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According and Allmusic
According to Allmusic, Jones " has left his mark on rock & roll music history as an innovative musician, arranger, and director.
According to Allmusic, Demartini was heavily influenced by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick as a teenager.
According to Richard S. Ginell at Allmusic: " was at once one of the most beloved and controversial singers of the mid-20th century-beloved to her fans, devotees, and fellow singers ; controversial to critics who still accuse her of selling out her art to commerce and bad taste.
According to Allmusic, James Brown was critical, through " the gospel-impassioned fury of his vocals and the complex polyrhythms of his beats ", in " two revolutions in black American music.
According to Allmusic, " At the dawn of the hip-hop era, all rap was East Coast rap.
According to Allmusic editor Steve Huey, the success of his 1994 debut album Ready to Die " reinvented East Coast rap for the gangsta age " and " turned the Notorious B. I. G.
According to Stewart Mason of Allmusic, the " increasingly melodic " style of Swedish death metal combines the post-hardcore aggression and guttural vocals of black metal with melodic and technically proficient guitar lines.
According to Allmusic, the debut album is a relatively immature, but original, release.
According to Allmusic, Mullen is one of the best vocalists in death metal.
According to Allmusic, " The songs are rendered in a folk / country acoustic minimalism that is, in a word, enchanting.
According to Sandra Brennan at Allmusic, " The Maytals were key figures in reggae music.
According to music critic Bruce Eder writing for Allmusic. com:
According to the Allmusic guide:
According to Stewart Mason, writing for Allmusic, " band's muscular blend of Joy Division's atmospherics and the Gang of Four's rattling momentum, with Benjamin Bossi's splattering free jazz saxophone coloring everything, made Romeo Void one of the strongest of the American post-punk bands.
According to the website Allmusic, on In Rape Fantasy And Terror Sex We Trust " Joan of Arc ... once more surpassed themselves as artists ".
According to Alexey Eremenko of Allmusic, Luna Sea's sound is " firmly based in ' 80s hard rock, with a versatile progressive approach to songwriting, and its softer side, displayed later on in the group's career, proved equally strong.
According to Allmusic, the band " sought to provide a positive alternative to traditional death metal acts such as Carcass, Death, and Obituary.
According to Allmusic, the album contains " some of the most frightening vocals ever recorded.
According to Allmusic, " most rap-metal bands during the mid-to late ' 90s blended an ultra-aggressive, testosterone-heavy theatricality with either juvenile humor or an introspective angst learned through alternative metal ".
According to William York of Allmusic, " Morningrise is, as far as the metal scale goes, possibly their least heavy album ".
According to Allmusic, who awarded the album 4. 5 / 5 stars, it had, by the 1990s, sold in excess of 18 million copies worldwide.
According to Allmusic music journalist Kim Summers, Rydell, whose interest in show business began at the age of four years, " is one of the most sought-after nightclub and concert acts in the US.
According to Steve Huey of Allmusic, " Singles helped crystallize the idea of the ' Seattle scene ' in the mainstream public's mind, and it was also one of the first big-selling ' 90s movie soundtracks ( it went platinum and reached the Top Ten ) to feature largely new work from contemporary artists ... it's a milestone in the breakthrough of alternative rock into mainstream popular culture, neatly and effectively packaging the Seattle phenomenon for the wider national consciousness.
According to Allmusic he is one of reggae's most durable and soulful singers, with a steady career that started in the 1960s, when he was just seven years old.

According and Moon
According to Plutarch's natural order of attribution of the vowels to the planets, alpha was connected with the Moon.
According to Townshend, Moon cultivated his reputation for erratic behaviour.
According to Moon biographer Tony Fletcher's, Moon's toilet pyrotechnics began in 1965 when he purchased 500 cherry bombs.
According to the book, The Who In Their Own Words, Moon said he broke his tooth driving the car into the pool.
According to Pamela Des Barres, Moon's girlfriend for three years, Moon had nightmares about the incident that woke both of them during the night.
According to Oxford lexicographer Susie Dent, Moon, Entwistle, and Page were talking about forming a supergroup.
According to Strabo ( 1. 1. 9 ), Seleucus was the first to state that the tides are due to the attraction of the Moon, and that the height of the tides depends on the Moon's position relative to the Sun.
According to a French documentary TV film " Tank on the Moon " by Jean Afanassieff, the Lunokhod design returned to limelight 15 years later due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986.
According to Rolling Stone, Love's unreleased 1973 LP " Black Beauty " will finally hit shelves on June 7, 2012, according to a statement released by the new label High Moon Records.
According to Sitchin, Nibiru ( called " the twelfth planet " because, Sitchin claimed, the Sumerians ' gods-given conception of the Solar System counted all eight planets, plus Pluto, the Sun and the Moon ) was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis.
According to Balinese legend, the Pejeng Moon was a wheel of the chariot that pulled the real moon through the night sky.
According to David Freiberg, at least one of the live tracks was augmented with studio overdubs and the tracks " Calvary " and " Lady of the Cancer Moon " were recorded in the studio just before Gary Duncan left the band.
According to the Second Prophecy of Mandos, included in The Shaping of Middle-earth and similar versions in later volumes of the History of Middle-earth series, Morgoth ( the source and personification of evil in Tolkien's Middle-earth universe ) will discover how to break the Door of Night, and will destroy the Sun and the Moon.
According to legends that refer to Inca mythology Isla de la Luna (" Island of the Moon ") is where Viracocha commanded the rising of the moon.
According to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.
According to the Rigvedic Purusha sukta, Purusha was dismembered by the devas — his mind is the Moon, his eyes are the Sun, and his breath is the wind.
According to journalists Marites Vitug and Glenda Gloria, authors of the book Under the Crescent Moon, agents hit Murad with a chair and club of wood when he did not talk.
According to Korean and Japanese myths, a rabbit lives on the Moon making rice cakes ( Tteok-the Korean word for rice cakes in general, and mochi, a different type of a rice cake with red bean filling, in the Japanese myth ).
According to Robert S. Ellwood, her philosophy and publications are still applied by the groups and organizations she founded, such as the Arcane School, and the Full Moon Meditation Groups that follow her teachings.
According to NASA, the answer to the question, " Why should we return to the Moon ?," would be to:
According to Saint Girolamo, the name Carrara derives from “ car ” which means " wagons " and from “ iara ” that means " Moon ", so is the “ City of the Moon on the Wagons ”.
According to one news report Han has joined together with Moon in pairing up couples who had never met each other, based merely upon looking at their photos.
According to press reports in late 1957, an anonymous source had divulged to a United States Secret Service agent that the Soviets planned to commemorate the anniversary of the October Revolution by causing a nuclear explosion on the Moon to coincide with a lunar eclipse on November 7.

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