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worldview and free
To hold this worldview, as an incompatibilist, there is no such thing as " free will ".
Divine operation, “ spiritual facts ” and “ voluntary determinations ” are consistently referred to as “ supernatural ” by those who specifically preclude the “ extrinsic concurrence ” of God or by those espousing a materialist or determinist worldview that excludes immaterial beings or free will.
# Promote public understanding and acknowledgment of the naturalistic worldview, which is free of supernatural and mystical elements.
The noun bright was coined by Geisert as a positive-sounding umbrella term, and Futrell defined it as " an individual whose worldview is naturalistic ( free from supernatural and mystical elements )".
Ulla Koch-Westenholz, in her 1995 book Mesopotamian Astrology, argues that this ambivalence between a theistic and mechanic worldview defines the Babylonian concept of celestial divination as one which, despite its heavy reliance on magic, remains free of implications of targeted punishment with the purpose of revenge, and so “ shares some of the defining traits of modern science: it is objective and value-free, it operates according to known rules, and its data are considered universally valid and can be looked up in written tabulations ”.

worldview and will
People born into a particular culture that grow up absorbing the values and behaviors of the culture will develop a worldview that considers their culture to be the norm.
* As we spend more and more time in virtual space, there will be a gradual " migration to virtual space ", resulting in important changes in economics, worldview, and culture.
This, they say, will be seen as a period of joy for those who understand what is happening and engage this period as a time of purification, but will be a period of immense suffering for those who cling to their corrupted worldview and lifestyles.
Intrinsic to this worldview is the notion that all experiences are influenced by prior experiences, and will influence all future experiences.
Not all people will fit neatly into only one category or the other, but Lind argues that their core worldview shapes how they frame their arguments.
Finally, Carnage's powers have always been abnormally enhanced from the maniacal will and insane worldview that Cletus Kasady has had from the age of 8 years old onward.
This is because the criteria of judgement will themselves have to be based on some worldview or other.
* Postmillennialism, the Christian eschatological belief that God's kingdom began at the first coming of Jesus Christ, and will advance progressively throughout history until it fills the whole earth through conversion to the Christian faith and worldview,
" Comprachico " has been adopted as pejorative term used for individuals and entities who manipulate the minds and attitudes of children in a way that will permanently distort their beliefs or worldview.
TMT theorists argue, essentially, that unless something is an important element of a person ’ s anxiety-buffering worldview or self-esteem, it will not require broad meaning maintenance.

worldview and leads
As linguistic categorization emerges as a representation of worldview and causality, it further modifies social perception and thereby leads to a continual interaction between language and perception.
Conversely, bolstering self-esteem in these scenarios leads to less worldview defense and derogation of dissimilar others.

worldview and disciplines
The worldview of a linear and non-linear causality generates various related / conflicting disciplines and approaches in scientific thinking.
The college is known for its emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, its emphasis on Biblical inerrancy, and its emphasis on teaching students to view all academic disciplines through a Christian worldview.
A final affiliation must be mentioned in order to contextualize ICS Toronto in a worldwide movement for Christian higher education, where often a primary task is the fostering of teachers for the elementary and secondary levels-whereas ICS, while it includes a senior member of philosophy of education and a program for school teachers seeking graduate studies in Christian worldview, places more emphasis on preparing Master's of Arts in Philosophy and PhD-level graduates to teach in colleges and universities, as well as in many other disciplines, or for entrance into a more activist profession.
One approach was to reengage the academy bringing a distinctly Christian worldview to bear on disciplines such as history, philosophy, science, literature, art and law.

