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According and American
According to Dr. Ellis, the average 20-year-old American woman is capable of far greater sexual arousal than her partner.
According to the American Institute of Architects, titles and job descriptions within American architectural offices might be as follows:
According to Lucas, Bayley, and Valli, each sign has a handshape ( see handshape section in American Sign Language grammar ) and these handshapes can resemble signs of numbers or letters.
According to the Dictionary of American Hymnology, " Amazing Grace " is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse.
According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Asgard is derived from Old Norse āss, god + garðr, enclosure ; from Indo-European roots ansu-spirit, demon ( see cognate ahura ) + gher-grasp, enclose ( see cognates garden and yard ).< ref >; See also ansu-and gher -< sup > 1 </ sup > in " Appendix I: Indo-European Roots " in the same work .</ ref >
According to the Jargon File, American hackers switched to what they later discovered to be the British quotation system because placing a period inside a quotation mark can change the meaning of data strings that are meant to be typed character-for-character.
According to Strmiska and Sigurvinsson ( 2005 ), American Asatruar tend to prefer a more devotional form of worship and a more emotional conception of the Nordic gods than Scandinavian practitioner, reflecting the parallel tendency of highly emotional forms of Christianity prevalent in the United States.
According to the Latin American Institute on Mental Health and Human Rights ( ILAS ), " situations of extreme trauma " affected about 200, 000 persons.
" According to West and Sanders, when talking about conspiracies in the Vietnam era, Pipes includes within the fringe element anyone who entertains the thought that conspiracies played a role in the major political scandals and assassinations that rocked American politics in the Vietnam era.
According to American circus expert Hovey Burgess, they are ( in order of class ):
According to the American Bar Association, a lawyer that is a certified specialist has been recognized by an independent professional certifying organization as having an enhanced level of skill and expertise, as well as substantial involvement in an established legal specialty.
According to the New American Bible, a Catholic Bible translation produced by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the story of the Nephilim in Genesis 6: 1-4 " is apparently a fragment of an old legend that had borrowed much from ancient mythology ", and the " sons of God " mentioned in that passage are " celestial beings of mythology ".
According to the New American Bible, the image in Revelation 12: 1-6 of a pregnant woman in the sky, threatened by a dragon, " corresponds to a widespread myth throughout the ancient world that a goddess pregnant with a savior was pursued by a horrible monster ; by miraculous intervention, she bore a son who then killed the monster ".
According to a 2008 article in The Wall Street Journal, Dartmouth graduates also earn higher median salaries at least 10 years after graduation than alumni of any other American university surveyed.
According to the American Kennel Club ’ s breed standards, " the dachshund is clever, lively and courageous to the point of rashness, persevering in above and below ground work, with all the senses well-developed.
According to William Loeffler, from The American Book of the Dog ( 1891 ), in the chapter on Dachshunds: " The origin of the Dachshund is in doubt, our best authorities disagreeing as to the beginning of the breed.
According to former DARPA Director Tony Tether and W. B. Bonvillian (“ Power Play ,” W. B. Bonvillian, The American Interest, Volume II, p 39, November – December 2006 ), DARPA's key characteristics to be replicated to reproduce DARPA's success are:
According to one American report, Mubarak views Iran as the primary long-term challenge facing Egypt, and an Egyptian official said that Iran is running agents inside Egypt in an effort to subvert the Egyptian regime.
According to a controversial essay titled " The Death of Environmentalism " ( Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus, 2004 ) American environmentalism has been remarkably successful in protecting the air, water, and large stretches of wilderness in North America and Europe, but these environmentalists have stagnated as a vital force for cultural and political change.
According to their claims, these rosicrucian communities " made valuable contributions to the newly emerging American culture in the fields of printing, philosophy, the sciences and arts ".
According to some historians, the film was made to convey a " deliberate reaffirmation of American values ", although ones which seemed uncertain with respect to the future.
According to Friedman, " these two rejections were devastating to the man who had made a career of demonstrating American ideals in film ", along with his directing award-winning documentary films for the Army.
According to Judith Nagata, a professor of Asia Research Institute in the National University of Singapore, The Afghan mujahiddin, locked in combat with the Soviet enemy in the 1980s, could be praised as " freedom fighters " by their American backers at the time, while the present Taliban, viewed, among other things, as protectors of American enemy Osama bin Laden, are unequivocally " fundamentalist ".”"

