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According and ANSI
According to DoD documents, “ The MIL-STD-188 series may be based on, or make reference to, Joint Technical Architecture, American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) standards, International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector ( ITU-T ) recommendations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) Standardization Agreements ( STANAG ), and other standards wherever applicable .”
According to the ANSI definition, a simplex circuit is one where all signals can flow in only one direction.
According to ANSI, this approach allows the three perspectives to be relatively independent of each other.

According and Standard
According to the ESOPE project ( European Standard Operating Procedures of Electrochemotherapy ), the Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) for electrochemotherapy were prepared, based on the experience of the leading European cancer centres on electrochemotherapy.
According to the Standard Model, all elementary particles are either bosons or fermions ( depending on their spin ).
According to the Evening Standard, Major has become a prolific after-dinner speaker.
According to the dominant cosmological model, the Lambda-CDM model, less than 5 % of the universe's energy density is made up of the " matter " described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and the majority of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy-with no agreement amongst scientists about what these are made of.
According to The Unicode Standard,
According to The Unicode Standard, plain text has two main properties in regard to rich text:
According to the International Triathlon Union, and USA Triathlon, the main international race distances are Sprint Distance, which has a swim, cycling, run ; Intermediate ( or Standard ) distance, commonly referred to as " Olympic distance " ( swim, bike, run ; the Long Course ( swim, ride, run, such as the Half Ironman ), and Ultra Distance ( swim, ride, and a full marathon: run ); the most recognized branded Ultra Distance is the Ironman triathlon.
According to the prevailing Standard Model of physics, all matter is composed of three generations of leptons and quarks, both of which are fermions.
According to Deutsche Börse, the operator of Xetra, DAX measures the performance of the Prime Standard ’ s 30 largest German companies in terms of order book volume and market capitalization.
According to Federal Standard 1037C:
According to Niedzielski and Preston, many of their subjects believe that there is one " correct " pattern of grammar and vocabulary that underlies Standard English, and that individual usage derives from this external system.
According to the United States Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, a U. S. Federal Standard limits the amount of microwaves that can leak from an oven throughout its lifetime to 5 milliwatts of microwave radiation per square centimeter at approximately ( 2 in ) from the surface of the oven.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to the 2003 data collected by Standard & Poor's, 18. 4 % of students are economically disadvantaged, 13. 1 % receive special education services and 71. 1 % of students pass the state-mandated testing.
According to professor Frank Partnoy, the regulation of CRAs by the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) and the FED has eliminated competition between CRAs and practically forced market participants to use the services of the three big agencies, Standard and Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.
According to Standard & Poor's report for November 2009, the government of Morelia maintains an adequate development budget, backed by relatively high income and low debt.
According to the conservative magazine Weekly Standard, CSE's greatest political success came in 1993 when it opposed Bill Clinton's proposal for a BTU energy tax.
According to his obituary in the Evening Standard, O ' Donnell had been suffering from Parkinson's disease in his later years.
According to Fred J. Cook, the muckrakers ' journalism resulted in litigation or legislation that had a lasting impact, such as the end of Standard Oil's monopoly over the oil industry, the establishment of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, the creation of the first child labor laws in the United States around 1916.

According and 1100
According to Arab tradition, the ensuing war pushed Ghana over the edge, ending the kingdom's position as a commercial and military power by 1100, as it collapsed into tribal groups and chieftaincies, some of which later assimilated into the Almoravids while others founded the Mali Empire.
According to William of Tyre, " barely three hundred knights and two thousand foot soldiers could be found " in the kingdom in 1100 during Godfrey's siege of Arsuf.
According to the earlier chronicler, Geoffrey of Monmouth ( c. 1100 – c. 1155 ), Ebraucus had fifty children by his twenty wives, and was the founder of " Kaerebrauc " ( York ), " Alclud " ( Dumbarton ), and the " Maidens ' Castle ".
According to tradition Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst, or Chalkhurst, were born to relatively wealthy parents in Biddenden, Kent, in the year 1100.
According to a legend, first mentioned in 1100, he had his leg broken for his trouble:
According to Life Teen sources, they now have over 1100 individual programs in the United States and around the world.
According to the First Nation, they estimated 1009 – 1100 members of the First Nation live on the reserve.
According to a Wikipedia site for 1100 KFAX radio in San Francisco, Calif., what had been KJBS radio changed to KFAX in late 1959 when the station changed formats from music, news, and sports, to become the nation's first all-news radio station.

