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young and child
For the young child this may be no more than providing food, light or movement.
In I knew you when you were a child, and you were pretty then dominant stress on then implies that the young woman spoken to is still pretty.
The young child learns from parents and teachers that temper tantrums, screaming, kicking, and hitting will not get him what he wants ; ;
It may seem strange that a poet should come to full fruition in his seventies, but we have it on Hardy's own authority that `` he was a child till he was sixteen, a youth till he was five-and-twenty, and a young man till he was nearly fifty '' ( Early Life, p. 42 ).
An only child, he had done all the things that young men do who have been born to money and social position until his father double-crossed him by dying broke.
Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states, " A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled ; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragoust.
Furthermore, " in the mercantilist view no child was too young to go into industry ".
** Child abduction, the abduction or kidnapping of a young child ( or baby ) by an older person
; Cruelty to persons under sixteen: Section 1 ( 1 ) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 provides that it is an offence for a person who has attained the age of sixteen years, and who has responsibility for a child or young person under that age, to, amongst other things, wilfully assault that child or young person, or to cause or procure that child or young person to be assaulted, in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering or injury to health.
She also was a stepmother to Claudia Antonia, Claudius ' daughter and only child from his second marriage to Aelia Paetina, and to the young Claudia Octavia and Britannicus, Claudius ' children with Valeria Messalina.
Another tale claims that as a young child, Washington chopped down his father's cherry tree.
Madame Armfeldt tells the child that the summer night " smiles " three times: first on the young, second on fools, and third on the old.
Herald photographer Stanley Forman received two Pulitzer Prizes consecutively in 1976 and 1977, the first being a dramatic shot of a young child falling in mid-air from her mother's arms on the upper stories of a burning apartment building to the waiting arms of firefighters below, and the latter ( known as " The soiling of Old Glory ") being of Ted Landsmark, an African American city official, being beaten with an American flag during Boston's school busing crisis.
In the Qur ' an, Benjamin is referred to as righteous young child, who remained with Jacob when the older brothers plotted against Joseph.
Benjamin is treated as a young child in most of the Biblical narrative, but at one point is abruptly described as the father of ten sons.
As a young child, before the age of eight, Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense, including the much loved The Owl and the Pussycat, and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland had made their impression, although she later said of Alice that she was more interested in Tenniel's illustrations than what they were about.
In further play on this theme by the director, Jade Fox, as she dies, refers to the poison from a young child, " the deceit of an eight year old girl ", obviously referring to what she considers her own spiritual poisoning by her young apprentice Jen.

young and when
His new poem, a love poem, told of a young husband leading his wife upstairs to the bedroom when the lights in the house have failed.
Then when Miss Langford was on the end of the line of girls, Jack, in the middle of the line, gave an extra hard pull and the young teacher sprawled backwards, sitting down hard, her dress flying over her head.
This young slave was therefore quite unprepared when Delphine Lalaurie signaled that she wanted him to draw near.
We enjoyed a paradoxical freedom when we were still too young for school.
so Cyrus Adler became interested in her friend Racie Friedenwald, and Joe Jastrow -- the only young man who when he wrote had the temerity to address her as Henrietta, and signed himself Joe -- fell in love with pretty sister Rachel.
and when a young man like Morris Jastrow had enjoyed the Szold hospitality, he felt obliged to send his respects and his gifts not merely to Henrietta, in whom he was really interested, but to all the Szold girls and Mamma.
I remember one day when Mr. Hearst ( and I never knew why he liked me, either ) sent the Hetman a telegram: `` Please find some more reporters like that young man from Denver ''.
O my genius, young and ripening, you would swear, -- when I wrote them ; ;
But when some of the squeals had subsided and she had been through one of those sessions that are so indispensable to the young female -- six girls sprawled on one bed, drinking Cokes and giggling -- she came back to the kitchen to talk with me a minute.
And so the young minister resigned, to go and study and pray, having never passed a day, he told his parishioners, when `` I did not gain from you far more than I ever gave to you ''.
`` Sure, we met a barrel of rich men but it's hard to find the real thing when you're young, beautiful and the toast of two continents '' `` Remember Fanny Brice promised my mother she would look after me on the road ''??
In addition, would not the young female public of Washington be afforded a greater degree of protection at night when they are on the streets if they were accompanied by a dog on a leash??
Clearly the most provocative plays are all imported originals -- A Taste Of Honey, by Britain's young ( 19 when she wrote it ) Shelagh Delaney ; ;
Having ( through my unflagging effort and devotion ) achieved stardom, a fortune and a world-renowned wife at an age when most young men are casting their first vote, Letch proceeded to neglect them all.
He concluded that in the southern species, which are rapidly growing types, females mate at the age of two and a half and bear the first young when they are three.
He was also at the same time gaining practical experience as a safe breaker and highwayman, and learning how to shoot to kill from a Neanderthal convicted murderer named Gene Geary, later committed to Chester Asylum as a homicidal maniac, but whose eyes misted with tears when the young Dion sang a ballad about an Irish mother in his clear and syrupy tenor.
) The sorry fact about this young man, who was barely of age when he broke into major-league baseball, was that he really was a better ball player than he was given credit for being -- never so good as he claimed, and always an irritant to his associates, but a good steady performer when he could fight down the temptation to orate on his skills or cut up in public.
That, he added, was when he was `` a very young man, a machinist and toolmaker by trade.
Patrolman James F. Simms said he started in pursuit when he saw young Stickney speeding north in Stewart Avenue at Central Street.
A young man was killed and two others injured at midnight Friday when the car they were riding slid into a utility pole on Lake Avenue near Waddell Street, NE, police said.
`` I bought my first dress from him when I was still a struggling young actress '', she reminisces.
A young real estate salesman, Kern first got seriously interested in the problems posed by Communism when in the Navy Air Force.
Linda accepted the reproach, which was something she did rarely in all her life and most rarely in that summer of 1936 when she was by all odds the prettiest and brightest young woman west of the Allegheny Mountains, and John was surely one of the handsomer and brighter young men around Pittsburgh.

