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from Brown Corpus
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Above and me
Years later, prior to the 2010 – 11 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match between Chelsea FC and FC Copenhagen former Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti, now manager of Chelsea, was asked about his view on Danish footballers: " Above all the Danish work ethic surprised me, their special ability to give everything in training.
As I speak these words I once again to affirm to my brothers, and all who hear me, that I am a KDR Gentleman and I will place Honor Above All Things.
This is the quote that tells us this ; “ Above me the sky is full of clouds but they ’ re hard-edged like glass.
When it came to the eyesight test he managed to pass, as Wallis later recalled, " I did the first line with my good eye then they covered it up and asked me to read the bottom line with my bad eye, without them realising I just turned my head slightly so I could again see with my good eye – I passed it with Above Average Eye Sight!
Or, a Lyon rampant gules armed and langued azure within a double tressur flowered and counter-flowered with flowers de lis of the second, Encircled with the order of Scotland the same being composed of Rue and thistles having the Image of St. Andrew with his cross on his brest yr unto pendent Above the shield ane Helment answerable to his Majesties high qualitie and jurisdiction with a mantle or doubled ermine adorned with ane Imperiall Crowne beautified with crosses pattee and flowers de lis surmounted on the top for his Majesties Crest of a Lyon sejant full faced gules crowned or holding in his dexter paw a naked sword proper and in the sinister both erected paleways supported be two Uniccornes Argent crowned with Imperiall and goarged with open Crownes, to the last chains affixed passing betwixt their fore leggs and reflexed over their backs or, he on the dexter imbracing and bearing up a banner of cloath of gold charged with the Royall Armes of Scotland and he on the sinister another Banner azure charged with a St Andrews Crosse argent, both standing on ane compartment placed underneath from which issue thistles one towards each side of the escutcheon, and for his Majisties Royall Motto's in ane escroll overall In defence, and under on the table of the compartment Nemo me impune Lacessit.

Above and dark
Above a dark green skirt she wore a pale green cashmere sweater with, as he soon perceived, no brassiere beneath.
Above, the glowing ivory baton of their searchlight pointed at the clouds, diluting the valley's dark to a pallid light.
Above the exhibition space, which is quite dark, is a field of glass panels inscribed with the names of the victims.
Above and below it there are dark areas.
Above the upper dark area and below the lower one there are bright poles.
Above the stencil are dark green squares where the original graffito has been painted over.
: Above the dark forests of pine,
* Above, Charles kept his friend and adviser, the Duke of Buckingham, in the dark about the secret provisions of the Treaty of Dover.

Above and rider
Above the rider on the Tjängvide image stone is a horizontal figure holding a spear, which may be a valkyrie, and a female figure greets the rider with a cup.

