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According and Barbour
According to Barbour and Fordoun, in the late summer of 1305 in a secret agreement sworn, signed and sealed, John Comyn agreed to forfeit his claim to the Scottish throne in favour of Robert Bruce upon receipt of the Bruce lands in Scotland should an uprising occur led by Bruce.
According to the historian and poet John Barbour, King Robert Bruce rebuked the folly of his brother, even though Dundee had probably fallen to the Scots through a similar arrangement in 1312.
According to Barbour, there was a fourth nominally under the youthful Walter the Steward, but actually under the command of Sir James Douglas.
According to the Church of Satan historiography, other LaVey associates from this time include noted Science Fiction and Horror writers Anthony Boucher, August Derleth, Robert Barbour Johnson, Reginald Bretnor, Emil Petaja, Stuart Palmer, Clark Ashton Smith, Forrest J. Ackerman, and Fritz Leiber Jr.

According and Comyn
According to John Barbour's The Brus, written with access to people who were at the event, Comyn and Bruce had previously signed an agreement to that effect which Comyn betrayed to King Edward I.

According and betrayed
According to Varney, he was cursed with vampirism after he had betrayed a royalist to Oliver Cromwell and accidentally killed his own son afterwards in a fit of anger, although he " dies " and is revived several times in the course of his career.
According to Herodotus, the Persians broke the Spartan phalanx after a Greek man called Ephialtes betrayed his country by telling the Persians of another pass around the mountains.
According to some reports, Lennon left Rishikesh because he felt personally betrayed by rumours that Maharishi had made sexual advances toward Mia Farrow's sister Prudence, who had accompanied The Beatles on their trip.
According to early Roman histories, when the Sabine ruler Titus Tatius attacked Rome after the Rape of the Sabines ( 8th century BC ), the Vestal Virgin Tarpeia, daughter of Spurius Tarpeius, governor of the citadel on the Capitoline Hill, betrayed the Romans by opening the city gates for the Sabines in return for ' what they bore on their arms.
According to friends Mary Kay felt betrayed and thought her mother was a cold person who " drove him to it " by denying her father affection.
According to Thomas Gray, the disinherited lords were so dismayed by the size of Mar's army that they accused Henry Beaumont of having betrayed them with false promises of Scottish support for Balliol.
According to Kathamrita it included, childless widows, young school-boys, aged pensioners, Hindu scholars and religious figures, men betrayed by lovers, people with suicidal tendencies, small-time businessmen, and people " dreading the grind of samsaric life ".
According to Wasserstein, " He is remembered kindly neither by the majority of Zionist historians, who tend to regard him as one of the originators of the process whereby the Balfour Declaration in favour of Zionism was gradually diluted and ultimately betrayed by Great Britain, nor by Arab nationalists who regard him as a personification of the alliance between Zionism and British imperialism and as one of those responsible for the displacement of the Palestinian Arabs from their homeland.
According to the experts at TNA, documents now shown to be forgeries supported controversial arguments central to each of Allen's books: in Hidden Agenda, five documents now known to be forged helped justify his claim that the Duke of Windsor betrayed military secrets to Hitler ; in The Hitler / Hess Deception, thirteen forged papers supported Allen's contention that, in 1941, British intelligence used members of the Royal Family to fool the Nazis into thinking Britain was on the verge of a pro-German putsch ; in Himmler's Secret War, twenty-two counterfeit papers also underpinned the book's core claims that British intelligence played mind games with Himmler to encourage him to betray Hitler from 1943 onwards, and that ultimately they murdered the SS chief.
According to the Revue des Deux Mondes biography, Sébastiani had betrayed Aleko Soutzos ' confidence by revealing as many details of Anglo-Ottoman negotiations as to render it clear that the Dragoman had been acting as his spy, and by failing to respect the promise of French protection.
According to Kalugin, he has never betrayed any Soviet agents except those who were already known to Western intelligence.
According to review by historian Tony Judt in The New York Times: " The myth of the well-intentioned founders — the good czar Lenin betrayed by his evil heirs — has been laid to rest for good.
According to Luke, Jesus frequently sought to pray alone, for hours at a time, as most pertinently seen before he was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.
According to Niasse, Wade " betrayed the people of Senegal " and put the country " in a catastrophic situation ".
According to some of these, his father, a baron of Sicily, took an active part in the attempt to throw off the Spanish yoke, but was betrayed by his own soldiers and publicly executed.
According to most story media, Skeletor betrayed Hordak and trapped him in " another dimension " before beginning his own conquest of the planet Eternia.
According to Pausanias, Antiope fell in love with Theseus and betrayed the Amazons of her own free will.
According to Jimmy McDonough, Capri felt betrayed by Meyer after a scene she was told " alluded to nudity " showed more of her body than Capri was comfortable with.
According to his first biographer, Eric Jacobs, the hand of sovietologist and scholar Robert Conquest is betrayed in Amis ’ s precise dissertation upon the genesis and changing nomenclatures of SMERSH, the employer of the villains of the early novels.
According to local legend, it is said that Arslanbob-Ata's wife " betrayed " him to his enemies which resulted in his death.