According and professional
) According to the professional Jewish scribes, the Sopherim, the text of 1: 12 was changed from " You do not die " to " We shall not die.
According to the American Bar Association, a lawyer that is a certified specialist has been recognized by an independent professional certifying organization as having an enhanced level of skill and expertise, as well as substantial involvement in an established legal specialty.
According to some fans, a tour guide explained that Jerry Jones invited a few professional soccer players to drop kick soccer balls to try to hit the screen.
In comparison, scheduled flights operate from around 560 airports in the U. S. According to the U. S. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, general aviation provides more than one percent of the United States ' GDP, accounting for 1. 3 million jobs in professional services and manufacturing.
According to evidence, Najibullah dependent on his family and his professional network, and appointed more often than not people he know to top positions within the KHAD.
According to Young, either due to personal or professional distractions, Coubertin played little role in planning, despite entreaties by Vikelas.
According to musician and author Albin Zak, the combination of the studio — engineered by Bill Porter, who experimented with close miking the doo-wop backup singers — production by Foster, and accompanying musicians, gave Orbison's music a " polished, professional sound ... finally allow ( ing ) Orbison's stylistic inclinations free rein ".
According to a survey of professional philosophers and others on their philosophical views which was carried out in November 2009 ( taken by 3226 respondents, including 1803 philosophy faculty members and / or PhDs and 829 philosophy graduate students ) 44. 9 % of respondents accept or lean towards correspondence theories, 20. 7 % accept or lean towards deflationary theories and 13. 8 % epistemic theories.
According to the website of the University for Peace, " this Doctoral Programme is designed to respond to a growing demand for academic and professional training that addresses the complex and multidimensional issues of peace and conflict in societies.
According to the United States Census, of Lexington's population over the age of twenty-five, 22. 4 % hold a bachelor's degree, 11. 4 % hold a master's degree, and 3. 1 % hold a professional degree.
According to the United Nations Statistics Division, " wholesale " is the resale ( sale without transformation ) of new and used goods to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users, or to other wholesalers, or involves acting as an agent or broker in buying merchandise for, or selling merchandise to, such persons or companies.
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, 12. 3 % of adults 25 years and older have graduate or professional degrees, 22. 2 % have bachelor's degrees, 8. 4 % have associate's degrees, and 27. 7 % have some college but no degree.
According to the 2000 United States Census, the industries in the town ( by percentage of employed civilian population 16 years and over ) were manufacturing at 20. 4 %, educational, health and social services with 19. 9 %, retail trade at 12. 8 %, arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services with 9. 0 %, construction at 8. 0 %, other services ( except public administration ) with 6. 8 %, transportation, warehousing, and utilities at 4. 6 %, public administration with 3. 9 %, professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services at 3. 7 %, finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing with 3. 4 %, wholesale trade at 3. 4 %, information with 2. 2 % and agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining at 1. 9 %.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word " toponymy " first appeared in English in 1876 ; since then, toponym has come to replace " place-name " in professional discourse among toponymists.
According to Ely himself, " There were no professional personnel in the studio that day except maybe Lindahl.
According to a 1997 Sports Illustrated article, the agents, John Lounsbury and Wesley Spears of Connecticut, had hoped that Camby would hire them to represent him when he became a professional.
According to Fried and Schultis, criteria for a good self-help book include " claims made by the author as to the book's efficacy, the presentation of problem-solving strategies based on scientific evidence and professional experience, the author's credentials and professional experience, and the inclusion of a bibliography.
According to the band's manager Gerry Bron ( brother of the actress Eleanor Bron ), Vivian Stanshall was given several weeks to produce songs for the new professional Bonzo Dog Band.
According to film critic Leonard Maltin, professional failure following an early success is referred to in Hollywood circles as the " F. Murray Abraham syndrome ".
According to House Rules each Standing Committee may have up to 30 persons appointed to serve as professional staff, 2 / 3 of which are selected by the majority committee members and 1 / 3 of which are selected by the minority members.
According to the section of the Dutch Higher Education Act that deals with the accreditation of higher education ( 2002 ), degree programmes offered by research universities and universities of professional education will be evaluated according to established criteria, and programmes that meet those criteria will be accredited, that is, recognised for a period of six years.
According to Foucault, the very notion of the criminal had became political within the confines of Political economy, the western legal system had been transformed from one of cruelty to one of repeating one's crimes over and over again, therefore producing the ' rational ' professional criminal ; criminals were punished differently ( and less dramatically, rather ironically ).
According to the Associations of Boxing Commissions, professional MMA competitions are allowed in most states.

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