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According and Bernard
According to Capp's brother Elliot, Alfred had finished all of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw by the time he turned 13.
According to tradition, Bernard founded the monastery on 25 June 1115, naming it Claire Vallée, which evolved into Clairvaux.
According to Bernard McGinn, these parts of the oracles were probably written by a Christian and incorporated " mythological language " in describing Nero's return.
According to historian Bernard Lewis, Islamism, ( or as he terms it " activist " Islam ), along with " quietism ," form two " particular ... political traditions " in Islam.
According to Richard Garner and Bernard Rosen, there are three kinds of meta-ethical problems, or three general questions:
According to Bernard Williams, Moore's use of the phrase ' naturalistic fallacy ' to describe this particular kind of meta-ethical thinking was a ' spectacular misnomer '; Williams contending that it is not properly either naturalistic or a fallacy.
According to author and historian Bernard Hamilton, Melisende also gave large
According to Bernard Lewis, " The Arab historians, if they mention this engagement Battle of Tours at all, present it as a minor skirmish ," and Gustave von Grunebaum writes: " This setback may have been important from the European point of view, but for Muslims at the time, who saw no master plan imperilled thereby, it had no further significance.
According to his chaplain and biographer, Nicholas Bernard, the elder brother was taught to read by two blind, spinster aunts.
According to Mindy MacLeod and Bernard Mees, the amulets appear in Viking Age graves, and were presumably placed there because " they were thought to have protective powers ".
" According to Mindy MacLeod and Bernard Mees, the inscription " seems to begin as a benevolent formulation before abruptly switching to the infliction of distress and misery, presumably upon the recipient of the charm rather than the baleful valkyrie ", and they posit the final line appears " to constitute a rather spiteful kind of charm aimed at securing the love of a woman ".
According to Hopewell's rather romantic account, Blanchette met another French Canadian ( Bernard Guillet ) at the site of St. Charles in 1765.
According to Orwell biographer Bernard Crick, publisher Victor Gollancz first tried to persuade Orwell's agent to allow the Left Book Club edition to consist solely of the descriptive first half of the book.
They claim that the parents of the first cloned child had second thoughts about submitting their child to scientific tests after attorney Bernard Siegel filed suit .< noinclude > According to sealed court documents received by the Boston Globe which were reported on 27 April 2003, Clonaid had two employees but no address or board of directors.
According to Bernard Lewis, the coverage given to Jews is relatively insignificant.
According to Bernard Lewis and other scholars, the earliest verses of the Quran were largely sympathetic to Jews.
According to Bernard Lewis, there is nothing in Muslim theology ( with a single exception ) that can be considered refutations of Judaism or ferocious anti-Jewish diatribes.
According to many interpreters, the philosophical inspiration of the celibate, otherworldly character of the monastic knight Galahad came from this monastic order set up by St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
According to John of Salisbury, Bernard composed a prose treatise De expositione Porphyrii, a metrical treatise on the same subject, a moral poem on education, and probably a fourth work in which he sought to reconcile Plato with Aristotle.
According to Bernard, there are three categories of reality: God, matter, and idea.
According to John of Salisbury, Bernard also taught that there exist native forms — copies of the Ideas created with matter — which are alone united with matter.
According to Carol Rosenberg, writing in The Miami Herald: " The pictures were taken in July, said International Committee of the Red Cross spokesman Bernard Barrett, under an agreement with prison camp staff that lets Red Cross delegates photograph detainees and send photos to family members.
According to Divine's manager, Bernard Jay, this was " not because Divine happened to be a gay person himself … but because it was the gay community that openly and proudly identified with the determination of the female character Divine ".
According to his manager Bernard Jay, Divine would also regularly engage in sexual activities with young men that he would meet while performing, sometimes becoming infatuated with them.

According and McGinn
According to McGinn, problems which the mind cannot grasp include: the mind-body problem, identity, meaning, free will, and the a priori.
According to McGinn, the solution to the mind-body problem cannot be grasped, despite the fact that the solution is " written in our genes ".

