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According and BYuT
According to Yanukovych talks with BYuT were still ongoing late May 2008.

According and Viktor
According to Viktor Frankl, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, when a person is faced with extreme mortal dangers, the most basic of all human wishes is to find a meaning of life to combat the " trauma of nonbeing " as death is near.
According to Viktor Ivanovich Rutenburg, " Within the guild itself there was very little division of labour, which tended to operate rather between the guilds.
According to Viktor Suvorov's book M-Day, Soviet historians laid special emphasis on proving that no Politburo meeting took place on 19 August 1939.
According to Piskun, the aim was to undermine the government ( led by Viktor Yushchenko when he was still Prime Minister ).
According to Viktor Luneyev, actual struggle against dissent was manyfold larger than it was registered in sentences, and we do not know how many persons were kept under surveillance of secret services, held criminally liable, arrested, sent to psychiatric hospitals, expelled from their work, restricted in their rights everyway.
According to official Central Election Commission results announced on November 23, the run-off election was won by Viktor Yanukovych.
According to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych those cases were indiscriminately made to fight corruption in Ukraine.

According and Chief
According to the Department of Defense, the " Order of Titus award is the only award presented by the Chief of Chaplains to recognize outstanding performance of ministry by chaplains and chaplain assistants.
According to the Chief Kremlin physician, Dr. Yevgeny I. Chazov, Chernenko had also developed both chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
According to the same program, the crisis committee delegated to make decisions on how to deal with the incident consisted of Bruno Merk ( the Bavarian interior minister ), Hans-Dietrich Genscher ( the West German interior minister ) and Manfred Schreiber ( Munich's Chief of Police ); in other words, two politicians and one tactician.
According to Chékarou Bagoudou, Chief of the Division of Road Safety and Security of the Nigerien Ministry of Transport, there were 4338 officially reported road accidents in 2008, with 7443 victims, of which 616 were killed.
According to former CIA Near East Division Chief James Chritchfield, after al-Bakr and Saddam seized power in 1968, " America slowly developed, not a hostility, but enormous reservations about the ability of the Ba ' ath to constructively bring Iraq along.
According to historian Thomas Woods, " Ever since the Korean War, Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution — which refers to the president as the ' Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States ' — has been interpreted to mean that the president may act with an essentially free hand in foreign affairs, or at the very least that he may send men into battle without consulting Congress.
According to a worldwide ranking by the École des Mines de Paris, Concordia ranks first among Canadian and 33rd among world universities in terms of graduates occupying the rank of Chief Executive Officer at Fortune 500 companies.
According to his memoirs written after the war, the German Chief of Staff, Erich von Falkenhayn, believed that although a major breakthrough might no longer be achieved, the French army could still be defeated if it suffered a sufficient number of casualties.
According to an historical narrative on the event titled " Chief Left Hand ", by Margaret Coel, contributing factors that led to the massacre were: Governor Evans ' desire to hold title to the resource rich Denver-Boulder area ; government trust officials ' avoidance of Chief Left Hand ( a linguistically gifted Southern Arapaho chief ), when executing a legal treaty that transferred title of the area away from Indian Trust ; a local cavalry stretched thin by the demands of the Civil War ; the hijacking of their supplies by a few stray Indian warriors who had lost respect for their chiefs and followers of Chief Left Hand ( including a group of Cheyenne and Arapaho elders, a few well behaved warriors, and mostly women and children ), who had received a message to report to Fort Lyon with the promise of safety and food at the Fort, or risk being considered " hostile " and ordered killed by the cavalry.
According to Charles C. Fitzmorris, Chicago's Chief of Police during the beginning of the Prohibition period: " Sixty percent of my police in the bootleg business.
According to tradition, Chief Logan of the Mingo tribe delivered a passionate speech at a peace-treaty meeting under this elm in 1774, said to be the most famous speech ever given by a Native American.
According to tradition, Chief Logan of the Mingo tribe delivered a passionate speech at a peace-treaty meeting under this elm in 1774, said to be the most famous speech ever given by a Native American.
According to the evidence introduced by Richard J. Evans at the libel trial of Deborah Lipstadt in 2000, Irving based his estimates of the dead of Dresden on the word of one individual who provided no supporting documentation, used forged documents, and described one witness who was a urologist as Dresden's Deputy Chief Medical Officer.
According to Deputy Chief Minister Aminuddin Ishak, the BN-led state government does not have a policy of assisting constituencies with opposition members of the state assembly.
According to the story, the Shawnee were permitted to settle on Potawatomi lands in the late 18th century, and Potawatomi Chief Grey Wolf soon fell in love with Mishawaka.
According to the Gogebic Range Directory of 1888, the output of these mines in 1886 was as follows: Sunday Lake, 13, 00 tons ; Iron Chief, 9, 584 tons, and the Brotherton, about 3, 500 tons.
According to the United States Department of the interior-Bureau of Land Management, in a letter from Mr William H. Richards, Director and Chief, Branch of Surveys, in his letter to Karl Starkweather dated April 29, 1954, he states that upon inspection of the tract books held by the Bureau: " Of interest to you personally are the notations of the CASH entries Nos.
According to Police Chief Umbertino, " The cameras have also been used on Lackland Road and Midland Road earlier in the year.
According to tradition, Ducktown was named after a Cherokee leader named Chief Duck.
According to legend, following a five day battle for rights to the hunting grounds in the Wind River Range, Chief Washakie of the Shoshone and Chief Big Robber of the Crow agreed to a duel, with the winner gaining the rights to the Wind River hunting grounds.
According to the computer profile, Archer was an Admiral and Chief of Staff at Starfleet Command at the time of his retirement.
According to legend, it is the resting place of Chief Grønjæger ( Greenranger ) and his wife Queen Fane, after whom Grønsund and Fanefjord were named.