According and experimental
According to R. Clive Woods, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, those groups were not able to overcome the extremely challenging technical problems of replicating all aspects of the 1992 experimental conditions.
According to the Association of British Insurers ( ABI ), a typical policy will exclude the following: going to a general practitioner ; going to Accident and Emergency ; drug abuse ; HIV / AIDS ; normal pregnancy ; gender reassignment ; mobility aids, such as wheelchairs ; organ transplant ; injuries arising from dangerous hobbies ( often called hazardous pursuits ); pre-existing conditions ; dental services ; outpatient drugs and dressings ; deliberately self-inflicted injuries ; infertility ; cosmetic treatment ; experimental or unproven treatment or drugs ; war risks.
According to a 1997 Billboard article, " he union of the club community and independent labels " provided the experimental and trend-setting environment in which electronica acts developed and eventually reached the mainstream.
According to a 1949 film produced by RCA, silent films had been made of early experimental telecasts during the 1930s.
According to the analysis made by the AUGER collaboration, the existence of the GZK cutoff may have been confirmed, but important uncertainties remain in the interpretation of the experimental results and further work is required .< ref >
According to Albert Abramson, Zworykin's experiments started in April 1931, and after the achievement of the first promising experimental transmitters, on October 23, 1931, it was decided that the new camera tube would be named Iconoscope.
According to Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, SPK were " at the forefront of the local post-punk, electronic / experimental movement of the late 1970s ... music progressed from discordant, industrial-strength metal noise to sophisticated and restrained dance-rock with strange attributes ".
According to the Academic Exchange Quarterly: " Studies of a theoretical or empirical nature ( including case studies, portfolio studies, exploratory, or experimental work ) addressing the assessment of learner aptitude and preparation, motivation and learning styles, learning outcomes in achievement and satisfaction in different educational contexts are all welcome, as are studies addressing issues of measurable standards and benchmarks ".
According to the interpretation of Systems Biology as the ability to obtain, integrate and analyze complex data sets from multiple experimental sources using interdisciplinary tools, some typical technology platforms are:
According to an experimental proof from 2006 ( controversial results ), quantum dots of lead selenide can produce as many as seven excitons from one high energy photon of sunlight ( 7. 8 times the bandgap energy ).
According to Jerne's biographer Thomas Söderqvist, Jerne was not a bench scientist, could not pipette accurately, and did not enjoy experimental work.
According to recent evidences antidepressants also seem to exert beneficial effects in experimental autoimmune neuritis in rats by decreasing Interferon-beta ( IFN-beta ) release or augmenting NK activity in depressed patients.
According to the latest experimental results, the extent and types of primary blast-induced injuries depend not only on the peak of the overpressure, but also other parameters such as number of overpressure peaks, time-lag between overpressure peaks, characteristics of the shear fronts between overpressure peaks, frequency resonance, and electromagnetic pulse, among others.
According to scholar Gerald Janecek, zaum can be defined as experimental poetic language characterized by indeterminacy in meaning.
According to Cage, " an experimental action is one the outcome of which is not foreseen ", and he was specifically interested in completed works that performed an unpredictable action.
According to experimental evidence, the materials for the vessel were not added at the same time, so the cauldron can be considered as the work of artisans over a span of several hundred years.
According to AR Duchossoir, Loar designed experimental electric instruments during his stay with Gibson.
According to Citizen, experimental data showed the solar cell and secondary battery will last for more than 10 years.
According to Lee Smolin, there has been " no serious attempt the autodynamics supporters to make an argument or to discuss experimental data that refute their basic claims ".
According to Piciotto “ I don ’ t really think of any of the records as being any more experimental than any of the others, because to us they were all experiments ,” he said.
According to Dirac: ” Quantum electrodynamics is the domain of physics that we know most about, and presumably it will have to be put in order before we can hope to make any fundamental progress with other field theories, although these will continue to develop on the experimental basis .”
According to experimental linguist N. S.
According to the Internet Movie Database, he has produced two experimental shorts ( Gerorisuto, and Caterpillar ) and two full length surrealistic movies ( 964 Pinocchio, and Rubber's Lover ).
According to Thom Holmes ' Electronic and experimental music: technology, music, and culture he was " the lead engineer of the center ".

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