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According and Absolute
According to the Noahide Laws, the 7 laws which Jews believe to be binding on the non-Jewish world, the non-Israelite nations are also Forbidden to worship anything other than the Absolute Creator.
According to the Vedas, subject is transcendental, while object is either different ( material ) or of same category-spiritual: " The Absolute Truth is both subject and object, and there is no qualitative difference there.
According to this paradigm, Creation proceeds as an outpouring or even a transformation in the original Absolute or Godhead.
According to the doctrine exposed by Guénon, the " spiritual realisation " leads to the effective identification with the states of being that are superior to our transitory human state, and ultimately to the " Supreme Identity " with the Supreme Principle or Absolute Reality.
" According to Paramahamsa Yogananda, " During deep, dreamless sleep ( sushupti ), and in the samadhi meditation of the yogi, man abides in his true nature, the soul, and cognizes Absolute Truth ( Paramarthika ).
According to Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths HC, the events of the second series originally took place on Earth-85 in the Multiverse before its destruction.

According and Return
According to DVD liner notes for Return of the Pink Panther, Sellers and Edwards originally planned to produce a British television series centered on Clouseau, but a film was made instead, Revenge of the Pink Panther, which ignores Dreyfus's death in the previous film and has Clouseau investigating a plot to kill him after a transvestite criminal is killed in his place.
According to the Internet Movie Database, Fisher had said that her costumes in the previous two films had been so long that viewers could not tell " she was a woman ", resulting in the skimpy outfit for Return of the Jedi.
According to the Books of Chronicles chapter 9 line 2, the Israelites, who took part in The Return to Zion are from the Tribe of Judah alongside the Tribe of Simeon that was absorbed into it, the Tribe of Benjamin, the Tribe of Levi ( Levites and Priests ) alongside the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, which according to the Book of Kings 2 Chapter 7 were exiled by the Assyrians ( The Biblical scholars Umberto Cassuto and Elia Samuele Artom claim these two tribes ' names to be a reference to the remant of all Ten Tribes that was not exiled and absorbed into the Judean population ).
According to the Appendices of The Return of the King, Bilbo was born to Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took on 22 September, T. A.
According to the story published in eight chapters to promote The Return of Dr. Octagon, a package containing new songs by Octagon arrived at the offices of OCD International, who hired " interpreters " to decipher the meaning of each song.
According to an ongoing comic book series from Dark Horse called Star Wars: Legacy, which takes place 125 years after Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Cade Skywalker, son of Kol Skywalker and a direct descendant of Luke Skywalker, is the last surviving Skywalker of his time.
According to various industry websites ( such as www. Hollywood. com ), The Big Chill was somewhat similar in its basic " friends reuniting to reminisce about the good old days " premise to John Sayles ' earlier independent movie, Return of the Secaucus Seven, but has several major story and character differences.
According to the Return of Owners of Land, 1873 the Capron estates centred on Southwick Hall and Stoke Doyle comprised over 5, 000 acres ( 20 km² ), including woodland and generated an income of over £ 4, 000 a year.
According to LucasArts ' magazine " The Adventurer ", this game was the first media to incorporate live-action actors and footage in the Star Wars universe since Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
According to reviewer Jeb Branin, " I was writing for a zine in Canada called Northern Metal that reviewed The Return Of Martha Splatterhead giving it a 0. 0 rating and absolutely crucifying it in the review.
* Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears ( 1989 – 1991 )-17 half-hour episodes and 1 segment: Let Sleeping Giants Lie / A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, The Road To Ursalia, Bridge Over The River Gummi / Life of the Party, My Kingdom For A Pie / The World According To Gusto, Ogre For A Day, Princess Problems / A Gummi is a Gummis Best Friend, Beg, Borrow and Steal, Return To Ursalia, Thornberry To The Rescue, Toadie the Conqueror, Zummi in Slumberland / A Recipe For Trouble, Once More the Crimson Avenger, True Gritty, Trading Faces, Tummi Trouble, Wings Over Dunwyn, King Ightorn: Part 2 and Never Give a Gummi An Even Break.
According to the Friday the 13th: Return to Crystal Lake DVD Box set, Corey Feldman was only able to make a cameo in this film as a result of him filming The Goonies.
According to Lucasfilm, Return of the Jedi despite having earned $ 475 million at the box-office against a budget of $ 32. 5 million, " has never gone into profit ".
According to the fiction, the Rover's Return ( with an apostrophe ) was opened in 1902, on the newly built Coronation St ( 1902 being Coronation year for Edward VII, hence its name ).

