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According and Adler
According to Adler, " number of feminists note that few definitions of the word, despite its literal meaning, include any concept of power, and they suggest that centuries of oppression have made it impossible for women to conceive of themselves with such power.
According to Lehmann, her father and Adler were the two most significant influences for her intellectual development.
According to Jacob Adler, Wilson Barrett was the most famous actor on the London stage of the 1880s.
According to Peter Lewis, " told Lou Adler they had to pay us a million bucks to film us at the Monterey Pop Festival.
According to Adler, the question of whether humans have equal right to dignity is intrinsically bound in the question of whether human beings are truly equal, which itself is bound in the question of whether human beings are a distinct class from all things, including animals, or vary from other things only by degree.
According to " A Scandal in Bohemia ," Adler was born in New Jersey in 1858.
According to Mortimer J. Adler, who considered himself an Aristotelean at heart, the " mistake " of substituting idealism for realism is "...
According to Adler, these ideas have changed over time, as our vision of the world – and our place in it – has changed.
According to Adler, only when science begins to capture the same religious fervour, and promotes the welfare of all segments of society, will the two be more equal in peoples ' eyes.
According to Adler, firstborns are " dethroned " when a second child comes along, and this may have a lasting influence on them.
and A. D. Adler, " A Chemical Investigation on the Shroud of Turin ", Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences Journal 81-103, 1981 ) According to Shroud skeptic Joe Nickell, neither Heller nor Adler was a forensic serologist or a pigment expert.
According to Adler, although the original intent of the dailies was to allow the crew to " be able to offer commentary to other staff members who do not work the same hours ", he also said that offering a learning experience to the public was an important reason for their creation.
According to Adler, Rosenberg, who played many of the same roles as Israel Grodner, essentially told Adler " it's him or me ".
According to Jacob Adler, the play was such a sensation that a year after it was first performed in Bucharest, when Israel Rosenberg set about presenting it as the second play of his newly formed Yiddish theater troupe in Odessa, " Shmendrik " had already passed into the Yiddish language, both as a term of affection and derision, but also as slang for a sneeze, for money, and for the police.
According to Adler, Rosenberg, who played many of the same roles as Israel Grodner, essentially told Adler " it's him or me ".
According to a Chinese work published in 1983, from at least 1963 on Adler worked for China's Central External Liaison Department, an agency involved in foreign espionage .. Adler's apartment in Beijing was also provided to Adler by the Liaison Department, which would indicate that the Department was Adler's work unit.
According to Adler,the individual consciousness is a priori socialized ”, insofar as every logical judgement already and necessarily includes reference to a multitude of assenting subjects ; Adler ’ s ‘ social a priori ’ transcendentally implies the possibility of social reality.

According and all
According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, plastics units now account for more than 50% of all sign sales.
According to this doctrine, the universe was ruled by Heaven, T'ien -- as a natural force, or in the personification of a Supreme Sky-god -- governing all things by means of a process called the Tao, which can be roughly interpreted as `` the Order of the Universe '' or `` the Universal Way ''.
According to the fossil record, Lissamphibia, which includes all modern amphibians and is the only surviving lineage, may have branched off from the extinct groups Temnospondyli and Lepospondyli at some period between the Late Carboniferous and the Early Triassic.
According to the poet Saadi Shirazi: Arslan possessed a fort, which raised at the height of Alwand, from all were those within its walls, for its roads were a labyrinth, like the curls of a bride.
According to Viktor Frankl, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, when a person is faced with extreme mortal dangers, the most basic of all human wishes is to find a meaning of life to combat the " trauma of nonbeing " as death is near.
According to Hartshorne people do not experience subjective ( or personal ) immortality in the afterlife, but they do have objective immortality because their experiences live on forever in God, who contains all that was.
* Christian perfection – According to Wesley's teaching, Christians could attain a state of practical perfection, meaning a lack of all voluntary sin by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, in this life.
According to Asinius Quadratus ( quoted in the mid-6th century by Byzantine historian Agathias ) their name means " all men ".
According to this interpretation, Agathon is mocked in the Thesmophoriazousae not only for his notorious effeminacy, but also for the pretentiousness of his dress: " he seems to think of himself, in all his elegant finery, as a rival to the old Ionian poets, perhaps even to Anacreon himself.
According to Hosea Ballou, then Pierre Batiffol ( 1911 ) and George T. Knight ( 1914 ) Amalric was a believer that all people would eventually be saved and this was one of the counts upon which he was declared a heretic by Pope Innocent III.
According to the legend, it was where festive Adonia took place, in which athletes competed in hunting wild boars during sport competitions ; they also competed in dancing and singing, all to the honour of Adonis.
According to Julius Pokorny the Angri-in Angrivarii, the-angr in Hardanger and the Angl-in Anglii all come from the same root meaning " bend ", but in different senses.
According to the 1977 constitution of the Republic of Afghanistan ( 1973 – 78 ), all Afghans are equal in rights and obligations before the law.
According to Theravada commentaries, there are five requisite factors that must all be fulfilled for an act to be both an act of killing and to be karmically negative.
According to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the doctrine of Ahimsa does not say " Kill not " it says, " Love all ".
According to Capp's brother Elliot, Alfred had finished all of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw by the time he turned 13.
According to Lillie McGarvey, a 20th-century Aleut leader, barabaras keep " occupants dry from the frequent rains, warm at all times, and snugly sheltered from the high winds common to the area ".
According to this view, though Mark has Jesus as the Son of God, references occurring at the strategic points in 1: 1 (" The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God ", but not in all versions, see Mark 1 ), 5: 7 (" What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?
According to the 2010 census, the city has a total area of, all land.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of, all of it land.
According to Robert Longley, " Clinton and Gore were responsible for pressing almost all federal agencies, the U. S. court system and the U. S. military onto the Internet, thus opening up America's government to more of America's citizens than ever before.
According to Article 89 of the constitution, the Council of the Republic has authority to make declarations of federal intervention, a state of emergency, and a state of siege ( all security-related issues ).
According to an estimate by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ( SIPRI ), 40 % of all Brazilian arms transfers from 1985 to 1989 went to Iraq.
According to the Constitution, the President has ultimate authority over foreign policy, while Congress is tasked with reviewing and considering all diplomatic nominations and international treaties, as well as legislation relating to Brazilian foreign policy.
According to the Tarnovo Constitution, all men between 21 and 40 years of age were eligible for military service.

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