According and mythic
According to Bruce Lincoln, the philosophes " made irrationality the hallmark of myth and constituted philosophy — rather than the Christian kerygma — as the antidote for mythic discourse.
According to the mythic history in the Samguk Yusa, the Gojoseon ( Old Joseon ) was founded in northern Korea and Manchuria in 2333 BCE.
According to the pseudohistorical work the name comes from the mythic Welsh King Lud son of Heli whom he claims also gave his name to London.
According to the pseudohistorical work the name comes from the mythic Welsh king Lud son of Heli whom he claims also gave his name to London.
According to Entertainment Tonight's Leonard Maltin, the film "... has great potential ; yet it dispels all the mythic, larger-than-life qualities of the original with idiotic characters and campy approach.
According to Professor Richard Nelson Frye, Cyrus – whose abilities as conqueror and administrator Frye says are attested by the longevity and vigor of the Achaemenian empire – held an almost mythic role among the Persian people " similar to that of Romulus and Remus in Rome or Moses for the Israelites ", with a story that " follows in many details the stories of hero and conquerors from elsewhere in the ancient world ".< ref name = Frye >" Cyrus II ".
According to the medieval Georgian Chronicles, Kartli derives its name from Kartlos, the mythic Georgian ethnarch, who built a city on the Mtkvari ; it was called Kartli ( probably at the latter-day Armazi ), a name which generalized to the country ruled by Kartlos and his progeny.
According to Philip Lutgendorf, the movie is an allegory that " synthesizes classical and mythic narrative, soft-core political and social commentary ( here condemning the corruption of politicians and capitalists and championing the nascent environmental initiatives of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ).
According to English, the concept for the musical began in a 1982 prank: he wrote a song called " Oh, Paris ", about the mythic hero rather than the French capital, just to see how many people actually listened to the words.

According and patterns
According to Robert Walser, " Led Zeppelin's sound was marked by speed and power, unusual rhythmic patterns, contrasting terraced dynamics, singer Robert Plant's wailing vocals, and guitarist Jimmy Page's heavily distorted crunch ".
According to several linguists, neurocognitive research has confirmed many standards of language learning, such as: " learning engages the entire person ( cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains ), the human brain seeks patterns in its searching for meaning, emotions affect all aspects of learning, retention and recall, past experience always affects new learning, the brain's working memory has a limited capacity, lecture usually results in the lowest degree of retention, rehearsal is essential for retention, practice does not make perfect, and each brain is unique " ( Sousa, 2006, p. 274 ).
According to anthropologist Roger D. Abrahams, these traditional performance art forms are " Nevisian approximation of British performance codes, techniques, and patterns ".
According to Lambert many reported poltergeist incidents can be accounted for by physical causes such as " subterranean rivers, tidal patterns, geological factors and shifts in the house foundation, and climate changes.
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, personality traits are " enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and oneself that are exhibited in a wide range of social and personal contexts.
According to the Microsoft Developer Network the patterns & practices of Security Engineering consists of the following activities:
According to advocates of the quilt theory, there were ten quilt patterns that were used to direct slaves to take particular actions.
According to the memory-prediction model for intelligence, if the stored representations resolve the arriving patterns, this constitutes " understanding ," and brain activity shifts from evaluation to triggering motor responses.
According to one study, reelin expression and glycosylation patterns are altered in Alzheimer's disease.
According to Kovels Komments, " firefighters were able to save many of the dies that made patterns in the metal products, but the plant's machinery and most of its contents were ruined.
According to his mother, Gloria Carter, her son Shawn used to wake his siblings up at night banging out drum patterns on the kitchen table.
According to a study looking into immigration patterns, Wisbech was once identified as the seventh " most English " town in Britain by Sky News However, on 16 February 2008 a report in the Daily Express titled " Death Of A Country Idyll " wrote about how the influx of Eastern European immigrants may have caused the increase of crime and other illegal activities.
According to Paglia, the major patterns of continuity in western culture find their origin in paganism, which, undefeated by Judeo-Christianity, continues to flourish in art, eroticism, astrology and pop culture.
According to Senge ' learning organizations ' are those organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together.
" According to Bishop Gilbert Burnet, who praises his character and administration, Fell was " a little too much heated in the matter of our disputes with the dissenters ... He had much zeal for reforming abuses, and managed it perhaps with too much heat and in too peremptory a way ... But we have so little of that among us that no wonder if such men are censured by those who love not such patterns nor such severe task-masters.
According to Perkins Gilman, masculine patterns of life and masculine mindsets claimed universality while female ones were considered as deviance.
According to the study, patients showed " outwardly directed behavior patterns ... suggest that these adults had difficulty handling aggression.
According to Plato, true knowledge is conversant, not about those material objects and imperfect intelligences which we meet within our daily interactions with all mankind, but rather it investigates the nature of those purer and more perfect patterns which are the models after which all created beings are formed.
According to the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, the desegregation of U. S. public schools peaked in 1988 ; since then, schools have become more segregated because of changes in demographic residential patterns with continuing growth in suburbs and new communities.
According to Hurst, when a fire reaches the flashover threshold, it is impossible to visually identify accelerant patterns.
According to allmusic's Kieran McCarthy " It's next to impossible to describe their sound, because — by design — it rarely follows consistent patterns ".
According to MTE, these patterns in life history traits are constrained by metabolism.
According to Heidegger, it is the burden imposed by the question of eternal recurrence — whether or not such a thing could possibly be true — that is so significant in modern thought: " The way Nietzsche here patterns the first communication of the thought of the ' greatest burden ' eternal recurrence makes it clear that this ' thought of thoughts ' is at the same time ' the most burdensome thought.
According to Freud, the ego and the superego are constructed by introjecting external behavioral patterns into the subject's own person.

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