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:" and Allen
bar: Rick2 text :" Rick Allen "
bar: Allen text :" Russell Allen "
:" Unworthy Barbara Allen.
:" Unworthy Barbara Allen.
:" In 1817, Forten and Bishop Richard Allen of the African Methodist Episcopal Church organized 3, 000 black Philadelphians to speak out against the activities of the American Colonization Society, which was working to establish a colony outside the United States for African Americans.
:" In 1988 ... I happened to run into Allen Ginsberg at St. Mark's bookshop in New York and asked him if he would perform with me.
:" Allen and I so thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration that we soon began talking about expanding our performance into an evening-length music-theater work.
bar: Allen ; Sloan text :" Allen Sloan "
:" Appointed as Assistant Director of Central Intelligence ( ADCI ) for Collection, coordinating the entire intelligence community intelligence collection system, was Charles Allen, a thirty year veteran operations officer.
:" On September 9, 1986, a senior CIA analyst, Charles Allen, wrote a memo on the arms sales to Iran, a copy of which went to Mr. Gates.

:" and Anderson
bar: Aaron text :" Aaron Anderson "
bar: Al text :" Al Anderson "
bar: Arn text :" Arn Anderson "
bar: Ole text :" Ole Anderson "

:" and Auburn
:" Nelson H. Barbour was born at Toupsville, three miles from Auburn, N. Y., in 1824.

:" and Austin
The group's name stems in part from astrology, because the membership encompasses all three " fire signs :" Aries ( Austin ), Leo ( Proctor ), and Sagittarius ( Bergman and Ossman ).

:" and Bell
bar: Bell text :" Richard Bell "
bar: Carl text :" Carl Bell "
bar: Bell text :" Burton C. Bell "
:" Rape, gang rape, rape using eels, snakes, or hard objects, and rape followed by murder ; electric shock (' the Bell Telephone Hour ') rendered by attaching wires to the genitals or other sensitive parts of the body, like the tongue ; the ' water treatment '; the ' airplane ' in which the prisoner's arms were tied behind the back, and the rope looped over a hook on the ceiling, suspending the prisoner in midair, after which he or she was beaten ; beatings with rubber hoses and whips ; the use of police dogs to maul prisoners.
:" The society of Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Duncan Grant, Clive and Vanessa Bell, and Lytton Strachey was far from being in the ordinary sense a happy family.
:" In the Library, just to the left of the main entrance, is a stunning stained-glass window made by Clayton and Bell of London.
:" In the Library, just to the left of the main entrance, is a stunning stained-glass window made by Clayton and Bell of London.
Her theatre credits include :" Speaking in tongues " for the State theatre of South Australia ( 2011 ); " Stockholm " for The Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 );" Saturn's Return " For the Sydney Theatre Company ( 2010 ); Othello for the Bell Shakespeare Company ( 2007 ); The Shape of Things for the Sydney Theatre Company ( STC ) co-starring Brendan Cowell ( Jan 2003 ); The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union at Belvoir St. Theatre ( Feb – Mar 2002 ); playing the junkie muse to Robyn Nevin's artist in the STC production of Old Masters ( Oct – Nov 2001 ); The Recruit ( Jan 2000 ) also featuring John Howard, Christopher Stollery, Conrad Coleby, Genevieve Lemon, Drew Forsythe, and Brendan Cowell ; and her breakthrough performance in La Dispute ( May 2000 ) also starring Rose Byrne, David Field, Rhondda Findleton and Justine Saunders.

:" and Cameron
from: 11 / 05 / 2010 till: 11 / 05 / 2010 color: COA $ left text :" 11th May 2010-Conservative David Cameron becomes Prime Minister after ~ forming coaltion government with the Liberal Democrats "

:" and Case
:" Case 5-On the night of December 14th, there were many cases of Japanese soldiers entering houses and raping women or taking them away.
:" Case 10-On the night of December 15th, a number of Japanese soldiers entered the University of Nanking buildings at Tao Yuen and raped 30 women on the spot, some by six men.
:" Case 13 – December 18, 4 p. m., at No. 18 I Ho Lu, Japanese soldiers wanted a man's cigarette case and when he hesitated, one of the soldier crashed in the side of his head with a bayonet.
:" Case 14 – On December 16, seven girls ( ages ranged from 16 to 21 ) were taken away from the Military College.
:" Case 15 – There are about 540 refugees crowded in # 83 and 85 on Canton Road ... More than 30 women and girls have been raped.
:" Case 16-A Chinese girl named Loh, who, with her mother and brother, was living in one of the Refugee Centers in the Refugee Zone, was shot through the head and killed by a Japanese soldier.
:" Case 19 – January 30th, about 5 p. m. Mr. Sone ( of the Nanking Theological Seminary ) was greeted by several hundred women pleading with him that they would not have to go home on February 4th.
:" If in this Case there be no other ( as the Proverb is ) then Hobson's choice ... which is, chuse whether you will have this or none.

:" and Chalmers
:" The contrast between Northampton fly-half Gregor Townsend and his great rival, Melrose's Craig Chalmers, could not be greater.

:" and Chandler
bar: Chandler text :" Dave Chandler "

:" and Cole
bar: cole text :" Brad Cole "
:" Cole ’ s campaign is thinly veiled ideological propaganda, and it comes with myriad problems, not the least of which is the simple fact that almost nobody believes “ underperforming teachers ” should be protected.

:" and Davis
* Howard Anton, Irl Bivens, Stephen Davis :" Calculus ", John Willey and Sons Pte.
:" Feature service of various sorts is new ," Hallam Walker Davis wrote in a book, The Column, which was published in 1926.
Davis ' feelings on the record industry also emerged in songs such as " Keep it Close to Me :" " I want rock and roll, but I don't want to deal with the hassle.
bar: davis text :" Davis "
:" Danny Davis " is also used in wrestling by heel Referee ( professional wrestling ) Danny Davis ( Dan Marsh ) in the World Wrestling Federation.

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