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According and Bent
According to Margaret Bent, " Renaissance notation is under-prescriptive by our standards ; when translated into modern form it acquires a prescriptive weight that overspecifies and distorts its original openness.
According to Margaret Bent ( 1997 ), " a piece of music in several parts with words " is as precise a definition of the motet as will serve from the 13th to the late 16th century and beyond.
According to Margaret Bent ( 1998 ), " Renaissance notation is under-prescriptive by our standards ; when translated into modern form it acquires a prescriptive weight that overspecifies and distorts its original openness.
According to Ian Bent ( Bent, 1987 ), analysis is " an approach and method can be traced back to the 1750s ... it existed as a scholarly tool, albeit an auxiliary one, from the Middle Ages onwards.
According to the RKD his Bent nickname was ' Afdruk ' or ' Copia ', and he was registered in Rome in 1686, 1691 and 1692.

According and Hubbard
According to Hubbard, before Dianetics psychotherapists may have been able to deal with very light and superficial incidents ( e. g. an incident that reminds you of a moment of loss ), but with Dianetic therapy, the patient can actually erase moments of pain and unconsciousness.
According to Hubbard, auditing enables the preclear to " contact " and " release " engrams stored in the reactive mind, relieving him of the physical and mental aberrations connected with them.
According to Hubbard: " Laughter is definitely the relief of painful emotion.
According to Hubbard, the majority of the people interested in the subject believed they could accomplish therapy alone.
According to Sumner Tainter, it was through Gardiner Green Hubbard that Bell took up the phonograph challenge.
According to Director of the Writers and Illustrators Contests Joni Labaqui, the funds to underwrite the contest — including the cash prizes, the gala awards ceremony and the weeklong pre-awards festivities — come from the Hubbard estate.
According to Hubbard, his research was achieved at the cost of a broken back, knee and arm.
According to Hubbard, and Scientology's creation myth, much of the galaxy was ruled tens of millions of years ago by the Galactic Confederacy, comprising 26 stars and 76 planets, including Earth, then known as Teegeeack.
According to Hubbard, the Sea Org's mission is " an exploration into both time and space.
According to Frank Hubbard, harpsichords and organs of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries " almost always " had short octaves.
According to SCF CEO Allan Hubbard: " We found it surprising because it was one of the biggest box office success of all time.
According to an account by Elbert Hubbard in the same volume ( p. 314 ), Paine organized " the Bank of North America to raise money to feed and clothe the army, and performed sundry and various services for the colonies.
According to the 1948 publication Dogs In Britain, A Description of All Native Breeds and Most Foreign Breeds in Britain by Clifford LB Hubbard, the Sleeve Pekingese is a true miniature of the standard-sized dog, and was also known as the Miniature Pekingese.
According to Hubbard's son Ronald DeWolf ( born L. Ron Hubbard, Jr .), his father stated that thetans are immortal and perpetual, having willed themselves into existence at some point several trillion years ago.
According to Elbert Hubbard, a journalist, in the next few years Rogers became Pratt's " hands and feet and eyes and ears.
According to the 1948 publication Dogs In Britain, A Description of All Native Breeds and Most Foreign Breeds in Britain by Clifford LB Hubbard, the Sleeve Pekingese was ( in Hubbard's time ) a true miniature of the standard-sized Pekingese and was also known as the Miniature Pekingese.
According to Bob Blumenthal's 1999 liner notes, " Blue Note logs indicate that an attempt had been made to record " Maiden Voyage ", " Little One " and " Dolphin Dance " six days earlier, with Hubbard on cornet and Stu Martin in place of Williams.
According to Todd Brendan Fahey, Hubbard introduced more than 6, 000 people to LSD, including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, and church figures.
According to some accounts, Hubbard worked at various times for the Canadian Special Services, the United States Justice Department, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Office of Strategic Services.
Hubbard The World According to Wavelets: The Story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making ( 1998 Peters ) p. 184
According to Atack, L. Ron Hubbard had repeatedly announced that his son Quentin would succeed him after his death, but Quentin died of an apparent suicide in 1976.
According to Hubbard, " the RPF has been created by the Commodore so that redemption can occur.
According to the Hubbard textbook titled Introduction to Scientology Ethics (" the Ethics book "), when an individual is found to be under the influence of a Suppressive Person, it is believed that this will affect their general well-being.
According to Hubbard: " A Clear is a being who no longer has his own reactive mind, and therefore suffers none of the ill effects the reactive mind can cause.

