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Abergavenny and railway
Opened in June 1857 for the Taff Vale Extension to the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway and closed in 1964 under the Beeching Axe, at 200 feet high and 1650 feet in length in two spans ( 1066 feet and 584 feet ) it remained the highest railway viaduct in Great Britain throughout its working life.
The closest railway stations now are in Ebbw Vale, Rhymney and Abergavenny.
The Welsh Marches Line ( in Welsh: Llinell y Mers ), known historically as the North and West Route, is the railway line running from Newport in south-east Wales to Shrewsbury in the West Midlands region of England by way of Abergavenny, Hereford and Craven Arms and thence ( by some definitions ) to Crewe via Whitchurch.
* Abergavenny railway station, United Kingdom, from its National Rail code

Abergavenny and station
At the time the station was opened, there was no village of Eridge, the station being named after nearby Eridge Park, seat of the Earls of Abergavenny.

Abergavenny and opened
This had been opened in 1816 as part of the Hay Railway, a tram-road worked by horses connecting the town of Hay with the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal at Brecon.

Abergavenny and 2
and Rees, W., “ The Lordships of Abergavenny, Grosmont, Skenfrith and White Castle: Accounts of the Ministers for the year 1256-57 ”, South Wales and Monmouth Record Society Publications, 2 ( 1953 ), pp. 68 – 125 ; 3 ( 1954 ), pp. 22 – 47
Abergavenny were champions of Division 2 and Trelewis the winners of Division 3.
Day three was rained out, so the match at Abergavenny ended in a tame draw, with Bangladesh A finishing on 54 for 2.
Lord Abergavenny married Caroline Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, daughter of Sir John Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 2nd Baronet and Louisa Augusta Venables-Vernon-Harcourt, daughter of Edward Harcourt, Archbishop of York, on 2 May 1848.

Abergavenny and January
In January 2012, the Welsh Government announced the repeal the Abergavenny Improvement Acts of 1854 to 1871 which obliged the holding of a livestock market within the boundaries of Abergavenny town ; that repeal being effective from 26 March 2012.
( 1 ) 27 January 1943 Maj Hon Simon Nevill Astley ( b. 13 August 1919 ; d. 16 March 1946 ), 2nd son of Albert Edward Delaval, 21st Baron Hastings, by his wife Lady Margueritte Helen Nevill, only child by his second wife of Henry Gilbert Ralph, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny.
Marquess of Abergavenny ( pronounced Abergavenny ), in the County of Monmouth, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom that was created on 14 January 1876, along with the title Earl of Lewes ( pronounced " Lewis "), in the County of Sussex, for the 5th Earl of Abergavenny, a member of the Nevill family.
On 28 January 1554, during Wyatt's Rebellion against Queen Mary, a rebel force of about 500 men led by Henry Isley clashed with a similar-sized loyal force led by Lord Abergavenny and Sir Robert Southwell, at Wrotham Hill.
On 14 January 1876 he was created Earl of Lewes, in the County of Sussex, and Marquess of Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth.
At first the queen's supporters, led by Lord Abergavenny and Sir Robert Southwell, the sheriff, appeared to be able to suppress the rising with ease, routing a rebel force of 500 at Hartley Wood on 28 January.

Abergavenny and 1854
* Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny ( 1854 – 1938 ) ( barony of Bergavenny of 1724 in abeyance since 1938 / 2000 )
* Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny, de facto 23rd and de jure 8th Baron Bergavenny ( 1854 – 1938 ) ( abeyant on his death )
* Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny, 23rd Baron Bergavenny ( 1854 – 1938 ) ( de jure 8th Baron )
* No. 14 0-4-0T, ex-Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway, built by Dodds 1854, rebuilt as 0-4-2T 1860, purchased by WM & CQR 1887
* Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny ( 1854 – 1938 )

