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Abraham and Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln emerged as an incarnation of the national Constitution.
Abraham Lincoln ( February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865 ) was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.
Abraham Lincoln suffered from " melancholy ", a condition which now is referred to as clinical depression.
A sketch of candidate Abraham Lincoln
A political cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln, 1865, entitled " The Rail Splitter At Work Repairing the Union.
* The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
* Poetry written by Abraham Lincoln
* The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Springfield, Illinois
* The Papers of Abraham Lincoln documentary editing project
* National Endowment for the Humanities Spotlight – Abraham Lincoln
* The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
* Lincoln / Net: Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project, Northern Illinois University Libraries
* Abraham Lincoln: A Resource Guide from the Library of Congress
* Abraham Lincoln at C-SPAN's American Presidents: Life Portraits
Among his staff was Isham G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased to make any real effort to function as governor after learning that Abraham Lincoln had appointed Andrew Johnson as military governor of Tennessee.
In the presidential election of 1860, the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, had campaigned against expanding slavery beyond the states in which it already existed.
Abraham Lincoln consistently made preserving the Union the central goal of the war, though he increasingly saw slavery as a crucial issue and made ending it an additional goal.
Anti-slavery Northerners mobilized in 1860 behind moderate Abraham Lincoln because he was most likely to carry the doubtful western states.
* 1865 – Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot the previous evening by actor John Wilkes Booth.
While in Washington, Doubleday remained a loyal Republican and staunch supporter of President Abraham Lincoln.
On January 14, 1863, the Alcotts received a telegram that Louisa was sick ; Bronson immediately went to bring her home, briefly meeting Abraham Lincoln while there.

Abraham and was
The first program was sponsored by Abraham & Strauss, Hempstead, New York, under the direction of Special Events director Jennings Dennis.
It was in 1814 that Abraham Wharf and his sister sat by a meager fire in their house on Dogtown Common, a desolate place even then.
Lincoln's paternal grandfather and namesake, Abraham, had moved his family from Virginia to Jefferson County, Kentucky, where he was ambushed and killed in an Indian raid in 1786, with his children, including Lincoln's father Thomas, looking on.
By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned two farms, several town lots, livestock, and horses.
The Mills Commission, chaired by Abraham G. Mills, the fourth president of the National League, was appointed in 1905 to determine the origin of baseball.
Abraham was the first to propose the correct structure of penicillin.
His highly influenced style which incorporated Italianate lighting from Jan Both, broken brush technique and atonality from Jan van Goyen, and his ever-developing style from his father Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp was studied acutely by his most prominent follower, Abraham van Calraet.
It is this reluctance which was felt by the Rijksmuseum to reattribute works to other painters ( Abraham van Calraet does not even appear in a Museum catalogue until 1926, and even then he is not given his own entry ) which shows how important it is to art historians that painters are accurately connected to their works — and this is continuously necessary for those of Aelbert Cuyp, as Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter may not in fact be Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter.
Abraham Joshua Heschel ( January 11, 1907 – December 23, 1972 ) was a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers of the 20th century.
Abraham Joshua Heschel was descended from preeminent European rabbis on both sides of the family.
In 2009, a highway in Missouri was named " Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel Highway " after a Springfield, Missouri area Neo-Nazi group cleaned the stretch of highway as part of an " Adopt-A-Highway " plan.
Penny Marshall's 1990 film Awakenings, which was nominated for several Oscars, is based on neurologist Oliver Sacks ' 1973 account of his psychiatric patients at Beth Abraham Hospital in the Bronx who were paralyzed by a form of encephalitis but briefly responded to the drug L-dopa.
The medieval exegete Abraham ibn Ezra believed that Job was translated from another language and it is therefore unclear " like all translated books " ( Ibn Ezra Job 2: 11 ).
It was recorded in her presence on October 21, 1958, at Decca's Pythian Temple, with Dick Jacob, Coral-Brunswick's new head of Artists and Repertoire, serving as both producer and conductor of the 18-piece orchestra, which included members of the New York Symphony Orchestra, NBC Television's house orchestra and Abraham " Boomie " Richman, formerly of Benny Goodman's band.
Famous in his own time for his perceived ugliness, Abraham Lincoln was described by a contemporary: " to say that he is ugly is nothing ; to add that his figure is grotesque, is to convey no adequate impression.
In a society where genealogy was considered extremely important because of God's covenant with Abraham and his descendants, the author may have felt compelled to establish his Hebrew lineage.
Penicillinase was the first β-lactamase to be identified: It was first isolated by Abraham and Chain in 1940 from Gram-negative E. coli even before penicillin entered clinical use, but penicillinase production quickly spread to bacteria that previously did not produce it or produced it only rarely.
Thomas P. " Boston " Corbett ( 1832 – presumed dead September 1, 1894 ) was the Union Army soldier who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
Corbett was a member of the 16th New York Cavalry Regiment sent, on April 24, 1865, to apprehend John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, who was still at large.