According and agreement
According to Coogan, Hosea falls under a unique genre called “ covenant lawsuit ” where God accuses Israel of breaking their previously made agreement.
According to this agreement and in return for an annual subsidy and vague assurances of assistance in case of foreign aggression, Yaqub relinquished control of Afghan foreign affairs to the British.
According to Kildall, the IBM representatives took the same flight to Florida that night that he and Dorothy took for their vacation, and they negotiated further on the flight, reaching a handshake agreement.
According to thinkers in the social contract tradition, justice is derived from the mutual agreement of everyone concerned ; or, in many versions, from what they would agree to under hypothetical conditions including equality and absence of bias.
According to the dominant cosmological model, the Lambda-CDM model, less than 5 % of the universe's energy density is made up of the " matter " described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and the majority of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy-with no agreement amongst scientists about what these are made of.
According to a 1999 partnership agreement, Davis ' interest passed to his wife, Carol.
According to prior agreement, they agreed to retain all the cardinals that had been created by Gregory XII, thus satisfying the Correr clan, and appointed Gregory XII Bishop of Frascati, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals and perpetual legate at Ancona.
According to the minister, this data, together with the agreement of payment to suppliers of public administrations, shows that " labor reform is already starting to work.
According to Georgia Tech political analyst, Nehru's policy on Tibet was to create a strong Sino-Indian partnership which would be catalysed through agreement and compromise on Tibet.
According to a study by Menna Jones, " gene flow appears extensive up to ", meaning a high assignment rate to source or close neighbour populations " in agreement with movement data.
According to the guidebook, Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis had difficulty finding financial backers for the massive undertaking until he finally began talks with the Russians in the late 1960s and reached agreement with the Mosfilm organization.
According to Ibn Ishaq, the local pagan Arab tribes, the Muslim Muhajirun from Mecca, the local Muslims ( Ansar ), and the Jews of the area signed an agreement, the so-called Constitution of Medina, which committed all parties to mutual cooperation under the leadership of " Muhammad the Prophet ".
According to Heikal, after this agreement, " Nasser estimated that the danger of invasion had dropped to 10 percent.
According to the John Swenson biography of Haley, the musician was quoted as saying that he and Pompilli had an agreement that if one died, the other would retire.
According to Edmund Osmańczyk in the Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements, it is also defined as " an international term for an agreement made orally rather than in writing, yet fully legally valid ".
According to a NATO press release, the agreement began the ratification process in 1992.
According to a May 2008 posting on The Comics Journal's website, the second effort " resulted in waves of lawyers raining upon the strip ’ s creators, ultimately leading to Kurtzman and Elder handing the copyright to the story over to Archie and signing an agreement promising never to reproduce it again.
According to their agreement, in exchange for a generous grant, the prince was guaranteed Judith's neutrality in his political contest with Zbigniew.
According to both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China, this agreement was given legal force by the Instrument of Surrender of Japan in 1945.
According to the constitution, if while in emergency session the other members of the High Council are in unanimous agreement, even the President's orders can be overruled.
According to the agreement with the City of Oslo, the building became the Vigeland Museum ( Vigelandsmuseet ).
According to the agreement, a list of its nuclear programs will be submitted and the nuclear facility will be disabled in exchange for fuel aid and normalization talks with the U. S. and Japan.
According to an agreement with THF, Arnold would acquire the properties in the triangle and would be reimbursed its costs by THF.

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