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wealthy and Quaker
They rented property from Richard P. Hunt, a wealthy Quaker and businessman.
He was born in Harford County, Maryland in 1730 to a wealthy Quaker family.
Leonard's father, Benjamin Hanna, a Quaker of Scotch-Irish descent, was a wealthy store owner in New Lisbon.
His father was a wealthy Quaker coal mine owner.
Born in London, the son of the judge Edward Fry, he grew up in a wealthy Quaker family in Highgate.
Taylor was born in 1856 to a wealthy Quaker family in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
One of his grandmothers was a Quaker who was disowned by her wealthy family for marrying a Roman Catholic.
Waterhouse was born on 19 July 1830 in Aigburth, Liverpool, the son of wealthy mill-owning Quaker parents.
Born to a wealthy Quaker family, Cope distinguished himself as a child prodigy interested in science ; he published his first scientific paper at the age of nineteen.
On July 19, 1770, Dickinson married Mary Norris, known as Polly, the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia Quaker, and Speaker of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, Isaac Norris.
Harlan was born in Philadelphia, to Joshua Harlan, a wealthy Quaker merchant, and his wife Sarah, one of their ten children.
He was a wealthy Quaker who lived at Amwell near Ware in Hertfordshire, England.
In October 1846, he married Cornelia Grinnell, a wealthy Quaker from New Bedford and the adopted daughter of a local Congressman.
She was the second child of Kate and Gurney Pease, and was born into a wealthy Quaker family in Darlington, northern England.
he was referred to Quaker Johns Hopkins as a " wealthy Union man " and as a member of a committee of bankers who gave $ 500, 000 to the city of Baltimore after the first bloodshed in the Civil War was shed there.
Seaton Carew was a fishing village but grew in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as a seaside holiday resort for wealthy Quaker families from Darlington
By the end of the 18th Century he was a wealthy banker in his own right and known as being a landowner, a staunch Quaker and an abolitionist ( and friend of William Wilberforce ).
This was bought by John Wright ( 1728-1798 ), a wealthy Quaker Banker.
Townsend sought money successfully by soliciting several wealthy evangelicals including the son and heir of Quaker Oats founder Henry P. Crowell, and thus JAARS was born.
His father was a wealthy Quaker lawyer and his mother came from a noted Colonial family.
He was the son of James Doyle Penrose ( 1862 – 1932 ), a successful portrait painter, and Elizabeth Josephine Peckover, the daughter of Baron Peckover, a wealthy Quaker banker.
The best-known miller is the nineteenth-century Quaker Potto Brown, a wealthy man who was so pious that he carried his ledgers to family prayer meetings in order to discuss with his Maker debts owed him.
She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a wealthy Quaker family.

wealthy and named
But during a summer holiday in Switzerland in 1909, Ribbentrop fell in love with a wealthy young socialite named Catherine Bell, from a Montreal banking family, which led him to substitute Canada for Tanganyika as his preferred destination.
While Paganini was still a teenager in Livorno, a wealthy businessman named Livron lent him a violin, made by the master luthier Giuseppe Guarneri, for a concert.
Heinlein reveals near the end of Starship Troopers that the novel's protagonist and narrator, Johnny Rico, the formerly disaffected scion of a wealthy family, is Filipino, actually named " Juancita Rico " and speaks Tagalog in addition to English.
She borrowed the money from a wealthy friend named Anthony Shimer, and arranged to receive the gold late one night.
McKinley's campaign manager, a wealthy and talented Ohio businessman named Mark Hanna, visited the leaders of large corporations and major banks after the Republican Convention to raise funds for the campaign.
The plot focuses on a young Parisian girl being groomed for a career as a courtesan and her relationship with the wealthy cultured man named Gaston who falls in love with her and eventually marries her.
* In Suddenly Last Summer ( 1959 adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play ), a wealthy woman named Violet Venable ( Katharine Hepburn ) wants her niece Catherine Holly ( Elizabeth Taylor ) lobotomized to silence her talk about Violet's son Sebastian's homosexuality.
His father — also named Demosthenes — who belonged to the local tribe, Pandionis, and lived in the deme of Paeania in the Athenian countryside, was a wealthy sword-maker.
According to his own declarations, he became friendly with a wealthy trader named Henry Hope Stanley, by accident: he saw Stanley sitting on a chair outside his store and asked him if he had any job opening for a person such as himself.
Mauveine was discovered by an 18-year-old chemist named William Henry Perkin, who went on to exploit his discovery in industry and become wealthy.
He gained sufficient prestige from his naval exploits to be named the official Champion of Queen Elizabeth I. Clifford became extremely wealthy through his buccaneering, but lost most of his money gambling on horse races.
There was a report that the gemstone was bought by a wealthy London banker named Thomas Hope for either $ 65, 000 or $ 90, 000.
Zuccari returned to Rome in 1548, and began his career as a fresco painter, by executing a series of scenes in monochrome from the life of Marcus Furius Camillus on the front of the palace of a wealthy Roman named Jacopo Mattei.
Around the year 390 a wealthy Roman woman named Poimenia financed construction of the original church called " Eleona Basilica " ( elaion in Greek means " olive garden ", from elaia " olive tree ," and has an oft-mentioned similarity to eleos meaning " mercy ").
The city was named after William Bingham, a wealthy Philadelphian who bought the surrounding land in 1792.
As the story begins, Dolores Claiborne is in a police interrogation and wants to make clear to the police that she did not kill her wealthy employer, an elderly woman named Vera Donovan whom she has looked after for years.
Reports surfaced after the 1870s that Stowe had in mind a wealthy cotton and sugar plantation owner named Meredith Calhoun, who settled on the Red River north of Alexandria, Louisiana.
In the late 1830s a wealthy Jew named Shemarya Luria attempted to purchase houses near the Wall, but was unsuccessful, as was Jewish sage Abdullah of Bombay who tried to purchase the Western Wall in the 1850s.
After Joe turns down several unsuitable " candidates ", Mr. Jordan takes him to see the body of a crooked, extremely wealthy banker-investor named Bruce Farnsworth.
When the god no longer had need of her, he advised her to marry the first wealthy man she met, who turned out to be an Etruscan named Carutius ( or Tarrutius, according to Plutarch ).
Mr. & Mrs. Haxall were certainly wealthy enough to have hired Latrobe and if they did not consult with him on rebuilding project, they must probably asked him to suggest an architect, he would have named one of his own pupils.
Grovetown, named for Grove Baptist Church, developed as a summer resort in the 1880s for wealthy Augustans.
Dodger, another boy named Charley Bates, and Oliver decide to stick together, and when Dodger and Charley rob Mr. Brownlow, a wealthy old man, they run off, leaving Oliver to be arrested for the crime (" The Robbery ").
In 1196, a wealthy bourgeois named Alexandre Auffredi sent a fleet of seven ships to Africa to tap the riches of the continent.

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