According and Staff
According to Dr. Vitalii Nikolaevich Tsygichko, a Senior Analyst at the Academy of Sciences, the author of the study, Mathematical Model of Soviet Strategic Operations on the Continental Theater, and a former member of the General Staff, military analysts discussed the idea of a " nuclear winter " ( although they did not use that exact term ) years before U. S. scientists wrote about it in the 1980s .< REF > http :// www. gwu. edu /~ nsarchiv // nukevault / ebb285 /</ REF >
According to Max Boot's book War Made New ( 2006, pg 122 ), sometime between 1803 and 1809, the Prussian General Staff developed war games, with staff officers moving metal pieces around on a game table ( with blue pieces representing their forces and red pieces those of the enemy ), using dice rolls to indicate random chance and with a referee scoring the results.
According to an estimate of the Main Staff from 1994, the VRS received about 25 million bullets and over 7, 500 shells from the Yugoslav army to wage the war in Bosnia.
According to annual reports Staff of CBI is usually divided between Ministerial staff, Ex-cadre posts which are usually of technical nature, Executive Staff and EDP Staff.
According to the IRA's Chief of Staff, Seán Mac Stíofáin, the main goal of the bombing operation was to wreak financial harm.
According to this decree Stavka was composed of the defence minister Marshal Semyon Timoshenko ( as its president ), the head of General Staff Georgy Zhukov, Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov, Marshal Semyon Budyonny and the People's Commissar ( Narkom ) of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov.
According to the Association of University Staff of New Zealand ( AUS ) in 2007, New Zealand universities, including the University of Auckland, had been taking a more litigious approach to managing their staff in recent years and engaged lawyers and employment advocates to handle even minor matters.
According to the 2012 Military Pay Table effective 1 January 2012, While serving as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff / Vice Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff, Chief of Navy Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Army / Air Force Chief of Staff, Commander of a unified or specified combatant command, basic pay is $ 20, 587. 80 a month plus additional allowances / pay.
According to a subpoena, Miller met with an unnamed government official, later revealed to be I. Lewis " Scooter " Libby, Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff, on July 8, 2003, two days after former ambassador Joseph Wilson ( the husband of Plame ) published an Op-Ed in the Times criticizing the Bush administration for " twisting " intelligence to justify war in Iraq.
According to the Act, the Chairman may not exercise military command over the Joint Chiefs of Staff or any of the armed forces.
According to the Chief of the British General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, speaking in September 2007,
According to the U. S. Army Institute of Heraldry, " The Air Assault Badge was approved by the Chief of Staff, Army, on 18 January 1978, for Army-wide wear by individuals who successfully completed Air Assault training after 1 April 1974.
According to the Romanian General Staff, “ The military colors ( drapel de luptă ) are the symbol of military honor, bravery and glory.
According to the trust's website, " Staff, volunteers and tenants are engaged daily in providing access to open spaces for people ’ s enjoyment, providing habitats for wildlife and in improving our environment – ' for ever, for everyone '.
According to Colin Powell, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the future Secretary of State, the " shooting gallery " scenes carnage was the reason to end the Gulf War hostilities after the Liberation of Kuwait campaign.
According to the Constitution of Turkey, the Chief of the General Staff reports to the Prime Minister during peacetime and serves as Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces.
According to Ed Moloney's A Secret History of the IRA, Murphy has been the IRA Army Council's Chief of Staff since 1997.
According to legend, St. Patrick brought his celebrated golden Crozier, which was consistently identified with the Staff Of Jesus, along with his Book Of The Gospels, to the Armagh Cathedral in Northern Ireland which he had recently founded.

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