksinger Ian Tyson as " a psychotic redneck ").
The result of this was that the PAS won a number of Malay seats from UMNO, but many Chinese voters disapproved of this unnatural alliance with the Islamist PAS, causing the DAP to lose many of its seats to the MCA, including that of its veteran leader, Lim Kit Siang.
The US spent billions of dollars to aid the mujahideen Muslim Afghanistan enemies of the Soviet Union, and non-Afghan veteran of the war returned home with their prestige, " experience, ideology, and weapons ", and had considerable impact.
Indianapolis entered the 2006 season with a veteran quarterback, receivers and defenders and would go onto draft Joseph Addai in the 2006 draft.
Taking over as starter was veteran quarterback Kerry Collins, who had been signed to the team after dissatisfaction with backup quarterback Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky.
However, even with a veteran quarterback, the Colts went on to an 0 – 13 record and finished the season with a 2 – 14 record, enough to receive the first overall pick in the 2012 draft.
On 9 November, the evening vom Rath died of his wounds, Goebbels was at the Bürgerbräu Keller in Munich with Hitler, celebrating the anniversary of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch with a large crowd of veteran Nazis.
* 1964 – World War II veteran Walter Seifert runs amok in an elementary school in Cologne, Germany, killing at least eight children and two teachers and seriously injuring several more with a home-made flamethrower and a lance.
Republican loyalists were largely relieved and pleased with Quayle's performance, and the Vice President's camp attempted to portray it as an upset triumph against a veteran debater.
In the offseason, the Jaguars parted ways with veteran players John Henderson and Reggie Hayward as part of the team's " youth movement ".
Stuart graduated from West Point in 1854 and served in Texas and Kansas with the U. S. Army, a veteran of the frontier conflicts with Native Americans and the violence of Bleeding Kansas.

veteran and extraordinary
Written by 30-year music-industry veteran, Isaias Gamboa, the book is the product of three years of exhaustive research and demonstrates in extraordinary detail that We Shall Overcome was in fact derived from a popular copyrighted Baptist hymn entitled, " If My Jesus Wills "-written in 1942 by an African American Baptist choir director named Louise Shropshire.
Originally known as Antep, the title gazi ( meaning veteran in Turkish ) was added to the province's and the provincial capital's name in 1921, due to its population's extraordinary courage during the Turkish War of Independence.

veteran and knowledge
A veteran point guard may have less training than a young point guard but may have more human capital overall due to experience and shared knowledge with other players.
As the only combat veteran with knowledge of the ship, christened Little David, Harvey is recruited for its maiden voyage, manning a self-destruct mechanism, with strict orders to blow up the ship if it is in danger of being captured.
He is considered by many veteran basketball observers to be one of the greatest pure small forwards of all time as a result of his very precise outside shot, uncanny court vision, knowledge and execution of team defense principles, tenacious and ofttimes demanding will to win, and unorthodox but accurate underhanded free throw shooting.
The 1928 book So Disdained by Nevil Shute — a novel based on this author's deep interest in and thorough knowledge of aviation — includes a monologue by a veteran pilot, preserving the atmosphere of these pioneering times: " We used to fly on the Paris route, from Hounslow to Le Bourget and get through as best as you could.
On the way to this destination the battalion encountered the veteran Fenian, John MacBride, who on the spot joined the battalion as second-in-command, and in fact took over part of the command throughout Easter Week, although he had had no prior knowledge and was in the area by accident.
It describes a blog primarily focused on the events of the military, written about by those with inside knowledge of the military, whether an active soldier, a veteran of the military, a spouse of a soldier, or a civilian with a special connection to the military.
A war veteran who did not particularly support Bush, but who also claimed to have no knowledge of the assassination.
Major Leslie James ( Les ) Hiddins AM ( born 13 August 1946 in Brisbane, Queensland ), aka " The Bush Tucker Man " is a retired Australian Army soldier and war veteran, who is best known for his love and knowledge of the Australian bush.
* Lajos Portisch vs Svetozar Gligorić, Madrid Zonal 1960, King's Indian Defence, Orthodox Variation ( E99 ), 1-0 In a very heavily analyzed line, one of the veteran Gligoric's favourites, Portisch proves he has the knowledge to prevail.
Savini was a Vietnam War veteran and used his firsthand knowledge of the carnage he saw on the battlefield to create the effect.
Besides the various interesting communications contained in this volume, ( among which may be particularized Suffrian's criticisms on Schönherr's generic arrangement of the Curculionidae, and an elaborate investigation, by the veteran Gravenhorst, of the affinities of the Brachyeltrous genus Quedius, the society have published a second volume of their yearly journal ( the Linnaea ) containing, beside the usual portion of matter concerning Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Diptera, from the pens of Suffrian, Zeller and Loew, a considerable contribution to the knowledge of the almost microscopical and obscure Hymenopterous family Mymaridae by Prof. Förster ; as a supplement to which may be mentioned Loew's discovery of the hitherto unknown economy and prior states of these insects, communicated in the ' Entomologisches Zeitung '.

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