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ASL and also
There is the standard way to sign the word learn that seems to be used by most speakers of ASL in Canada, and there is also an Atlantic regional variation.
ASL is perhaps the most widespread of the world's sign languages, though BANZSL is also spoken around the world.
" However, parents can learn to recognize their baby's approximations of adult ASL signs, just as they will later learn to recognize their approximations of oral language, so teaching an infant ASL is also possible.
ASL is a common initialism for American Sign Language, and may also refer to:
BSL is also distinct from Irish Sign Language ( ISL ) ( ISG in the ISO system ) which is more closely related to French Sign Language ( LSF ) and ASL.
Tertiary education in the US for some deaf Australian adults also accounts for some ASL borrowings found in modern Auslan.
Schilling also started his own amateur publication entitled Fire for Effect, a bi-monthly featuring " some of the ASL hobby's best writers ".
MMP also started a new, professional publication entitled ASL Journal and contributed articles, editorials, and game scenarios.
Fort Lauderdale also had a history of teams from the NASL, ASL, and USL First Division.
** On this stretch also was the summit of the line at Ais Gill, 1169 ft ( 350 m ) ASL
MMP also entered into discussions with AH about purchasing the rights to ASL.
In late 1995, professional baseball player Curt Schilling, who was a devoted player of ASL, separately also tried to buy the rights to ASL.
Stokoe also questions assertions that the language has emerged entirely without outside influence, from ( for example ), Spanish or ASL.
Auslan has also been influenced by Irish Sign Language ( ISL ) and more recently has borrowed signs from American Sign Language ( ASL ).
ASL contains many signs initialised from an alphabet which was also derived from LSF, and Auslan users, already familiar with the related ISL alphabet, accepted many of the new signs easily.
He also mentions in " The Lip Reader " that he has or had a deaf cousin, from whom he learned fluent American Sign Language ( but when Kramer attempts to communicate in ASL, he speaks complete gibberish and he cannot correctly translate the ASL he sees others using ).
Based on other research about the positive effects of teaching ASL to hearing children, the researchers also speculated that it could lead to an increase of vocabulary skills and IQ, and improve interpersonal communication.
There is also a detailed set of instructions in the ASL Rulebook for Design Your Own ( DYO ) scenarios based on a point-purchase system.
Avalon Hill actually suggested that anyone wishing to play ASL also purchase the original Squad Leader and gain experience with that system first, and kept the original SL and three gamettes in print.
The necessity of owning boards from these modules in order to play printed scenarios in the core modules of ASL may also have been a factor in this decision.
Each ASL module contains eight or more carefully balanced, historically based scenarios -- but players can also design their own using the 40 + geomorphic SL / ASL mapboards, numerous terrain overlays, copious historical notes, and thousands of counters depicting virtually every vehicle, gun and troop type in action during the war by every major and minor combatant nation.

ASL and record
Tsivian helped launch a website called Cinemetrics, where visitors can measure, record, and read ASL statistics.

ASL and for
ASL grammar was obscured for much of its history by the practice of glossing it rather than transcribing it ( see Writing systems below ), a practice which conveyed little of its grammar apart from word order.
For example, there are more than six signs for birthday in ASL, just as in English one can say couch and sofa, or soda and pop, to mean the same thing.
A sign that may be lowered to the cheek level by an ASL speaker is more likely to be produced by a Black Sign Language speaker on the forehead, for example: teacher.
Bolivian Sign Language, for example, is essentially ASL, apart from changes in initialized signs to make them match the spelling of Spanish.
A similar French influence is seen in classroom ASL in francophone West Africa, where ASL was introduced along with formal education for the deaf by the deaf American missionary Andrew Foster.
See American Sign Language family for an incomplete list of ASL varieties used outside North America.
In the 1960s linguist William Stokoe created the first writing system for a sign language, the so-called Stokoe notation, which he designed specifically for ASL.
Stokoe used it for his 1965 A Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic Principles, the first dictionary with entries in ASL — that is, the first dictionary which one could use to look up a sign without first knowing its conventional gloss in English.
Several additional candidates for written ASL have appeared in over the years, including Sutton SignWriting, Sign Script, ASL-phabet, and Si5s.
Typically, young children will make an ASL sign in the correct location and use the correct hand motion, but may be able only to approximate the hand shape, for example, using one finger instead of three in signing water.
Many parents today purchase “ Baby Signs ” DVDs and books which incorporate ASL signs for infant and toddler communication.
Free online lessons, ASL dictionary, and resources for teachers, students, and parents.
* American Sign Language is a Foreign Language – a research / argumentative paper for the consideration of ASL to fulfill University foreign language requirements.
Other aspects in ASL include the following: stative, inchoative (" to begin to ..."), predisposional (" to tend to ..."), susceptative (" to ... easily "), frequentative (" to ... often "), protractive (" to ... continuously "), incessant (" to ... incessantly "), durative (" to ... for a long time "), iterative (" to ... over and over again "), intensive (" to ... very much "), resultative (" to ... completely "), approximative (" to ... somewhat "), semblitive (" to appear to ..."), increasing (" to ... more and more ").
Aspect is unusual in ASL in that transitive verbs derived for aspect lose their grammatical transitivity.
See Syntax in ASL for details.
There are over a hundred glyphs for hand shapes, but all the ones used in ASL are based on five basic elements:
* ASL-phabet, a minimal script for ASL
The ASL marker for " intensity " is iconic in that the intended meaning ( building of pressure, a sudden release ) is matched by the articulatory form ( a pause, a quick completion ).

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