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According and Agassiz
According to Agassiz there is one species of humans but many different creations of races.
According to Agassiz the conditions in which particular creatures live “ are the conditions necessary to their maintenance, and what among organized beings is essential to their temporal existence must be at least one of the conditions under which they were created ”.
According to Agassiz the intelligent adaptation of creatures to their environments testified to an intelligent plan.
According to Agassiz s theory of polygenism animals, plants and humans were all created in “ special provinces ” each having distinct populations of species created in and for that province.
According to Agassiz, the different races were created in different provinces, each race was indigenous to the province it was created in, he cited evidence from Egyptian monuments to prove that fixity of racial types had existed for at least five millennia.
According to Agassiz s theory of polygenism all species are fixed, including all the races of humans and species do not evolve into other species.
According to Agassiz the provinces that the different races were created in included Western American Temperate ( the indigenous peoples west of the Rockies ); Eastern American Temperate ( east of the Rockies ); Tropical Asiatic ( south of the Himalayas ); Temperate Asiatic ( east of the Urals and north of the Himalayas ); South American Temperate ( South America ); New Holland ( Australia ); Arctic ( Alaska and Arctic Canada ); Cape of Good Hope ( South Africa ); and American Tropical ( Central America and the West Indies ).
According to Agassiz the intelligent adaptation of creatures to their environments testified to an intelligent plan.

According and genera
According to a 2008 estimate, Basidiomycota comprise three subphyla ( including six unassigned classes ) 16 classes, 52 orders, 177 families, 1, 589 genera, and 31, 515 species.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), the order consists of 12 families, 80 genera, and 1767 species.
According to recent studies of DNA sequence data, most of the smaller " satellite genera " around the huge genus Euphorbia nest deep within the latter.
According the mtDNA studies and review by Bridge et al, the genera and species of terns are as follows:
According to genetic studies, the two genera Phoeniculus and Rhinopomastus, appear to have diverged about 10 million years ago, so some systematists treat them as separate subfamilies or even separate families.
According to a standard 2008 reference work, the family contains 5 genera and over 90 species worldwide.
According to the 2008 ( 10th ) edition of the Dictionary of the Fungi, the Boletales comprise 17 families, 96 genera, and 1316 species.
According to a 2008 estimate, the family contains 21 genera and 77 species.
According to one 2008 estimate, the family contains 31 genera and 230 species.
According to the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, the genera included in the subfamily are:
According to the AP-website, the subfamily includes some 15 genera in up to 800 species.
According to Vellard ( 1936 ) and Buecherl ( 1951 ), genera with the most urticating bristles are Lasiodora, Grammostola and Acanthoscurria.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), 35 genera are recognized in Boletaceae, which collectively contain 787 species.
According to Dressler, there are 5 subfamilies, 22 tribes, 70 subtribes, about 850 genera and about 20, 000 species in this family.
According to phylogenetic research by Sanchez Del-Pino ( 2009 ), the subfamily Gomphrenoideae Schinz is regarded als a monophyletic taxon with 19 genera and about 300-400 species.
According to the fossil record, the Aplodontioidea split from the squirrels in the Middle or Late Eocene as indicated by the extinct genera † Spurimus and † Prosciurus.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), the family contains 22 genera and 125 species.
According to APG II system, the current placement of these genera is mostly in the ' new ' Malvaceae sensu lato, but with Gyrostemon moved to family Gyrostemonaceae, Muntingia to family Muntingiaceae, Sloanea to family Elaeocarpaceae, Vatica to family Dipterocarpaceae and Wikstroemia to family Thymelaeaceae ( possibly reduced to a synonym of Daphne ).
According to APG II system, the current placement of these genera is perhaps mostly in the ' new ' Malvaceae sensu lato, but with Muntingia moved to family Muntingiaceae, while tribes VI and VII form the core of family Elaeocarpaceae and tribe V has been moved to the ' new ' family Salicaceae sensu lato.
Other authors cite different numbers: 16-20 genera and 600 species ; 20 genera and 500-600 species ; According to a pollen studies and molecular data, the family is split up into three tribes: Protieae, Bursereae, and Canarieae.
According to FishBase there are 101 species in 41 genera and five subfamilies:
According to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the following genera within the Hypocreales have an uncertain taxonomic placement ( incertae sedis ), and have not been assigned to any family.
According to the results of initial surveys, the primary tropical forest in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng is home to 140 families, 427 genera, and 751 species of vascular plants, of which 36 species are considered endangered and listed in the Vietnam's Red Data Book.

According and species
According to Ferdinand Bohlmann, the first naturally occurring acetylenic compound, dehydromatricaria ester, was isolated from an Artemisia species in 1826.
According to United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization the term bean should include only species of Phaseolus ; however, a strict consensus definition has proven difficult because in the past, several species such as Vigna ( angularis ( azuki bean ), mungo ( black gram ), radiata ( mung bean ), aconitifolia ( moth bean )) were classified as Phaseolus and later reclassified.
According to the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 209 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and plants are endangered.
According to some versions of functionalism, even non-human systems, such as other animal species, alien life forms, or advanced computers can, in principle, have mental states.
According to Mike Dash, a Welsh historian, few scientists doubt there are thousands of unknown animals, particularly invertebrates, awaiting discovery ; however, cryptozoologists are largely uninterested in researching and cataloging newly-discovered species of ants or beetles, instead focusing their efforts towards " more elusive " creatures that have often defied decades of work aimed at confirming their existence.
According to Emile Benveniste ( 1954 ), the earliest written occurrence in English of civilisation in its modern sense may be found in Adam Ferguson's An Essay on the History of Civil Society ( Edinburgh, 1767 – p. 2 ): " Not only the individual advances from infancy to manhood, but the species itself from rudeness to civilisation.
According to Charles Darwin's 1859 theory of natural selection, features such as camouflage evolved by providing individual animals with a reproductive advantage, enabling them to leave more offspring, on average, than other members of the same species.
According to Gause s " competitive exclusion principle " no two species with identical ecological requirements can coexist in a stable environment.
According to the species-area theory and based on upper-bound estimating, up to 140, 000 species per year may be the present rate of extinction.
According to these new rules, " mineral species can be grouped in a number of different ways, on the basis of chemistry, crystal structure, occurrence, association, genetic history, or resource, for example, depending on the purpose to be served by the classification.
According to the biological species concept, these will be two different species.
According to the Activision game Star Trek: Bridge Commander, the Cardassian race evolved from a species known as Mek ' hammut, loosely translated as " sand crawlers ".
According to Wolpoff, populations of Homo evolved together as a single species.
According to FishBase, 32, 200 species of fish had been described by March 2012.
According to more recent study, 82 species of Peripatidae and 115 species of Peripatopsidae have been described thus far.

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