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According and Reed
According to Reed there were a variety of these treatments.
According to sociologist Burton Clark, Reed is one of the most unusual institutions of higher learning in the United States, featuring a traditional liberal arts and natural sciences curriculum.
According to Reed ( despite the original liner notes ), the album entirely consists of guitar feedback played at different speeds.
" According to Burke, his mother introduced him to Jimmy Reed and Ray Charles as well as that era's king of smooth, Billy Eckstein.
According to TheyWorkForYou, in his last year in Parliament Reed had spoken in an " above average " number of debates, voted an " above average " number of times in the 2005-2010 parliament and replied " within 2 or 3 weeks to a " high number of messages " during 2008.
According to Reed, the eclectic design was inspired by many sources.
According to Clark, the opinions of recognized polygraph experts were divided about the propriety of McCarthy's exam: Harry Reed supported the validity of McCarthy's exam, while psychologist David Raskin of the University of Utah asserted that McCarthy's method was " more than 30 years out of date.
According to the children, Reed Richards had been acting very strange the last couple of days.
According to Reed, Warhol told Reed he should write a song about someone vicious.
According to University of Pennsylvania Law School Professors David Shakow and Reed Shuldiner, “ A wealth tax also taxes capital that is not productively employed.
Reed and Kellogg were preceded by, and their work probably informed by, W. S. Clark, who published his " balloon " method of depicting grammar in his 1847 book A Practical Grammar: In Which Words, Phrases & Sentences are Classified According to Their Offices and Their Various Relationships to Each Another.
According to Reed, he resigned his job in protest against the appeasement of Hitler after the Munich Agreement of 1938.
According to the legend, test audiences reacted poorly, finding Gleason's two roles confusing, and so the Bandit scenes were re-shot with Jerry Reed playing the role.
According to Reed's book Active Faith, Reed also introduced Abramoff to his future wife, Pam Alexander.
According to Easton's Gang of Five, Reed was the " hatchet man " and " carried out Abramoff-Norquist orders with ruthless efficiency, not bothering to hide his fingerprints ".
According to Reed, " Someone once had the temerity to ask Elgar which version, the allegro or the adagio, was written first ; but the question was not very well received and the subject was not pursued.
According to a persistent myth, Reed no-showed a set of TV tapings where he was booked to win the title, resulting in the championship instead being put on The Honky Tonk Man.
According to the book Monday Night Mayhem ( Reed Business Information, 1988 ), the National Football League received a bid from HTN for broadcast rights to Monday Night Football ; this, while negotiations with ABC were nearing a standoff.
" According to Reed University Professor of Music David Schiff, " With the appearance of black musicals like Shuffle Along and the emergence of black stars such as Paul Robeson and Ethel Waters, the minstrel convention of blackface, which survived in the vastly popular performances of Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor, had become an embarrassment-at least to some critics.
According to Reed, several days after the arrest Peggy Lee sent him her entire catalog of CDs, because " she was so thrilled I wanted one of her CDs enough to put myself through so much hell.

According and Amar
According to Wolof oral tradition, a Serer bowman named Amar Godomat killed him with his bow near lake Rzik ( just north of the Senegal ) ( Godomat's name apparently originates with this death ).
According to book critic Nilanjana Roy, the Amar Chitra Katha series reflects ' the stereotypes and prejudices of mainstream Indian culture ; pink-skinned, fair heroes and heroines, dark asuras and villains, passive women drawn as in Indian calendar art from the male perspective '.
According to Giani Gian Singh, the author of the Book Twarikh Guru Khalsa in 1626, Raja Birbal met Guru Amar Das, the third guru of Sikhism.
According to Rajmala, Isa Khan then quickly retreated to Tripura and sought assistance from the Tripura king, Amar Manikya.
According to Bose, the company started noise-cancellation involvement after Dr. Amar Bose went on a 1978 flight to Europe, " was trying out a new set of airline-supplied headphones and found that he couldn't really enjoy the sound with the roar of engines in the background ".
According to Amar, the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment wanted to extend the due process right not only to citizens, but to all other persons as well, which required a separate Due Process Clause.

