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According and Austrian
According to Kevin Carson ( himself a mutualist ), " most people who call themselves " individualist anarchists " today are followers of Murray Rothbard's Austrian economics.
According to his classmate Klepetař, like most residents of the predominantly German Sudetenlaender, " Gödel considered himself always Austrian and an exile in Czechoslovakia " (" ein Österreicher im Exil in der Tschechoslowakei ").
According to the last Austrian Imperial census of 1910, the Duchy of Carinthia was composed of the following linguistic communities:
According to Texas Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul in his " A Tribute to the Late Harry Browne " which was read into the Congressional Record in 2006, " How You Can Profit From the Coming Devaluation is generally recognized as the founding document of the hard money movement, which combined the insights of the Austrian economists with a practical investment strategy.
According to Gerald Warner, " Austrian Jews were among the strongest supporters of a Habsburg restoration, since they believed the dynasty would give the nation sufficient resolve to stand up to the Third Reich ".
According to Hazlitt, the greatest influence on his writing in economics was the work of Ludwig von Mises, and he is credited with introducing the ideas of the Austrian School of economics to the English-speaking layman.
According to the 1775 Austrian census, the province had a total population of 86, 000, made up mostly of Romanians ( Moldovans ), and up to 10, 000 Slavs ( Polish, Ruthenians and Hutzuls ).
According to the Austrian census of 1910 the town had 30, 762 inhabitants, 29, 587 of whom had permanent residence there.
According to documents obtained in 2003 from the Austrian State Archives by the Los Angeles Times, which was after the expiration of a 30-year seal of his records under Austrian privacy law, Gustav Schwarzenegger voluntarily applied to join the Nazi Party on March 1, 1938, two weeks before the country was annexed.
According to Austrian police, Čengić was on the supervisory board of the Third World Relief Agency ( TWRA ), a Sudan-based, phoney humanitarian organization connected to Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network.
According to the Austrian census of 1910 the town had 22, 489 inhabitants.
According to the Austrian census of 1910, Teschen had 22, 489 inhabitants, 21, 550 of whom had permanent residence there.
According to the Austrian census of 1830, the city was home to 7, 538 people of whom 1, 508 ( 20 %) were members of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, a significantly larger number of Ukrainians than in most Galician cities.
According to the Austrian census of 1910 the town had 4, 275 inhabitants, 4, 265 of whom had permanent residence there.
According to the Austrian census of 1910 the town had 3, 744 inhabitants, 3, 705 of whom had permanent residence there.
According to the Austrian census of 1910 the town had 1, 579 inhabitants, 1, 513 of whom had permanent residence there.
According to the Austrian School of economics, full-reserve banking would eliminate ( or at least greatly reduce ) the financial risks associated with bank runs, as the bank would have all the money in reserve needed to pay depositors, regardless whether depositors actually claimed their money.
According to the Austrian census, around 25, 000 ethnic Germans and 3, 000 Hungarians also lived in the regions annexed to Italy with the Treaty.
According to the 1910 Austrian census, the population of Kozy was 3852, out of which Poles made 99 %.
According to German and Austrian sources dating from the 16th century, during carnival persons wearing masks used to make house-to-house visits offering a mum ( en ) schanz, a game of dice.
According to him the Austrian police had already contacted the witness, who supposedly lived in France, but this was denied by the Austrian Ministry of Justice.
According to the official Austrian census from 1850-1851, the population of the Military Frontier numbered 958, 877 inhabitants.

According and economist
According to economist Eduard Aghajanov, Armenia could have repaid them with low-interest loans from other, presumably Western sources, or with some of its hard currency reserves which then totaled about $ 450 million.
According to economist John Quiggin, the standard features of " economic fundamentalist rhetoric " are " dogmatic " assertions and the claim that anyone who holds contrary views is not a real economist.
According to the what economist Nicholas Barr describes as the " classical definition of income :" the 1938 Haig-Simons definition, " income may be defined as the ... sum of ( 1 ) the market value of rights exercised in consumption and ( 2 ) the change in the value of the store of property rights ..." Since the consumption potential of non-monetary goods, such as leisure, cannot be measured, monetary income may be thought of as a proxy for full income.
According to Rajiv Sethi, an economist at Columbia University, black-white segregation in housing is slowly declining for most metropolitan areas in the US Racial segregation or separation can lead to social, economic and political tensions.
According to the economist George Selgin in his paper " Gresham's Law ":
According to ecological economist Robert Costanza:
According to economist Murray Rothbard:
According to economist theorists, companies receive a convenience yield by holding inventories of certain commodities.
According to economist William Stanley Jevons ( 1875 ), representative money arose because metal coins often were " variously clipped or depreciated " during use, but using representations for the value stored in banks ensured its worth.
According to economist Steve Keen, the " deleveraging " moments when they ( or the governments they live under ) pay down debt instead of spending on consumption or investment in real-economy infrastructure, result in economic crises or even depressions ( such as The Great Depression ).
According to health economist Uwe Reinhardt, " strictly speaking, the term ' socialized medicine ' should be reserved for health systems in which the government operates the production of health care and provides its financing.
According to economist Frank Knight, it is different from risk, where there is a specific probability assigned to each outcome ( as when flipping a fair coin ).
According to cooperative economist Charles Gide, the aim of a cooperative wholesale society is to arrange “ bulk purchases, and, if possible, organise production .” The best historical example of this were the English CWS and the Scottish CWS, which were the forerunners to the modern Co-operative Group.
According to economist Robin Hanson, in 1990 the first known corporate prediction market was used at Xanadu.
According to economist Stephen P. Magee, the benefits of free trade outweigh the losses by as much as 100 to 1.
According to the Marxist economist Ernest Mandel, who popularised the term with his 1972 PhD dissertation, late-stage capitalism will be dominated by the machinations – or perhaps better, fluidities – of financial capital ; and also by the increasing commodification and industrialisation of ever more inclusive sectors of human life.
According to economist Michael Hudson, China has said, " we don't want to make any more foreign exchange reserve of any paper currency, because all the paper currencies are government debt currencies.
According to economist and historian Murray Rothbard, between 1839 and 1843, real consumption increased by 21 percent and real gross national product increased by 16 percent, despite the fact that real investment fell by 23 percent and the money supply shrank by 34 percent.
According to a review by Geoffrey M. Hodgson, the term " social Darwinism " was first used in an English-language academic journal in an 1895 book review by the Harvard economist Frank Taussig ( it had been used as early as 1877 in Europe ).
According to the work of Nobel prize winning economist and expert on famines Amartya Sen, most famines do not result just from lower food production, but also from an inappropriate or inefficient distribution of the food, often compounded by lack of information and indeed misinformation as to the extent of the problem.
According to a study by economist David Card, deregulation resulted in the shift of approximately 5, 000 to 7, 000 airline mechanic jobs from the major trunk airlines to smaller carriers between 1978 and 1984.
According to economist Claudia Goldin, the success of the cliometric revolution had as an unintended consequence the disappearance of economic historians from history departments.
" According to Keynesian economist, Paul Krugman, the work of Friedman and Schwartz became dominant among mainstream economists by the 1980s but should be reconsidered in light of Japan's Lost Decade of the 1990s.

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