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According and Bernal
According to Bernal Díaz, Aguilar said that before coming he had unsuccessfully attempted to convince Guerrero to leave as well.
According to Bernal Díaz del Castillo's eye-witness account ( The Conquest of New Spain ) written several decades after the event, after Cortes ' expedition was forced to make their initial retreat from Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs erected a makeshift tzompantli to display the severed heads of men and horses they had captured from the invaders.

According and Díaz
According to Díaz, she spoke to emissaries from Moctezuma in their native tongue Nahuatl and pointed to Cortés as the chief Spaniard to speak for them.
According to creator, Edgardo Díaz, this installment of the group " opened a lot of doors in Latin America, and was very strong ".
According to Dominican-American writer and MIT creative writing professor Junot Díaz, Gilbert Hernández ideally would be considered " one of the greatest American storytellers ".
According to Díaz del Castillo, Ulloa was stabbed to death by a sailor after his return in 1540.
According to the twelfth-century Crónica Najerense, a battle was fought during which campaign his alférez, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, defeated his Navarrese counterpart, Jimeno Garcés, and gained the nickname campi doctor or " master of the field battle ", later to become famous in Spanish literature as el Campeador.

According and del
According to academic Corey Robin: " Hayek admired Pinochet's Chile so much that he decided to hold a meeting of his Mont Pelerin Society in Viña del Mar, the seaside resort where the coup against Allende was planned.
According to Andrea del Centina, a math professor at the University of Ferrara in Italy, the revision included attempts to clarify her work by “ introducing certain simplifying hypotheses.
According to the Boundary treaty of 1881 Tierra del Fuego was divided between Argentina and Chile ; previously it was claimed by both countries in its entirety.
According to him it is obvious that the culture on Tierra del Fuego is at a lower level of development than the European culture, but he also admits that the conditions of life there are much more difficult and this gives people very little chance to develop a higher culture.
According to Félix, because of this movie, she and Dolores del Río mistook their paths for a brief period of time.
According to the descriptions of Strabo, Dio Cassius and other Graeco-Roman geographers, the lands of Asturias were inhabited in the beginning of the Christian era by several peoples, amongst whom the more important were: From the Cantabrians, the Vadinienses, who inhabited the Picos de Europa region and whose settlement gradually expanded southward during the first centuries of the modern era ; the Orgenomesci, who dwelled along the Asturian eastern coast ; and from the Astures, the Saelini, whose settlement extended through the Sella valley ; the Luggones, who had their capital in Lucus Asturum and whose territories stretched between the rivers Sella and Nalón ; the Astures ( in the strictest sense ), who dwelled in inner Asturias, between the current councils of Piloña and Cangas del Narcea ; and the Paesici, who had settled along the coast of Western Asturias, between the mouth of the Navia river and the modern city of Gijón.
According to the tradition, it is still today possible to see king Fruela walking around the Jardín de los Reyes Caudillos ( a part of the Oviedo Cathedral ), and it is said that his grandson, the famous cavalier Bernardo del Carpio, sleeps in a cave in the Asturian mountains.
According to Giuseppe Bertoleoni, Charles Albert also ( verbally ) sanctioned the use of the title " Prince " for the oldest male heir, and the titles " Lord of the Islands " ( Signore delle Isole ) and " Lady of the Sea " ( Signora del Mare ) for the younger children of the king.
According to the " Comité del 68 " ( 68 Committee ), one of the organizers of the event, 40, 000 marchers were in attendance.
According to De León, who may have gathered the information from elders in Santa Cruz del Quiché, the feathered serpent gripped Tohil in his jaws to carry him safely up into the sky.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Marina del Rey has an area of.
According to legend, she was also mother of Jimena, mother of the legendary hero of romance Bernardo del Carpio.
According to the art historian Günter Passavent, he was apprenticed in Florence to Andrea del Verrocchio.
According to Broadleft. org, the oldest communist party in Peru is the Partido Comunista Peruano ( PCP-Unidad ), founded in 1928, by José Carlos Mariátegui, under the name Partido Socialista del Perú.
According to the 2002 census of the National Statistics Institute, Viña del Mar had 286, 931 inhabitants ( 136, 318 men and 150, 613 women ), making the commune an entirely urban area.
According to tradition, the sauce was invented by Nobel laureate and restaurant patron Luis Federico Leloir at a Golf Club in Mar del Plata, Argentina, during the mid 1920s.
According to a study by the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol, based on the production of solid waste in 2003, Marbella had a population of about 246, 000 inhabitants, almost twice that of the population census of 2008.
According to tradition, it was after this conquest that mineral exploitation began here and in neighboring Real del Monte, at a site known as Jacal or San Nicolás.
According to a recent ranking of the best universities of Colombia the " Universidad del Norte " is one of the 5 best ones of Colombia.
According to Peruvian law in Peru, Children's Day ( Día del Niño Peruano ( Ley Nº 27666 ), literally Peruvian Children's Day ( Law Nº 27666 )) is celebrated every third Sunday of August.
According to Vasari, the young Italian architect Filippo Brunelleschi had designed an unusually large and heavy dome for Santa Maria del Fiore, the cathedral ( Duomo ) in Florence, Italy.
According to several reports Los Rastrojos are involved in production and distribution of the drug, which threatens to further escalate the war between them and the FARC in Valle del Cauca.
According to Steinbeck's homage, Billings died in the Hotel del Monte in Monterey after which his body was delivered for burial preparation by the local constable to the town's only doctor, who also doubled as an amateur mortician.