Abraham and born
Wallach was born in Red Hook, Brooklyn at 166 Union St., the son of Polish Jewish immigrants Bertha ( née Schorr ) and Abraham Wallach.
Other children are born to Abraham by another wife, Keturah, among whose descendants are the Midianites, and he dies in a prosperous old age and is buried in his tomb at Hebron.
According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, and Sarah was beyond childbearing years.
When Abraham became one hundred years old, this son was born to him by his first wife Sarah.
Major was born at the St. Helier Hospital in Sutton, Surrey, the son of Gwen Major and former Music Hall performer Tom Major-Ball (Abraham Thomas Ball ), who was 64 years old when John was born.
Kenesaw Mountain Landis was born in Millville, Ohio, the sixth child and fourth son of Abraham Hoch Landis, a physician, and Mary Kumler Landis, on November 20, 1866.
The couple had five sons and one daughter: Abraham ( 1807 – 1873 ) a graduate of West Point and career military officer ; John ( 1810 – 1866 ), graduate of Yale and Attorney General of New York ; Martin, Jr. ( 1812 – 1855 ), secretary to his father and editor of his father's papers until a premature death from tuberculosis ; Winfield Scott ( born and died in 1814 ); and Smith Thompson ( 1817 – 1876 ), an editor and special assistant to his father while president.
Albert was born to a Jewish family in Brooklyn, where he went to Abraham Lincoln High School .< ref > Corcoran, Tully.
Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard ( September 11, 1743 – June 4, 1809 ), Danish artist, was born in Copenhagen, the son of Søren Abildgaard, an antiquarian draughtsman of repute, and Anne Margrethe Bastholm.
Chaim Rickover was born to Abraham Rickover and Rachel ( née Unger ) Rickover, a Jewish family in Maków Mazowiecki of Poland, at that time ruled by the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II.
Son of Abraham Cresques, a famous Jewish cartographer, he was born in a Jewish family in Majorca, in the Majorcan-Catalan speaking part of Crown of Aragon, in present-day Spain.
* Samuel Alexander Mudd ( 1833 – 1883 ), born in Charles County, the doctor implicated and imprisoned for aiding John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
Abraham de Moivre was born in Vitry in Champagne on May 26, 1667.
Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, as the youngest of three children born to a Mexican American father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. and a half-Cherokee Native American mother, Marcella Ofelia ( née Samora ).
Duvalier was born in Port-au-Prince, the son of Duval Duvalier, a justice of the peace, and Ulyssia Abraham, a baker.
One of Patrick County's most prominent early settlers was Col. Abraham Penn ( sometimes written Abram Penn ), born in 1743 in what is today Amherst County, Virginia.
It was not named for President Abraham Lincoln, who was born 29 years after its creation.
President Abraham Lincoln was born in what was then Hardin County near Hodgenville, now part of modern-day LaRue County.
Some notable persons either born in or who resided in Columbia County include: Oliver Hardy ( comedian, born in Harlem ), Paul Hamilton Hayne ( poet and author ), Henry Louis Benning ( Confederate general for whom Fort Benning is named ), William Few, Abraham Baldwin, George Walton, George W. Crawford, William H. Crawford ( presidential candidate in 1824 ), Thomas Watson ( populist leader and Georgia senator born in Thomson when it was still in Columbia County ), George McDuffie ( South Carolina governor and senator in the early 19th century ), Jesse Mercer ( a long-time preacher in the county for whom Mercer University is named ).

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