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A41 and One
Long Win Bus ( Air Bus ) routes A41 and A41P express service connect City One to the Hong Kong International Airport.

A41 and does
In the 1990s, a motorway-style bypass numbered A41 was built to the south and west of the town across the upland chalk plateau, which does not follow the lie of the land.

A41 and no
The FV 221 may originally have been intended to be the " Main Battle Tank " member of the FV 201 series, but with the success of the A41 Centurion such a vehicle was no longer required.

A41 and way
The A41 resumes the old route at another junction with the B425, becoming Warwick Road, which is the name of the route all the way into Birmingham.

A41 and is
The A1 and A41 converge as they enter Mill Hill at Fiveways Corner, this section is known as the Watford Way.
It is situated on the A41 Watford Way, southeast of The Broadway.
Aylesbury is served by the A41, which runs from London to Birkenhead.
The A41 is a major trunk road in England that links London and Birkenhead, although it has now in parts been superseded by motorways.
The former route of the A41 through inner Birmingham is now the B4100 heading past the Digbeth National Express coach station, and passes near St Chad's RC Cathedral.
If there is funding, a second part will commence, upgrading the M40 northbound entrance as well as the A41 southbound entrance.
It is northwest of Birmingham lying on the A41 London-to-Birkenhead road and is part of the Black Country.
Aston Clinton is a village and civil parish close to the main A41 road in Buckinghamshire, England between Tring and Aylesbury.
Whitchurch is a crossroads for roads from Wrexham, Nantwich, Chester and Shrewsbury with the A41 / A49 bypass opening in 1992.
The unbuilt motorway would have provided a bypass of the A41 and would likely have terminated on the M56, though exactly where is unknown.
Situated north-west of London and linked to London by the old Roman road of Akeman Street, by the modern A41, by the Grand Union Canal and by rail lines to Euston Station, Tring is now largely a commuter town in the London commuter belt.
Waddesdon () is a village within the Aylesbury Vale district in Buckinghamshire, England, 6 miles from Aylesbury on the A41 road.
Waddesdon was often referred to as Black Waddesdon and was notorious for being one of the most dangerous stops on what is now the A41.
To the south of the parish is the farm at Putlowes and Putlowes Cottages just to the south west of the A41.
The house is about north of the village of Stone along the A418 about from the centre of Aylesbury, the nearest large town, which is about from the centre of London via the A41.
Kingswood is a hamlet of 30 dwellings on the South side of the A41 from Waddesdon to Bicester and between the villages of Ludgershall and Grendon Underwood in Buckinghamshire, England.
Within Kingswood parish is the hamlet of Tetchwick, located to the south west of the main village on a spar road off the main A41.
It is close to the A41 and the border with Oxfordshire about east of Bicester.
Woodham is on the ancient Akeman Street Roman road, which since the 1920s has been classified as the A41.
It is situated east of the town centre on the southern side of the A41, between Walton ( to the west ) and Victoria Park ( to the east ).
Soho is an area on the borders of Birmingham and Smethwick, approximately 2 miles north west of Birmingham city centre on the A41.

A41 and for
Aylesbury's population was expected to increase between 2003 and 2005 with a new housing estate designed to cater for eight thousand people on the north side of the town, sandwiched between the A41 ( Akeman Street ) and the A413, and the expansion of Fairford Leys village.
The road was closed completely for two days resulting in all bus services being diverted onto the A418 or A41.
The A41 has a staggered junction with the B4102 ( for Solihull and Catherine-de-Barnes ) near the BUPA Parkway Hospital.
At junction 5, traffic for Wales can take the A41, A550 & A494 to join the A55 near Ewloe.
The A41 has now been diverted west of the village leaving the high street to local traffic for the first time in centuries.
At the end of the bypass, the road overlaps as a dual-carriageway for a few miles with the A41, then leaves the A41 at a roundabout near Prees Heath, near the former RAF Tilstock airfield.
In 1943, the Department of Tank Design was asked to produce a new design for a heavy cruiser tank under the General Staff designation A41.
The location used for the BBC television series is the Hilton Hotel, on the A41 near Bushey.
Or Black may play 2 ... Bg4 for Queen's Pawn Game ( with ... d6 ) ( A41, see 1. d4 d6 2. Nf3 Bg4 ).
Also although they are adjacent, the only direct road connection between the two is for the use of buses and emergency vehicles only ; private vehicles must travel north or south from Perton and use the A41 or A454, a considerable detour which makes Wolverhampton appear much further away than it really is.

A41 and with
The A41 splits of from the Finchley Road just before it crosses the borough boundary, briefly merges with the A1 through Mill Hill, leaving the borough at Edgware.
The A41 overlaps the A1 at Five Ways Corner with the section known as Watford Way.
After passing under the junction with the A405, the A41 turns towards the west.
At a roundabout, with the A411 to Watford to the south, and the M25 spur straight ahead to join the M25 westbound at Junction 19, the A41 continues north through Langleybury, crossing the River Gade and the Grand Union Canal, to meet the M25 at Junction 20.
The A41 west of Hemel Hempstead, at its junction with the A414 road | A414.
In Shropshire, the A41 swapped places with the A464 and the A529 ; the original A464 ran from Kingswood Common to Nantwich, and the original A529 ran from Hinstock to Chester.
The A41 trunk road connects Woodside with Marble Arch in London.
It then continues south via Stone, Stafford, Cannock and Walsall, passes through the middle of Birmingham ( where it briefly merges with the A41 ), before meeting the M42 motorway at junction 4 south of Solihull.
It then passes Brent Cross Shopping Centre and beneath the Brent Cross Interchange ( A41 ), and after approximately at Henlys Corner briefly shares carriageways with the A1 which joins it from the left and leaves it to the right to head into Central London.
; A41: Centurion prototype with coaxial Polsten cannon
; A41: Centurion prototype with coaxial Besa MG later fitted with experimental CDL
Sandwell Valley country park stretches from the A41 at West Bromwich to the edge of Walsall, with car parks in Forge Lane and Sandwell Park Farm.
To the west of the A41 New Chester Road, Bromborough is mainly residential development started in the 1930s, centred around the original village centre with its market cross.
* Newport, Shropshire-( Plesc which meant fortified place or one with palisade ) it is here that it followed the same route as the A41 towards
The northern stub of the spine road links the main A41 road with the Black Country Route ; both of these roads opened simultaneously in July 1995.

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