Abergavenny and is
Abergavenny (), meaning Mouth of the River Gavenny, is a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales.
Abergavenny is promoted as the " Gateway to Wales ".
In Welsh, the shortened form Y Fenni may have come into use for a very short period after about the 15th century, although pronounced similarly in English or Welsh the English spelling Abergavenny is in general use.
Reference to a market at Abergavenny is found in a charter granted to the Prior by William de Braose ( d. 1211 ).
It is also home to the Abergavenny Welsh society, Cymreigyddion y Fenni, and the local Abergavenny Eisteddfod.
Abergavenny is the home of Abergavenny Thursdays F. C., which was formed in 1927, and is currently a member of the Gwent County League Division 3.
Abergavenny Cricket Club is one of the oldest in the country and celebrated the 175th anniversary of its foundation in 2009.
Abergavenny is also the home of Abergavenny RFC, a rugby union club founded in 1875 who play at Bailey Park.
Today the market is leased and operated by Abergavenny Market Auctioneers Ltd., who hold regular livestock auctions on the site.
Monmouthshire County Council, which requested that the Abergavenny Improvement Acts be repealed, is supporting plans for a new cattle market to be established about ten miles from Abergavenny at Raglan.
* Lord Abergavenny is a character in William Shakespeare's play Henry VIII.
* In the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Abergavenny is mentioned by Stan Shunpike, the conductor of the Knight Bus when the bus takes a detour there to drop off a passenger.
* Malcolm Nash the cricketer famous for bowling to Gary Sobers who hit six sixes off one Nash over ( 36 runs ) is from Abergavenny.
* Abergavenny Castle is seized by the Welsh.
It is about southwest of Hereford, just south of the A465 road to Abergavenny, and about from the border with Wales.
The Abergavenny Arms is a public house that has run in the village for a very long time under many managements.
It is 486 m high and lies just outside Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, about 10 miles from the English border.
The section between Abergavenny and Brecon has one of the highest points of the A40 which is above sea level and is located at Bwlch, which is Welsh for ' mountain pass '.

Abergavenny and on
In consequence of this clause Abergavenny on various occasions shared in the election, the last instance being in 1685.
A cattle market has been held in Abergavenny on its current site since 1863.
Newport ’ s sale will be held at Abergavenny Cattle Market on every Wednesday.
From 1851 the Monmouthshire Lunatic Asylum, later Pen-y-Fal Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, stood on the outskirts of Abergavenny.
* BBC, South East Wales – Feature on Abergavenny
About 100 senior officers and some civilians " of good social standing ", mainly passengers on captured ships and the wives of some officers, were given parole d ' honneur outside the prison, mainly in Peterborough although some as far away as Northampton, Plymouth, Melrose and Abergavenny.
An entry in the Bristol Apprentice Books showing " Servants to Foreign Plantations " 9 February 1655, included " Henry Morgan of Abergavenny, Labourer, Bound to Timothy Tounsend of Bristol, Cutler, for three years, to serve in Barbados on the like Condiciouns.
Born near Abergavenny, Williams continued the earlier tradition of writing from a left-wing perspective on the Welsh industrial scene in his trilogy " Border Country " ( 1960 ), " Second Generation " ( 1964 ), and " The Fight for Manod " ( 1979 ).
He was born on 24 April 1831, the third son and sixth child of Commander William Henry Nares, a British naval officer, and Elizabeth Rebecca Gould, at Llansenseld, near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire.
The team's song is " Abergavenny " based on Marty Wilde's 1968 hit song ' Taking a Trip Up to Abergavenny '.
A new manager and assistant were appointed and Abergavenny Thursdays started the new campaign on time, though losing 1-0 at home to Bangor City in their first match.
Although Llewelyn ’ s attack on Abergavenny failed, the Treaty of Montgomery in 1267 recognized his southern conquests, and he was considered a significant threat.
The 1st Marquess's ancestor, the de facto 17th ( de jure 2nd ) Baron Bergavenny, was created Earl of Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, and Viscount Nevill, of Birling in the County of Kent, in the Peerage of Great Britain on 17 May 1784.
In 1994, the possibility was raised of upgrading the whole of the A465 to 2-lane dual carriageway standard with grade-separated junctions ( and extra climbing lanes on certain hills ) between Abergavenny and Hirwaun, a stretch connecting the existing A465 dual-carriageway link to Swansea and the M4 motorway to the A40 which is an important part of the link to the M50 motorway and much of England.
Wynebald also had a holding at Caerleon, above which, also on the River Usk, his brother Hamelin de Ballon founded the extensive marcher lordship of Abergavenny, and built the castle there.
Jasper Tudor, the Lord of Abergavenny and uncle of King Henry VII, on 10 October 1490, made a grant of land to one John ap David, and in the conveyance fixes one boundary as "... the highway leading from the church of Trevethin towards the bridge called Pont poell.
It is on the B4233 road, four miles from Abergavenny and ten miles from Monmouth.
Notable features in Crickhowell include the seventeenth-century stone bridge over the River Usk with its odd arches ( twelve on one side, thirteen on the other ) and its seat built into the walls, the 14th-century parish church of St Edmund, and the ruins of Crickhowell Castle on the green " tump " beside the A40 Brecon to Abergavenny road.

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