According and created
According to the teaching of Arius, the preexistent Logos and thus the incarnate Jesus Christ was a created being ; that only the Son was directly created and begotten by God the Father, before ages, but was of a distinct, though similar, essence or substance from the Creator ; his opponents argued that this would make Jesus less than God, and that this was heretical.
According to Grayson Lee, who created the snow penis sculpture in 2007, most of its residents were " heartbroken " to leave.
According to one of the principal texts of Hindu philosophy, the Tattwa Kaumudi authored by Vacaspati in the 9th century A. D., the Creator used akasha ( ether ), the most " subtle " element, to create the other four traditional elements ; each element created is in turn used to create the next element, each less subtle than the last.
According to Locke, a general idea is created by abstracting, drawing away, or removing the uncommon characteristic or characteristics from several particular ideas.
According to David, the Romano-Germanic legal systems included those countries where legal science was formulated according to Roman Law, whereas common law countries are those where law was created from the judges.
According to a tradition preserved in Eastern Christian folklore, Golgotha was the summit of the cosmic mountain at the center of the world and the location where Adam had been both created and buried.
According to Carl Mitcham, " the Christian mythology of progress toward transcendent salvation " created the conditions for modern ideas of scientific and technological progress.
According to Zamenhof, he created this language to foster harmony between people from different countries.
* According to an IDC paper sponsored by EMC Corporation, 161 exabytes of data were created in 2006, " 3 million times the amount of information contained in all the books ever written ," with the number expected to hit 988 exabytes in 2010.
According to Linehan, Father Ted was a character created by Mathews for Paul Woodfull, when the three men performed together as The Joshua Trio on the comedy circuit in Ireland.
According to Zohar, Lilith is the name of Adam's first wife, who was created at the same time as Adam.
According to Jewish esoteric teachings, the Hebrew letters are the lifeforce of all things created, determining their essence.
According to Irenaeus, Christ, being born out of the Virgin Mary, created a totally new historical situation.
According to reputable license plate collectors, a number of " Johnston Atoll license plates " were created as souvenirs, and have even been sold on-line to collectors, but they were not officially issued.
According to the story, the calf tries to hide under Judah haNasi's robes, bellowing with terror, but he pushes the animal away, saying: " Go — for this purpose you were created.
According to Jain beliefs, the universe was never created, nor will it ever cease to exist.
Ashcroft has penned and sung a number of other songs and created compilation tapes, including In the Spirit of Life and Liberty and Gospel ( Music ) According to John.
According to Mark Kurlansky, " Smoked foods almost always carry with them legends about their having been created by accident — usually the peasant hung the food too close to the fire, and then, imagine his surprise the next morning when …".
According to Burton Stein's History of India, " Kashmir was neither as large nor as old an independent state as Hyderabad ; it had been created rather off-handedly by the British after the first defeat of the Sikhs in 1846, as a reward to a former official who had sided with the British.
According to Agassiz the conditions in which particular creatures live “ are the conditions necessary to their maintenance, and what among organized beings is essential to their temporal existence must be at least one of the conditions under which they were created ”.
According to Agassiz ’ s theory of polygenism animals, plants and humans were all created in “ special provinces ” each having distinct populations of species created in and for that province.
According to Agassiz, the different races were created in different provinces, each race was indigenous to the province it was created in, he cited evidence from Egyptian monuments to prove that fixity of racial types had existed for at least five millennia.

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