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According and Baker
According to Oxford County Sheriff deputy Matt Baker, King was hit from behind and some witnesses said the driver was not speeding, reckless, or drinking.
According to the The Dedalus Book of Absinthe by Phil Baker, it was made by combining gin with a pinch of DDT ( also known as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane ), an insecticide that would later be banned in most countries ; consumers of this concoction claimed that its effects were similar to absinthe.
According to Gilbert Baker, creator of the commonly known rainbow flag, each color represents a value in the community:
According to the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture, the most significant businesses in 2000 were: Webco Industries, Sheffield Steel Corporation, Rader Diagnostic Center, Smith-Fibercast, Cust-O-Fab, Piping Companies Incorporated, and Baker Petrolite.
According to Aaron Marc Stein in his introduction to the 1977 edition, published by University Extension of UCSD: " At the risk of bringing down on his memory the wrath of the Baker Street Irregulars it must be recorded that Bentley had reservations about even the Conan Doyle originals.
According to the DVD commentary, neither Roger Moore, an uncredited co-producer, nor Robert S. Baker, the credited producer, ever had a contract other than a handshake with Lew Grade.
According to Danny Baker speaking on QI Series G, episode 15 on BBC television, Bolan is a contraction of Bob Dylan.
According to the Introduction to the Twentieth-Century Biographers Series published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, Mary Baker Eddy trusted Ira greatly, making him one of the original Directors of The Mother Church and " one of her closest workers over more than two decades ".
The Last Days According to Jesus ( ISBN 0-8010-1171-X ) Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.
According to Marcia Merry Baker, in her 1997 article " The potential of the Nile river basin and the economic development of Sudan ", the Sudd is nearly impassable, either overland or by watercraft, although she also writes that " For many locations in Sudan, the Nile River is the key transport link.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Baker caused some controversy in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when he was overheard telling lobbyists: " We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans.
According to court testimony, Kuralt had met Shannon while doing a story on " Pat Baker Park " in Reno, Nevada, that Shannon had promoted and volunteered to build in 1968.
According to the Eastern Oregon Visitor's Association, Eastern Oregon includes only the following counties: Morrow, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Grant, Baker, Harney, and Malheur.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the real star of this film is the Oscar-winning transformation effects by Rick Baker, which changed the face of horror makeup in the 1980s.
According to a New York Times editorial, " For a moment that vast audience was lifted from partisan thoughts to heights from which it could have a glimpse of the promised land of peace .... Not only did Mr. Baker do his best, but he made one of the best and most moving speeches heard of late in any political meeting.
* According to King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon, Rick Baker, who designed the ape suit along with Carlo Rambaldi, was extremely disappointed in the final suit, which he felt wasn't at all convincing.
* According to King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon, the only time that the collaboration of Rick Baker and Carlo Rambaldi went smoothly was during the design of the mechanical Kong mask.
* According to the Internet Movie Database, seven different masks were created by Carlo Rambaldi, and molded by Rick Baker to convey various emotions.
According to the published stories, " 221B Baker Street " was a suite of rooms on the first floor of a lodging house above a flight of 17 steps.
According to Keith Baker, there is some significance to the fact that each name contains " ber ", but he has not stated what this is.
According to the structural engineer, Bill Baker of SOM, the building's design incorporates cultural and historical elements particular to the region.
According to producer John Nathan-Turner, Baker had agreed to do the photocall for the 20th anniversary but, suspecting that he might not turn up, Nathan-Turner arranged for the waxwork to be on location.
According to the constitution a county is not to be joined to a portion of another county for purposes of creating a district ; this provision has been overridden by the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States in Baker v. Carr ( 369 US 182 1962 ) and Reynolds v. Sims ( 337 U. S. 356 1964 ) The Tennessee constitution has been amended to allow that if these rulings are ever changed or reversed, a referendum may be held to allow the senate districts to be drawn on a basis other than substantially equal population.
According to Michael Deeley, the financiers of British Lion Films were reluctant for Baker to be involved in the management of the company because they felt his focus was more on his acting career.