According and framers
According to lawyer and diplomat Frederic Jesup Stimson, the framers of the Constitution and the Ninth Amendment intended that no rights that they already held would be lost through omission.

According and early
According to Christopher Ehret ( 2002: 35 – 36 ), Proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 11, 000 BC at the latest and possibly as early as c. 16, 000 BC.
According to Tylor, the more scientifically advanced the society, the less that society believed in Animism ; however, any remnant ideologies of souls or spirits, to Tylor, represented “ survivals ” of the original animism of early humanity.
According to 20th-century scholar Walther Ludwig, the poems were spuriously inserted into an early biography of Plato sometime between 250 BC and 100 BC and adopted by later writers from this source.
According to some sources, Clinton was in his early years a death penalty opponent who switched positions.
According to an early interview, with the city snowed under during the Great Blizzard of 1978 in Chicago, the two began preliminary work on the Computerized Bulletin Board System, or CBBS.
According to Montgomery and Hammer Daniel's use of the word ' Chaldean ' to refer to astrologers in general is an anachronism, as during the Neo-Babylonian and early Persian periods ( when Daniel is said to have lived ), it referred only to an ethnicity.
According to early tradition, this book was composed near the end of Domitian's reign, around the year 95 AD.
According to this theory, the cycle of philosophical upheavals that in part drove the diversification of Buddhism into its many schools and sects only began once Buddhists began attempting to make explicit the implicit philosophy of the Buddha and the early suttas.
" According to North Carolina musician Walter Davis, Jefferson played on the streets in Johnson City, Tennessee, during the early 1920s at which time Davis and fellow entertainer Clarence Greene learned the art of blues guitar.
According to Charles Aaron, power ballads came into existence in the early 1970s, when rock stars attempted to convey profound messages to audiences.
According to Ivinskaya, People who arrived in Peredelkino early in the morning on the day of the funeral told us that militiamen, commanded by very senior officers, were already stationed at the approaches to the village.
According to Kenneth S. Rogoff, " Although the development of international capital markets was quite limited prior to 1800, we nevertheless catalog the numerous defaults of France, Portugal, Prussia, Spain, and the early Italian city-states.
According to the CIA World Factbook, during the early 1990s, Chile's " reputation as a role model for economic reform " was strengthened when the democratic government of Patricio Aylwin, who took over from the military in 1990, deepened the economic reform initiated by the military government.
According to the work De Administrando Imperio written by the 10th-century Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, the Croats had arrived in what is today Croatia in the early 7th century, however that claim is disputed and competing hypotheses date the event between the 6th and the 9th centuries.
According to Love, her main focus in the band from very early on was on lyrics: " For me, I was just about lyrics and performance.
According to biographer Ray Spangenburg, these early years as Sagan tried to understand the mysteries of the planets, became a " driving force in his life, a continual spark to his intellect, and a quest that would never be forgotten.
According to critic Geoffrey Blum, the process that saw its beginnings in 1942's Pirate Gold first bore its full fruit in 1950's ' Vacation Time ,' which he describes as ' a visual primer for reading comics and understanding ... the form ...." From the early 1950s Barks undertook the quarterly adventures of Uncle Scrooge and the duck clan in Scrooge's own title.
According to one Rabbinic tradition, David was raised as the son of his father Jesse and spent his early years herding his father's sheep in the wilderness while his brothers were in school.
According to Taylor, by the early 19th century this deism-mediated exclusive humanism developed as an alternative to Christian faith in a personal God and an order of miracles and mystery.
According to old German literature, dragoons were invented by Count Ernst von Mansfeld, one of the greatest German military commanders, in the early 1620s.
According to Haller he was alive early in the 18th century.
According to the direct-reference view, an early version of which was originally proposed by Bertrand Russell, and perhaps earlier by Gottlob Frege, a proper name strictly has no meaning when there is no object to which it refers.
According to Boztepe, his early days in Germany were difficult due to his Turkish heritage — he was a constant target for racial insults and, more often than not, verbal abuse would escalate into physical abuse.
According to Charles Holcombe, the early Tujue population was rather heterogeneous and many of the names of Göktürk rulers are not even Turkic.
According to tradition and some early church writers, the author is Mark the Evangelist, the companion of the apostle Peter.

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