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According and Alberta
According to the Fraser Institute, Alberta has very high levels of economic freedom and rates Alberta as the most free economy in Canada, and second most free economy amongst U. S. states and Canadian provinces.
According to John P. Smol of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and Marianne S. V. Douglas of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, warming conditions and evaporation have caused low water levels and changes in the chemistry of ponds and wetlands in the area.
According to Ralph Klein, former mayor of Calgary and premier of Alberta, the Stampede symbolizes the province's spirit.
According to the professor in sociology Stephen A. Kent at the University of Alberta and Kranenborg ( 1974 ), one of the reasons why in 1970s young people including hippies turned to gurus was because they found that drugs had opened for them the existence of the transcendental or because they wanted to get high without drugs.
According to Don Page, physicist at the University of Alberta, Canada, the longest finite time that has so far been explicitly calculated by any physicist is
According to Jones, Greenfield's attempts to rescue southern Alberta from agricultural calamity were probably doomed to failure.
According to the California-based Jacobs Consultancy, the European Union used inaccurate and incomplete data in assigning a high greenhouse gas rating to gasoline importing from Alberta ’ s oilsands.
According to Gay's wife, Alberta, Gay's family life consisted constantly of violence involving accounts of domestic abuse and shootings.
According to Alberta in 1984, the couple hadn't shared the same bed in nearly ten years, with Gay and Alberta sleeping in separate bedrooms.
According to police in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the high fees charged by escort agencies may make escorting less lucrative than street prostitution, especially as agencies often also deduct the license fees directly from the earnings.
According to an article that appeared in the Alberta Report in 1996 " According to the Times, for every $ 1. 00 that went to undersigned charities from some Ellison-owned thrift stores, $ 2. 55 went to the Ellison associates ".
According to historians, Big Bear was born in 1825 as the son of Black Powder, an Ojibwa chief, and an Ojibwa mother in the Jackfish Lake region of Saskatchewan, a few miles north of present-day North Battleford, Saskatchewan and not far from Alberta.
According to the official archives of Elections Alberta, in the 1989 Senate election, the Stan Waters campaign received $ 147, 822 in campaign donations, $ 19, 000 transferred from the Reform Party of Alberta, and $ 23, 558. 96 was from fundraising functions, for a total of $ 190, 380. 96 in campaign period revenue.
According to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement's ( BBM ) 2009 ratings, CTV News at Six regained its position as the most-watched six o ' clock newscast in Northern and Central Alberta to Global Edmonton's News Hour, CBC, Citytv combined.

According and Venture
According to the National Venture Capital Association, in all of 2008 there have been just six companies that have gone public.
According to an internet announcement, the Raëlian leader and a group of investors founded a company in the Bahamas and called it Valiant Venture Ltd., whose project mission was named Clonaid.
According to the National Venture Capital Association, 11 % of private sector jobs come from venture backed companies and venture backed revenue accounts for 21 % of US GDP.
According to his book Harpoon at a Venture ( 1952, since republished under various titles ), bad planning and a lack of finance meant his attempt to establish a basking shark fishery there between 1945-48 proved unsuccessful.
According to the National Venture Capital Association, 247 venture capital deals worth $ 1. 4 billion closed in New York in 2009, despite the recession and rocky market.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Chevrolet Uplander has an improved crash test rating than its predecessor, the Venture.
According to Michael Humphreys of Matrix Partners and Ruthann Quindlen of Institutional Venture Partners, the decision was partly influenced by the past success of the company's co-founders, Paul Neurath and Ned Lerner.
Owned by Venture Technologies Group, WNYA is branded as " My 4 Albany " ( the station's channel on area cable systems ), and airs the full MyNetworkTV schedule along with syndicated programming including Family Feud, and The Wendy Williams Show ; off-network reruns including According to Jim, George Lopez, and South Park ; and New York Yankees games that are split between WWOR-TV and YES Network.
According to Elizabeth Copeland Norfleet in A Venture in Faith, a history of the school's early years, his plans to go on to law school were interrupted by his father's request that he serve as " head teacher.

According and magazine's
According to the magazine's owner Bob Guccione, " We began to show pubic hair, which was a big breakthrough.
According to a 2007 story in Forbes magazine's list of " America's Wildest Weather Cities " and the Weather Variety Index, Springfield is the city with the most varied weather in the United States.
According to its first issue, the magazine's purpose was to draw attention to Russell's belief that people of the time were " living " in the last days " " the day of the Lord "—" the end " of the Gospel age ," and that " the dawn of the " new " age, are facts not only discernible by the close student of the Word, led by the spirit, but the outward signs recognizable by the world bear the same testimony.
According to the magazine's mission statement,
According to the website of The American Prospect, " at the dawn of a new progressive era and a time of economic transformation for the United States and the world, the magazine's founding purpose was to demonstrate that progressive ideas could animate a majority politics ; to restore to intellectual and political respectability the case for social investment ; to energize civic democracy and give voice to the disenfranchised ; and to counteract the growing influence of conservative media.
" According to CUNY journalism professor Eric Alterman, “ Nothing has been as consistent about the past 34 years of TNR as the magazine's devotion to Peretz's own understanding of what is good for Israel … It is really not too much to say that almost all of Peretz's political beliefs are subordinate to his commitment to Israel's best interests, and these interests as Peretz defines them almost always involve more war.
" According to Alterman, the magazine's prose could sparkle and the contrasting views within its pages were " genuinely exciting ".
According to a 2005 study, subscribers to the magazine are overwhelmingly male ( 97 %), and make up over two thirds of the magazine's readership.
According to its advertising page, the magazine's circulation is 11, 000 and its readership is 20, 000.
According to the magazine's masthead, the current publication also includes these former titles: Toy Trains, Electric Trains and Hobby Railroading, Miniature Rail Roading, Model & Railway News, and The O Gager.
According to the magazine's website, the SF stands for " science fiction ", but the X may stand for anything.
According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, by the close of 2005 the magazine's circulation exceeded 260, 000, a 25. 5 percent increase over 2004.
According to Harper's magazine's October 2002 " Harper's Index ," Nixon masks were the best-selling political mask for the previous five years for top U. S. costume wholesaler Morris Costumes.
According to editor Colin Steven, the decision to move the magazine online was made due to a decline in sales and advertising revenue ; however, the refocussing on its web site will allow the magazine to offer ' blogs from music journalists, podcasts, user-generated content, forums and access to the magazine's archive.
According to Koei's website, various releases in the series have won Log-In magazine's " BHS Prize ", the " Minister of Post & Telecommunications Prize ", Nikkei BP's 12th, 13th and 14th annual " Best PC Software " awards and CD-ROM Fans " Fan of the Year 2001 Grand Prize ".
According to Breakaway magazine's recent interview with the band members, John " Dartanion " Warne is " remarkably good " at Mario Kart DS.
According to Newsweek magazine, in 2004 the publisher Regnery announced to the magazine's subscribers his plans for whites-only dating Web site.
According to IPC Media, 86 % of the magazine's readers are male and their average age is 37 years.
According to its editor, Charb, the magazine's editorial viewpoint reflects " all components of left wing pluralism, and even abstainers ".
According to Time magazine's coverage of the 1940 College All-Star Game, Washington was " Considered by West Coast fans the most brilliant player in the U. S. last year.
According to Rorion Gracie, his father Helio Gracie is one of the first sports heroes in Brazilian history ; he was named Black Belt magazine's Man of the Year in 1997 by an American martial arts publication.
According to TBW's history of the MSC, this was the magazine's first explicit acknowledgment that such a panel existed.

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