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According and Arnaz
According to Arnaz himself, in his autobiography A Book ( 1976 ), the family owned three ranches, a palatial home, and a vacation mansion on a private island in Santiago Bay, Cuba.
According to Desi Arnaz, Tracy stood on his balcony and urinated on a military parade that was passing below in Mexico City.
According to Turner Classic Movies ' host, Robert Osborne, the studio was not sure if this film would be a success because they thought that people would not pay money to see Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in a movie when they could watch the couple on television for free ( I Love Lucy ).

According and CBS
According to Moore, she asked CBS to pull the show, as she was unhappy with the direction of the program and the producers.
According to the CBS press release for Rawhide, Universal Studios ( then known as Universal-International ) was shooting in Fort Ord when an assistant noticed Eastwood and arranged for him to meet the series ' director.
According to an article in The New York Times: " What the Tony broadcast does have, say CBS officials, is an all-important demographic: rich and smart.
According to a CBS poll, 92 % of Panamanian adults supported the U. S. incursion, and 76 % wished that U. S. forces had invaded in October during the coup.
According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case.
According to the book The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic by Martin Grams, Serling wrote the teleplay in response to a request from CBS to write scripts utilizing as few actors as possible for budgetary purposes.
" According to a James Arness interview, CBS felt John Wayne was ideal for the role, but he, as most big screen stars, saw the fledging medium as a step down ; The belief Wayne was asked to pin on the badge is disputed by Warren.
According to a CBS 60 Minutes segment in late January 2008, Saddam Hussein denied to an American interrogator that he had employed doubles.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), a total of 63, 462 people were living in Ramla at the end of 2004.
According to CBS data, there were 21, 000 salaried workers and 1, 700 self-employed persons in Ramla in 2000.
According to CBS, there are 31 schools and 12, 000 students in the city.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 100. 0 % Arab ( 99. 7 % Muslim ), with no significant Jewish population. There were 18, 700 males and 18, 000 females ( 36, 800 total ), with 51. 2 % of the population aged 19 years of age or younger, 18. 2 % between 20 and 29, 18. 9 % between 30 and 44, 7. 8 % from 45 to 59, 1. 5 % from 60 to 64, and 2. 4 % 65 years of age or older.
According to CBS, there were 5, 843 salaried workers and 1, 089 self-employed in 2000.
According to CBS, there are a total of 17 schools and 9, 106 students in the city: 15 elementary and 4 junior high-schools for more than 5, 400 elementary school students, and 7 high schools for more than 3, 800 high school students.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), the city had a population of 32, 200 at the end of 2007.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 100. 0 % Jewish.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), at the end of 2005 the city had a total population of 15, 800.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 99. 3 % Jewish and other non-Arab, with no significant Arab population.
According to CBS, in 2001 there were 7, 400 males and 7, 900 females.
According to CBS, as of 2000, in the city there were 5, 739 salaried workers and 399 are self-employed.
According to CBS, there are 10 schools and 2, 409 students in the city.
According to the CBS, the ethnic makeup of the city was in 2006 was 99. 9 % Jewish and other non-Arab, with no significant Arab population.
According to the CBS, in 2006 there were 21, 700 males and 22, 800 females.
According to the CBS, as of 2005, there were 18, 612 salaried workers and 2, 006 are self-employed in the city.

According and network
According to evidence, Najibullah dependent on his family and his professional network, and appointed more often than not people he know to top positions within the KHAD.
According to Metcalfe, the rationale behind the sale of networking cards was that ( 1 ) the cost of the network was directly proportional to the number of cards installed, but ( 2 ) the value of the network was proportional to the square of the number of users.
According to CIA Factbook, Romania total road network is estimated to be 198, 817 km long, out of which 60, 043 km are paved and 138, 774 km ( 2004 ) are unpaved.
According to both Roddenberry and an NBC press release, this was the justification for six additional episodes being ordered by the network for the series ' second season.
According to journalist Manuel Abramowicz, of the Resistances network, the ultras of the radical right have always had as its aim to " infiltrate the state mechanisms ," including the army in the 1970s and the 1980s, through Westland New Post and the Front de la Jeunesse.
According to this argument, the research around Dunbar's Number implies a limit on the number of inbound and outbound connections a human in a group-forming network can manage, so that the actual maximum-value structure is much sparser than the set-of-subsets measured by Reed's law or the complete graph measured by Metcalfe's Law.
According to TruTV, the first episode drew 1. 6 million viewers, a record for a new series on the network.
According to 2005 figures, there are 646, 300 main telephone lines in Bolivia and 2. 421 million mobile telephones, but new subscribers to the telephone network can encounter bureaucratic difficulties.
According to Hughes, the paruchia, or network of monasteries attached to an abbey, replaced the diocese as the chief administrative unit of the church, and the position of abbot largely replaced that of bishop in authority and prominence.
According to Weyprecht, it was important to organize a network of Arctic stations taking regular measurements of weather and ice conditions with identical devices and at preestablished intervals.
According to Japanrail. com, the website for companies that operate Shinkansen, the network has carried over 6 billion passengers.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of, all of it land ( this measurement seems to exclude Astor's network of canals, which extends over in length, providing river access for many of its residents.
Some members of the DPS were present in covert operations in Zaire ( 1997 and 2001 ), Madagascar ( in 2002, Didier Ratsiraka called for some mercenaries to resolve the political crisis ), Côte d ' Ivoire ( 2001 – 2003 ) According to the Voltaire network, the DPS had been created with the help of Jacques Foccart and François de Grossouvre ( leader of the French branch of Gladio, NATO's secret armies ) after the dissolving of the Service d ' Action Civique ( SAC ) &.
According to Robert Osborne of the television network Turner Classic Movies in the introduction to the film's airing on its weekly segment " The Essentials ," Tracy, weighted down by his growing alcoholism, refused to give MGM an answer.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the project was too ambitious, as " everything at Saturn is new: the car, the plant, the workforce, the dealer network and the manufacturing process.
According to press statements throughout the 1990s, the program was the most successful infomercial for several years and Warwick earned in excess of three million dollars per year as spokesperson for the network.
According to an interview with Bochco published in September 2007, he is now winding down his involvement with network television, feeling that his tastes and current fashions in TV drama no longer coincide.
According to a report conducted by the ICTY entitled Final Report to the Prosecutor by the Committee Established to Review the NATO Bombing Campaign Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia opined that, " Insofar as the attack actually was aimed at disrupting the communications network, it was legally acceptable " and that, " NATO ’ s targeting of the RTS building for propaganda purposes was an incidental ( albeit complementary ) aim of its primary goal of disabling the Serbian military command and control system and to destroy the nerve system and apparatus that keeps Milosević in power.
According to the indictment against him, Swartz surreptitiously attached a laptop to MIT's computer network, which allowed him to " rapidly download an extraordinary volume of articles from JSTOR ".
According to the defining IEEE standards for Ethernet, a network segment is an electrical connection between networked devices.
According to Lilly, the network of computation-capable solid state systems ( electronics ) engineered by humans will eventually develop ( or has already developed ) into an autonomous life-form.
According to load experienced on the electrical network, points were granted accordingly to each contestant.
According to IUPAC recommendation: A thermosetting polymer is a prepolymer in a soft solid or viscous state that changes irreversibly into an infusible, insoluble polymer network by curing.

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