According and 1934
According to her diaries, Volume One, 1931 – 1934, Nin abandoned formal schooling at the age of sixteen years and later began working as an artist's model.
According to her diaries, Vol. 1, 1931 – 1934, Nin shared a bohemian lifestyle with Henry Miller during her time in Paris.
According to Volume I of her diaries, 1931 – 1934, published in 1966 ( Stuhlmann ), Nin first came across erotica when she returned to Paris with her mother and two brothers in her late teens.
According to the National Weather Service, Chicago's highest official temperature reading of was recorded on June 1, 1934, and July 11, 1936, both at Midway Airport.
According to a 1993 study of archival Soviet data, a total of 1, 053, 829 people died in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953.
According to Genrikh Borovik, who worked from Soviet archives, Tudor Hart recommended Litzi and Philby in 1934.
According to the Daily Express of April 24, 1934, Leni Riefenstahl had read Mein Kampf during the making of her film The Blue Light.
According to Moe Howard's autobiography, the Stooges split with Ted Healy in 1934 once and for all because of Healy's alcoholism and abrasiveness.
According to Schumpeter ( 1934 ), the capabilities of innovating, introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity, or generating new products or services, are characteristics of entrepreneurs.
According to James Truslow Adams's Dictionary of American History, during the 170 days beginning May 27, 1933, there were 22, 565, 859 paid admissions ; during the 163 days beginning May 26, 1934, there were 16, 486, 377 ; a total of 39, 052, 236.
According to news items in Hollywood Reporter, Bobby Connolly started shooting the Hawaiian number on July 3, 1934 on the biggest set ever constructed at Warner Bros. studios.
According to Henry A. Wallace ( then the Secretary of Agriculture in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's cabinet ), in 1934 he saw a 1909 pamphlet on the Great Seal by Gaillard Hunt.
According to Judy Garland in an interview, although she first sang " You Made Me Love You " for Clark Gable, she was disappointed because she really had wanted to sing it for her idol Donat, to whom she wrote a fan letter after seeing The Count of Monte Cristo ( 1934 ).
According to Robert Caro, Fiorello La Guardia, on becoming mayor of New York in 1934, said " È finita la cuccagna!
According to the July 1934 Movies magazine, on his ranch near Hollywood whose location he kept a close secret, Dix raised thousands of chickens and turkeys each year.
According to the Oxford Companion to Philosophy ( 1995 ), the term originated in Morris Raphael Cohen and Ernest Nagel's book Logic and Scientific Method ( 1934 ).
According to David Sexton, author of The Strange World of Thomas Harris: Inside the Mind of the Creator of Hannibal Lecter, Harris once told a librarian in Cleveland, Mississippi, that Lecter was inspired by William Coyne, a local murderer who had escaped from prison in 1934 and gone on a rampage that included acts of murder and cannibalism.
According to Sharaf, 1934 – 1937 was the happiest period of Reich's life at a personal level.
According to the Statistical Chart of the Field Army Personnel, Weaponry, Ammunition, and Supply completed by the Chinese Red Army on October 8, 1934, two days before the Long March begun, the Communist Long March force consisted of:
According to Arthur Landau in his introduction to the 1965 paperback edition, Harlow stated her intention to write the book around 1933 – 1934, but it was not published during her lifetime.
According to Fukuzawa Yukichi no Shinjitsu (" The Truth of Fukuzawa Yukichi ", 2004, ISBN 4-16-660394-9 ) by Yō Hirayama, this view is a misunderstanding due to the influence of Mikiaki Ishikawa, who was the author of a biography of Fukuzawa ( 1932 ) and the editor of his Complete Works ( 1925 – 1926 and 1933 – 1934 ).
According to the Communications Act of 1934, SEC.
According to an affidavit given in 1934 by Louis Darvarich, a friend of Whitehead, the two men made a motorized flight together of about half a mile in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park in April or May 1899.
According to historian Richard Thurlow, Column 88 took their name from a group of Austrians who set up an underground group of this name in 1934 when the Austrian government banned the Nazi Party.

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