According and +
According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Asgard is derived from Old Norse āss, god + garðr, enclosure ; from Indo-European roots ansu-spirit, demon ( see cognate ahura ) + gher-grasp, enclose ( see cognates garden and yard ).< ref >; See also ansu-and gher -< sup > 1 </ sup > in " Appendix I: Indo-European Roots " in the same work .</ ref >
According to the theorem, it is possible to expand the power ( x + y )< sup > n </ sup > into a sum involving terms of the form ax < sup > b </ sup > y < sup > c </ sup >, where the exponents b and c are nonnegative integers with, and the coefficient a of each term is a specific positive integer depending on n and b. When an exponent is zero, the corresponding power is usually omitted from the term.
According to the theorem, it is possible to expand any power of x + y into a sum of the form
According to Hippocrates, melancholia was caused by an excess of black bile, hence the name, which means ' black bile ', from Ancient Greek μέλας ( melas ), " dark, black ", + χολή ( kholé ), " bile "; a person whose constitution tended to have a preponderance of black bile had a melancholic disposition.
According to Gibbons ' autobiography Rock + Roll Gearhead, he settled on " ZZ Top " because B. B.
* According to Coulomb's Law, two point charges of + 1 C, placed one meter apart, would experience a repulsive force of 9 N, a force roughly equal to the weight of 920, 000 metric tons of mass on the surface of the Earth.
According to the Hindi commentary, the final value of period of precession should be obtained by combining + 199669 revolutions of ayana with − 30000 revolutions of sampaat to get + 169669 per Kalpa, i. e. one revolution in 25461 years, which is near the modern value of 25771 years.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Greek anemōnē means " daughter of the wind ", from ánemos " wind " + feminine patronymic suffix-ōnē.
According to the usual interpretation, the term pontifex literally means " bridge-builder " ( pons + facere ); " maximus " literally means " greatest ".
According to the 2000 Census, 22. 5 % of the population age 25 + had an Associates Degree or higher.
According to Kulling and Lorin, at + 200 ° C, 3 % of the gas is HCN.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary ( 2nd Edition, 1989 ), empiric is derived from the ancient Greek for experience,, which is ultimately derived from " in " + " trial, experiment ".
According to a study by Sport + Markt Bayern is the fifth-most popular football club in Europe with 20. 7 million supporters, and the most popular football club in Germany with 10 million supporters.
According to the conjecture, most coprime triples where a + b = c are like the ones used in this example, and for only a " few " exceptions is c > d < sup >( 1 + ε )</ sup >.
According to the Laws of Manu, one of the earliest known texts describing the yugas, the length is 4800 years + 3600 years + 2400 years + 1200 years for a total of 12, 000 years for one arc, or 24, 000 years to complete the cycle ( one precession of the equinox ).
According to Herodotus the ancient Egyptian demigods began 11, 340 years before the reign of Seti I ( 1290 BC ), so 11, 340 + 1290 = 12, 630 BC, while he listed earlier figures, 15, 000 and 17, 000, for the reign of the gods.
According to the local authorities Pontevedra is, since 1999, the fastest growing Galician city, with an average of + 1000 more inhabitants per year.
According to the whole number rule proposed by Francis Aston, the mass of an isotope is roughly, but not exactly, its mass number A = Z + N times an atomic mass unit ( u ), plus or minus binding energy discrepancy – atomic mass unit being the modern approximation for " mass of a proton, neutron, or hydrogen atom ".
According to the clock, the first areas to experience a new day and a New Year are all islands that use UTC + 14, that is the Line Islands and Tokelau, and in the southern summer also Samoa.

According and Alpha
According to sources that differ regarding the actual date, sometime between 1901 and 1913 Mathers renamed the branch of the Golden Dawn remaining loyal to his leadership to Alpha et Omega.
According to the TOS episode " Metamorphosis ", Cochrane was presumed dead after disappearing from Alpha Centauri in 2117.
According to 2nd edition's Manual of Exalted Power: The Alchemicals, subroutine spirits are Autochthon's manufactured counterpart to 1st and 2nd circle demons, and are divided into three tiers based on power, importance and autonomy: Alpha, Beta and Gamma in ascending order, and Autochthon has made his Divine Ministers incapable of spawning new exmachina, 2nd edition material is unclear about the fate of pre-existing 2nd circle exmachina.
According to Gerardo Hernández, the leader of the cell, and as reported by Saul Landau in the political magazine CounterPunch, the network observed and infiltrated a number of Cuban-American groups: Alpha 66, the F4 Commandos, the Cuban American National Foundation, and Brothers to the Rescue.
According to a press release, through this partnership, " Alpha Bank enters a rapidly developing sector in a large and fast growing market.
According to Gygax, both the scenario that became Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Metamorphosis Alpha were successful at the convention.
According to some Russian security sources, Alpha Group was " degraded " and demoralized by the political manipulation it suffered in the vicious political battles that surrounded the eventual dissolution and collapse of the Soviet Union.
According to a police report on the Alpha Galates dated 13 February 1945 the organisation was only composed of at most 50 members, who resigned one after the other as soon as they sized up the president of the association ( Pierre Plantard ) and figured out that it was not a serious enterprise.
According to a grant of 1590, the office of Regius Professor of " Greke " at Cambridge has a coat of arms with the following blazon: Per chevron argent and sable, in chief the two Greek letters Alpha and Omega of the second, and in base a cicado ( grasshopper ) of the first, on a chief gules a lion passant guardant Or, charged on the side with the letter G sable.
According to Hasbro, Cybertron orbits the star Alpha Centauri and is about the size of Saturn.
According to the teaser trailer for War For Cybertron, Cybertron is a satellite of Alpha Centauri.
According to the Suda ( Alpha 4025 ), Artemidorus also penned a Oiônoscopica ( Interpretation of Birds ) and a Chiroscopica ( Palmistry ), but neither has survived, and the authorship is discounted.
According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Alpha Troin is the head of all the civilian guilds that make up the non-military portion of the Autobot High Council.
According to The Manual of Theta Chi, The original design for the coat of arms was suggested by Freeman, and members of Alpha Chapter used his ideas to develop an official image.
According to its constitution, " Alpha Omega Alpha is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and its aims shall be the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high attainment in medical science, practice, and related fields.
According to the Alpha Delta Gamma National Web Site, " In effect, they wanted a fraternity founded upon Christian ideals of true manhood, sound learning, and the unity of fraternal brotherhood.

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