According and Castillo
According to boxing book The Ring: Boxing In The 20th Century, the forum's director, fearing a riot like the one that happened after Rose had beaten Chucho Castillo there might happen again, went to Olivares ' locker room to express his worries, and Olivares guaranteed he wouldn't let that happen again.
According to Richard Griswold del Castillo, " The treaty established a pattern of political and military inequality between the two countries, and this lopsided relationship has stalked Mexican-U. S relations ever since.

According and serving
According to the ship's log, Selkirk died at 8 p. m. on 13 December 1721 while serving as a lieutenant on board the Royal ship Weymouth.
According to Anne Applebaum, approximately 6000 katorga convicts were serving sentences in 1906 and 28, 600 in 1916.
According to these sources Hengist and Horsa arrived in Britain as mercenaries serving Vortigern, King of the Britons.
According to the Constitution of the Kingdom, serving in the Armed Forces is a duty of all Thai citizens.
According to the Academy Awards exposé Inside Oscar, an expensive advertising campaign was mounted by Universal Studios that included serving champagne and filet mignon to members of the Academy following each screening.
According to fashion writer Guy Trebay of The New York Times, in 2007, the " android " look is popular, a vacant stare and thin body serving, according to some fashion industry conventions, to set off the couture.
According to John Neal Phillips, Barrow's goal in life was not to gain fame or fortune from robbing banks, but to seek revenge against the Texas prison system for the abuses he suffered while serving time.
According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie of Western Kentucky University, " ever since 1985, when Ronald Reagan was serving in his second term as president, there have been repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment ; this proposal has failed repeatedly in Congress, although it is still introduced over and over again.
According to the Dothan Chamber of Commerce, Dothan contains a civilian labor force of approximately 168, 000 persons, with an additional 4, 900 serving on active military duty in nearby Ft. Rucker.
According to the Hou Hanshu his father Touluhou had been serving in the Southern Xiongnu army for three years.
According to data for 2008 – 09 from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ( ESE ), schools in the district include the Charles D. Harrington school serving 586 students in pre-Kindergarten through grade four.
According to their website, " Newton Memorial Hospital is a short-term, fully accredited, 146-bed acute care, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 250, 000 people in Warren and Sussex counties in New Jersey, Pike County in Pennsylvania and southern Orange County in New York.
Proud Mary was only promoted by Tamiko Jones and myself .” According to Mark Denning, " While that may have seemed like a bald-faced bid for pop radio play, in Burke's hands the song became a bracing tale of life in the Deep South as African-Americans searched for liberation aboard the ship that carried them as slaves and put them to undignified labor serving wealthy whites.
According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Smith will be eligible for parole on November 4, 2024, after serving a minimum of thirty years.
According to Clinton's autobiography, Democratic Senator Carol Moseley-Braun of Illinois, the only African-American who was serving in the upper chamber at that time, also urged the President to withdraw Guinier's nomination.
According to Beyoncé, Sasha is her wilder side, emerging during high octane stage performances and serving as a sort of scapegoat for unladylike behavior.
Under international law, according to Protocol 1 Additions to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, Gurkhas serving as regular uniformed soldiers are not mercenaries, According to Cabinet Office official histories ( Official History of the Falkland Islands, Sir Lawrence Freedman ), Sir John Nott, as Secretary of State for Defence, expressed the British Government's concern that the Gurkhas could not be sent with the task force to recapture the Falkland Islands because it might upset the non-aligned members of the fragile coalition of support that the British had built in the United Nations.
According to The Wall Street Journal, he hand-wrote the code while serving nights in the Alameda County Jail, then entered the code later into a computer.
According to the licensing service for a private carry permit, a permit may be issued to a legal resident over the age of 21, that is working or living in dangerous zones defined by the Ministry ; an individual who works in specific professions listed by the Ministry or individuals who served in the Israeli Defense Force or other military agencies, at the rank of Captain or equivalent ( currently serving in the standing army or reserves ), retired officers at a rank of Lt.
According to producer Rick Berman, it was originally intended that a younger version of T ' Pau would be the Vulcan officer serving on the titular starship in Star Trek: Enterprise.
According to some historians, she tried to poison him one night while serving him dinner.
As of his latest promotion, his full name and title is ; " His Grace, His Excellency, The Duke of Ankh ; Commander Sir Samuel Vimes ": When serving as Ambassador for Ankh-Morpork, he is also referred to simply as " His Excellency ", and is also nicknamed " Blackboard Monitor Vimes ," and " Vetinari's Terrier " ( or hammer ): According to his wife, Sybil, Vimes is recognised by many as Lord Vetinari's right-hand man.
* * According to the Congressional Research Service, Sen. Chambliss is the only senator since 1947 to have chaired a full standing Senate Committee ( Agriculture ) after serving in the Senate for just two years.
According to Orthodox and Eastern Catholic tradition Mary, having spent her life after Pentecost supporting and serving the nascent Church, was living in the house of the Apostle John, in Jerusalem, when the Archangel Gabriel revealed to her that her death would occur three days later.

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