Above and was
Above them, the sky was the black of space, or the almost equal black of the winter sky above Minneapolis, seen against neon-lit snow.
Above all, he was a thorough believer in revelation and in a divine providence, and was a sincere, law-observing follower of rabbinical Judaism.
Above the control panel was the system's standard input / output solution, a punch tape reader and writer.
Above all, it was based on a feeling of European identity and common values — or so it appeared at the time.
Above all, Hadrian patronized the arts: Hadrian's Villa at Tibur ( Tivoli ) was the greatest Roman example of an Alexandrian garden, recreating a sacred landscape, lost in large part to the despoliation of the ruins by the Cardinal d ' Este who had much of the marble removed to build Villa d ' Este.
Above all, the Empire would not be divided: the Emperor would rule supreme over the subordinate kings, whose obedience to him was mandatory.
Above all, his success was based on his perfectly customized sewing machines.
Above the control panel was the system's standard input / output solution, a punch tape reader and writer.
Above a certain mass ( estimated at approximately 2. 5 solar masses and whose star's progenitor was around 10 solar masses ), the core will reach the temperature ( approximately 1. 1 gigakelvins ) at which neon partially breaks down to form oxygen and helium, the latter of which immediately fuses with some of the remaining neon to form magnesium ; then oxygen fuses to form sulfur, silicon, and smaller amounts of other elements.
Above the candelabrum was a golden jar filled with olive-oil and beneath it a golden basin which supplied the jar with oil and on which the names of Nadab, Abihu, and Eli and his two sons were engraved.
Above all, the requirement of Pope Nicholas II that the Holy Roman Emperor be consulted in the matter was ignored.
Above all, he was moved by the impulse to penetrate the secret of natural beauty and to reinterpret it through its own means ; an attitude fundamentally different to that of David ... there results a truly personal and unique art admired as much by the Cubists for its plastic autonomy, as by the Surrealists for its visionary qualities.
Dirk Maggs parted company with Above the Title Productions when he started his own production company, Perfectly Normal Productions and so the project was never completed and the proposed radio series of The Salmon of Doubt remains unmade as of April 2010.
Above all, he wanted to ensure that the Navy would have a pre-eminent role in Hitler's Weltreich and armament priorities far beyond what it could hope to achieve in this war " Hitler saw the conquest of the Soviet Union, which was intended to give Germany lebensraum and with it control of enough of Eurasia, to provide sufficient Autarky to challenge the sea powers and carry out Raeder's plans for trans-oceanic expansionism.
Above all it was intended to screen the results of the recently nationalized Czechoslovak film industry.
Above the whole was a triangular pediment.
Above the tide line was a bank of shingle 8 feet ( 2. 4 m ) high and up to 15 yards ( 14 m ) wide in some places.
Above those grand boyars was only the prince.
In November 2010, the song " If U C Kate " written by Dallas Austin, Taio Cruz, Alan Nglish, and Chasez was featured on the British band McFly's album, Above the Noise.
Above the pressure sphere was a cylindrical antenna structure and a wide dish shaped structure that resembled an antenna but was actually an aerobrake.
Above the pteron there was a pyramid on top with 24 steps and equal in height to the lower part.
" Above all, Thompson claimed, the film depicted nature as being " titanic " while man was only " a moving lichen on the stone of time " and was a negative " caricature of the Decline of the West ," because the film was " cruel " and " brutal and brutalizing.

Above and with
Above these four classes is God " Waheguru " and the soul can choose to stay with him it wishes, or take another step and go to its people and serve them.
Above, the force is placed on the left side of the equation, assuming it acts with the flow moving in a left-to-right direction.
Above a certain threshold size, which varies with planetary gravity, the collapse and modification of the transient cavity is much more extensive, and the resulting structure is called a complex crater.
Above all, however, Domitian valued loyalty and malleability in those he assigned to strategic posts, qualities he found more often in men of the equestrian order than in members of the Senate or his own family, whom he regarded with suspicion, and promptly removed from office if they disagreed with imperial policy.
Above all, they would want to see whether my life corresponded with my teaching.
Above all, prayer is not performed with a desire for any material goal.
Above the level of the obstruction, there are several loops of hypertrophied bowel distended with fluid.
Above the bhabhar belt, the Siwaliks rise to about with peaks as high as, steeper on their southern flanks because of faults known as the Main Frontal Thrust.
Above the heart appears a shield of the coat of arms of George Washington ( a white shield with two red bars and three red stars in chief ) between sprays of green leaves.
Above all, her words are chosen for their sheer melody: the skill with which she placed her vowels and consonants, admired by Dionysius of Halicarnassus, is evidenced by almost any stanza ; the music to which she sang them has gone, but the spoken sounds may still enchant.
The greatest diversity of scorpions in the Northern Hemisphere is to be found in the subtropical areas lying between latitudes 23 ° N and 38 ° N. Above these latitudes, the diversity decreases, with the northernmost occurrence of scorpions being the northern scorpion Paruroctonus boreus at 50 ° N.
Above all though, the Satyr with flute has a small companion for him, shows the deep connection with nature, the soft whistle of the wind, the sound of gurgling water of the crystal spring, the birds singing, or perhaps the singing a melody of a human soul that feeds higher feelings.
Above this is a bulb, with it is another bulb lower down on the other arm.
Above this pH, 60 independent pores with diameters about 2 nm begin to exchange substance with the environment.
It is concerned with processes such as ionization, Above threshold ionization and excitation by photons or collisions with atomic particles.

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