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According and Billy
According to the zoo, Billy is a common ancestor to most pygmy hippos in U. S. zoos today.
According to the Hot Springs, Ark., Sentinel Record newspaper, Billy Purl's gold lamé XERF jacket is part of the Rock ' n ' Roll Hall of Fame's border radio collection in Cleveland, Ohio.
According to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top in an article that originally appeared in Vintage Guitar magazine, the guitars were run through " Black-Face " Twin Reverbs with both guitarists using external Fender " tank " reverb units and Gibson " Maestro " Fuzz-tones as distortion devices.
" According to Burke, his mother introduced him to Jimmy Reed and Ray Charles as well as that era's king of smooth, Billy Eckstein.
According to her account, she wrote the rest of the song with Jordan, but for tax reasons gave her songwriting credit to her partner at the time, Billy Foster.
" According to Christianity Today, " today on American college and high school campuses, the name most associated with the word Christian — other than Jesus — is not the Pope or Mother Teresa or even Billy Graham.
According to drummer Billy Hart, Morgan said he had recorded " The Sidewinder " as filler for the album, and was bemused that it had turned into his biggest hit.
According to one authority, in conservative Protestant culture, his ministry had a worldwide impact second only to Billy Graham.
According to editor Billy Weber, Malick jettisoned much of the film's dialogue, replacing it with Manz's voice-over, which served as an oblique commentary on the story.
According to a report in The Times she later married a Tasmanian known as " King Billy " who died in March 1871.
According to the supplementary materials for some of the games, the fictional martial art style of Billy and Jimmy is named, a nod to Bruce Lee's fighting method of Jeet Kune Do, also known as the " Way of the Intercepting Fist ".
According to three interviews with Sam Sianis, William Sianis ' nephew-in-law, the Curse of the Billy Goat can be dispelled only by the Chicago Cubs organization's showing a sincere fondness for goats ; allowing them into Wrigley Field because they genuinely want to and not simply for publicity reasons.
According to his website, he has personally preached to over 120 million people, making him the second most influential Christian evangelist in history, after Billy Graham.
" According to Daphne, Billy rejected the family's traditional fishing background by announcing that he " hated the smell of fish, and was going to teach ballroom dancing.
According to Brooks, Henley was ' especially sadistic ' in his participation of the murders committed at 925 Schuler: before Corll vacated the address on June 26, Henley assisted Corll and Brooks in the abduction and murder of two youths named Billy Baulch and Johnny Delone.
According to Billy Graham's biography Just As I Am, Carlson invited Eisenhower to the Senate Prayer Breakfast, which thus became the first Presidential Prayer Breakfast, thereafter an annual assembly of all three branches of government, continuing to this day.
According to one edition of the comic in the 1980s Beanotown is apparently next to Whizztown ( home of Billy Whizz, however later comics contadict this and give Billy's home as Beanotown ), near the village of Bunkerton which has a castle where Lord Snooty lives, near the town of Burnham the home of Billy the Cat and Katie as well as being close to General Jumbo's hometown of Dinchester.
According to musician and writer Billy Vera :" Rock ' n ' roll was an evolutionary process – we just looked around and it was here .... To name any one record as the first would make any of us look a fool.
According to Charmin makers Procter & Gamble, a 1978 survey found that " Mr. Whipple " was the third best-known American, behind recently-ousted President Richard Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham.
According to Dream Theater ex-drummer Mike Portnoy, " It was like having Billy Joel singing in Queensrÿche.
According to the 2001 census, Billy Row has a population of 824.
According to one account, the earliest issues were mimeographed pamphlets, typed on a borrowed typewriter and peddled around Minneapolis by Captain Billy and his four sons.
According to Billy Childish:

According and liner
") According to the liner notes of his first ( self-titled ) album, musician Bob Dylan dedicated the first song he ever wrote to Bardot.
According to the liner notes of the 1995 compilation Love Story, Young stuck with the album project long enough to arrange the track " The Daily Planet.
According to DVD liner notes for Return of the Pink Panther, Sellers and Edwards originally planned to produce a British television series centered on Clouseau, but a film was made instead, Revenge of the Pink Panther, which ignores Dreyfus's death in the previous film and has Clouseau investigating a plot to kill him after a transvestite criminal is killed in his place.
According to Norman's liner notes,
According to Reed ( despite the original liner notes ), the album entirely consists of guitar feedback played at different speeds.
According to the liner notes of this album, Oasis also played the song live in Manchester before they were well known.
According to the liner notes of his DVD set, Marvin Gaye: The Real Thing in Performance 1964-1981, Rob Bowman stated that by the early 1970s, Gaye had essentially developed " three distinct voices ; his smooth, sweet tenor, a growling rasp and an unreal falsetto ".
According to page 20 of the CD's liner notes, Steve Katz elected not to allow his performances onto the CD, which were digitally replaced by Jimmy Vivino.
Don Hill, an expert on the subject, who wrote detailed liner notes on the " Goodnight Ladies and Gents, the creole music of Lionel Belasco " CD, claims that " According to rumour ", he taught her a bit more than simply how to play the piano .... she was shipped back to England in disgrace, and Belasco was forced to flee to New York.
According to the liner notes for the CD release, the album cover was created within only a few hours due to time constraints.
According to the album's liner notes, " The Raven " was the first rock song ever to feature a digital vocoder.
According to the liner notes, this live album ( Rush's first ) marks the end of the " first chapter of Rush ," and would mark the start of a trend of releasing a live album after four studio albums.
According to Silver ( quoted by Herb Wong in the liner notes for The Best of Horace Silver ) the classic Fields film was playing on television while Silver was inspired to compose the tune.
According to Nat Hentoff in his 1957 liner notes for the Blakey Columbia LP of the same name, the phrase " hard bop " was originated by author-critic-pianist John Mehegan, jazz reviewer of the New York Herald Tribune at that time.
According to the liner notes from Riperton's Petals compilation CD, the melody to " Lovin ' You " was created as a distraction for Maya when she was a baby, so Riperton and Richard Rudolph could spend time together.
" According to the liner notes, " Cuckoo " was one of the first tunes Ian Anderson learned to play on the flute.
According to Rob Bowman's liner notes to the 2000 reissue of The Band's second album, The Band, it has been viewed as a concept album, with the songs focusing on peoples, places and traditions associated with an older version of Americana.
According to the album's liner notes, The Creed was originally a Megadeth demo song, which is on the 2004 remastered edition of the album featuring the then line-up of Megadeth.
According to the liner notes, during the remastering process, it was realized that the vocal track and harmonica track were missing.
According to the liner notes of the soundtrack, over half of Goldsmith's music was removed during the film's post production.
According to Samuel Freedman ( The New York Times, November 20, 2010 ), the metamorphosis to the " African " word Kumbaya was explained in liner notes to a 1959 Pete Seeger album, but " no scholar has ever found an indigenous word ' kumbaya ' with a relevant meaning .".
According to the liner notes of their first recording, their musical association began when they found themselves at the Blackfriars station without enough money for the fare to get home.
According to the liner notes on the soundtrack album, Williams ' " sense of the dramatic, coupled with his exquisite musical taste and knowledge of the orchestra definitely stamp this score as truly one of his best.
According to John Byrne's liner notes in Generations 3 Issue # 1, this character is Janet Hall, who is the granddaughter of the original Blackhawk, as well as Hawkman ( Carter Hall ) and Hawkgirl ( Shiera Sanders ).

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