worldview and are
Certain indigenous religious groups such as the Australian Aborigines are more typically totemic, whereas others like the Inuit are more typically animistic in their worldview.
They are the basis of a worldview that reaffirms and guides how people relate to both the spiritual and natural world as well as to each other.
Thus if we reason from the statement " Pegasus flies " to the statement " Pegasus exists ", we are not asserting that Pegasus is made up of atoms, but rather that Pegasus exists in a particular worldview, the worldview of classical myth.
Each religion offered a distinct worldview and cultural outlook, none of which are objectively correct.
While writing that the series fulfills the norms of mass-market fiction, as mentioned above, magazine writer Michelle Goldberg characterized the books as an attack on Judaism and liberal secularism, and suggested that the near-future " end times " in which the books are set seem to reflect the actual worldview of millions of Americans, including many prominent conservative leaders.
Animism was also a concept common to many pre-Christian European religions, and in adopting it, contemporary Pagans are attempting to " reenter the primeval worldview " and participate in a view of cosmology " that is not possible for most Westerners after childhood.
It holds to " a holistic worldview ," emphasising that the Mind, Body and Spirit are interrelated and that there is a form of Monism and unity throughout the universe.
It attempts to create " a worldview that includes both science and spirituality " and embraces a number of forms of mainstream science as well as other forms of science that are considered fringe.
Religious Science, Divine Science, and the Unity Church are religious denominations which represent a panentheistic worldview within the Christian New Thought movement.
Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect the racial worldview: the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called " races ".
As in the case of myth, these narratives are believed because they construct and reinforce the worldview of the group within which they are told, or “ because they provide us with coherent and convincing explanations of complex events ”.
Among the film's strongest detractors was Jonathan Rosenbaum, who described it as " creepy " and claimed " this characterless world of Manhattan-Venice-Paris, where love consists only of self-validation, and political convictions of any kind are attributable to either hypocrisy or a brain condition, the me-first nihilism of Allen's frightened worldview is finally given full exposure, and it's a grisly thing to behold.
No moral assertions, it is argued, can be explained by the relativist's own worldview ; they are instead derived from unconsciously " borrowed capital " from Christianity, proving the truth of the Christian worldview.
This concept is largely fuzzy and unclear in earlier stories depicting very rudimentary robots who are only programmed to comprehend basic physical tasks, where the Three Laws act as an overarching safeguard, but by the era of The Caves of Steel featuring robots with human or beyond-human intelligence the Three Laws have become the underlying basic ethical worldview that determines the actions of all robots.
In societies where God-centered religions are dominant, that understanding would be the consensus reality, while the religious worldview would remain the nonconsensus ( or alternative ) reality in a predominantly secular society where the consensus reality is grounded in science alone.
Liberals and conservatives have different worldviews and sematics are very much influenced by the worldview of the speaker.
These studies are revealing in that they show that ideologies must take root within the worldview of the language, but, at the same time, individuals resist the appropriation of concepts and the new emerging patterns of thought by thinking, speaking and writing.
The principal among these are: ( a ) it has to be possible to make ( i. e., it has to actually exist ), in spite of its absurdity ; ( b ) it has to remain in the public domain ( i. e., it cannot be given a patent ); and ( c ) it must not be exclusively a vehicle for humor, or the warped satirical worldview of the inventor.
Guatemalan author William Spindler's article, “ Magic realism: a typology ,” suggests that there are three kinds of magic realism, which however are by no means incompatible: European ‘ metaphysical ’ magic realism, with its sense of estrangement and the uncanny, exemplified by Kafka ’ s fiction ; ‘ ontological ’ magical realism, characterized by ‘ matter-of-factness ’ in relating ‘ inexplicable ’ events ; and ‘ anthropological ’ magical realism, where a Native worldview is set side by side with the Western rational worldview.

worldview and by
Their worldview was shaped and influenced by the anticommunism of that time.
The phase between the Baroque and the rise of the Classical, with its broad mixture of competing ideas and attempts to unify the different demands of taste, economics and " worldview ", goes by many names.
Also, all creation myths speak to deeply meaningful questions held by the society that shares them, revealing of their central worldview and the framework for the self-identity of the culture and individual in a universal context.
Isaac Newton's ( 1642 – 1727 ) mathematical explanation of universal gravitation explained the behavior both of objects here on earth and of objects in the heavens in a way that promoted a worldview in which the natural universe is controlled by laws of nature.
This worldview was adopted from this religious culture by Brahmin orthodoxy, and Brahmins wrote the earliest recorded scriptures containing these ideas in the early Upanishads.
In folkloristics, a " myth " is a sacred narrative usually explaining how the world or humankind came to be in its present form, " a story that serves to define the fundamental worldview of a culture by explaining aspects of the natural world and delineating the psychological and social practices and ideals of a society ".
It has been noted that many Pagans argue that the adoption of a polytheistic worldview would be beneficial for western society, replacing the dominant monotheism that they believe is by its very nature politically and socially repressive.
While racial mysticism played a key role in his own worldview, Spengler had always been an outspoken critic of the pseudo-scientific racial theories professed by the Nazis and many others in his time, and was not inclined to change his views upon Hitler's rise to power.
Again, for early 20th century physics, the transition between the Maxwellian electromagnetic worldview and the Einsteinian Relativistic worldview was neither instantaneous nor calm, and instead involved a protracted set of " attacks ," both with empirical data as well as rhetorical or philosophical arguments, by both sides, with the Einsteinian theory winning out in the long-run.
* Cluster criticism – a method developed by Kenneth Burke that seeks to help the critic understand the rhetor's worldview.
Sectarianism is sometimes defined in the sociology of religion as a worldview that emphasizes the unique legitimacy of believers ' creed and practices and that heightens tension with the larger society by engaging in boundary-maintaining practices.
Cheryl Exum, whose work on the Song is also widely known and highly regarded, considers, however, that " The subjectivity conferred upon the woman by the poet inevitably reflects a patriarchal worldview ; how could it not?
Indeed, although encyclopédias often cite Humboldt as being the founder of the term ' worldview ', a confusion is invariably made by citing the German term Weltanschauung, which is rightly associated with ideologies and cultural mindsets in both German and English.
However, little rigorous research in English has gone into exploring the relationship between the linguistic worldview and the transformation and maintenance of this worldview by individual speakers.
Mining families were replaced by what locals referred to as " hippies ", young people with a 1960s worldview which frequently clashed with the values of Telluride's old-timers.
The Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God ( TAG ) is the argument that attempts to prove God's existence by arguing that logic, morals, and science ultimately presuppose a theistic worldview, and that God must be the source of logic and morals.
" A polarized depiction was created where the scientific worldview represented by Marxist-Leninism was legitimized as " moral and truthful ," while the Falun Gong discourse was " evil and deceptive.
Contemporarily, the terms " bourgeoisie " and " bourgeois " identify the ruling class in capitalist societies, as a social stratum ; while " bourgeois " describes the Weltanschauung ( worldview ) of men and women whose way of thinking is socially and culturally determined by their economic materialism and philistinism, a social identity catalogued and described in drame bourgeois ( bourgeois drama ), which satirizes buying the trappings of a noble-birth identity as the means climbing the social ladder.

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