young and mother
His image of the Virgin had always been that of a young woman, even as had his memory of his mother.
One young girl told me how her mother removed a wart from her finger by soaking a copper penny in vinegar for three days and then painting the finger with the liquid several times.
In the afternoon Miss Hosaka and her mother invited me to go with them and young Mrs. Kodama to see the famous Spring dances of the Geisha dancers.
The mother of young queen, Mrs. G. Henry Pierson Jr. chose a white brocade gown made on slim lines with panels of tomato-red and bright green satin extending down the back.
Her young British lawyer, James Dunlop, pleaded that she was sorely needed at her Portland home by her widowed mother, 80, her maiden aunt, also 80 and bedridden for 20 years, and her uncle, 76, who once ran a candy shop.
And tomorrow she would take time to shop for the kimono her mother wanted to present to the young wife of a faculty member as a hostess gown.
`` When your mother was here he must have been a young boy.
At age six, young Bronson began his formal education in a one-room schoolhouse in the center of town but learned how to read at home with the help of his mother.
Alcott himself worried about his own prospects as a young man, once writing to his mother that he was " still at my old trade — hoping.
The young Imam and his mother moved to Qumm, but their financial situation worsened.
When Alexander became emperor, he was young, amiable, well-meaning, and entirely under the dominion of his mother.
As a measure intended to keep the support of the Doukai, Alexios restored Constantine Doukas, the young son of Michael VII and Maria, as co-emperor and a little later betrothed him to his own first-born daughter Anna, who moved into the Mangana Palace with her fiancé and his mother.
Friends of the young Alexios II now tried to form a party against the empress mother and the prōtosebastos ; Alexios II's half-sister Maria, wife of Caesar John ( Renier of Montferrat ), stirred up riots in the streets of the capital.
He allowed Alexios II to be crowned, but was responsible for the death of most of the young emperor's actual or potential defenders, including his mother, his half-sister and the Caesar, and refused to allow him the smallest voice in public affairs.
The young Alexei was brought up by his mother, who fostered an atmosphere of disdain towards Peter the Great, Alexei's father.
Litters tend to average 5 – 8 kits but may be as many as 25 ( the largest in the order Carnivora ) Both the mother and the father help to raise their young.
Christine tells Krogstad that she only married her husband because she had no other means to support her sick mother and young siblings, and that she has returned to offer him her love again.
The Hebrew of the original calls the child's mother a " young woman ", but the Greek-speaking 1st century CE author of Matthew 1: 23, using the Hellenistic Greek translation of the Hebrew sacred texts, interpreted it as a prophecy that the Messiah would be born of a virgin.
Spielsdorf and his niece had met a young woman named Millarca and her enigmatic mother at a costume ball.
Egypt is identified in the Bible as the place of refuge that the Holy Family sought in its flight from Judea: " When he arose, he took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod the Great, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt I called My Son " ( Matthew 2: 12 – 23 ).
His mother Mary ( née Bennett ) suffered from a benign brain tumour when Donald was very young.
He was born as Edgar Poe in Boston, Massachusetts ; he was orphaned young when his mother died shortly after his father abandoned the family.
Later, when he ascended to the throne in 781, Kammu appointed his young brother, Prince Sawara, whose mother was Takano no Niigasa, as crown prince.

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