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According and Bloomberg
According to Bloomberg News, ALEC is funded by, among others, Koch Industries Inc. and Exxon Mobil.
According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Los Gatos ranks 33rd in affluence in the United States.
According to Bloomberg / Businessweek, Old Westbury is the second " richest " town in the United States, trailing behind only Palm Beach, Florida.
According to Bloomberg Wall Street's five biggest firms paid over $ 3 billion to their executives from 2003 to 2008, " while they presided over the packaging and sale of loans that helped bring down the investment-banking system.
According to Peter Robison and Christopher Donville of Bloomberg News, as reported in the Seattle Times ( April 17, 2009 ), " Weyerhaeuser is in a financial crisis so deep the largest U. S. lumber producer turns down the heat in its offices to save money ..." On September 28, 2009, Moody's reported Weyerhauser's proposed new notes rated at Ba1, a rating that puts them with junk bonds.
According to Bloomberg, social-media-ad spending is expected to reach " a total of $ 4. 8 billion at the end of 2012 and $ 9. 8 billion by 2016 ".< http :// www. bloomberg. com / news / 2012-05-15 / social-media-ad-spending-to-jump-to-9-8-billion-in-2016. html >.
According to Bloomberg Serbian currency was placed amoung the forth weakest world currency.
According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Rubin pursued a romantic interest with Iris Mack and did not tell her that he was married.
According to Mary Brosnaham, spokeswoman for Coalition for the Homeless, the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg employs a deliberate policy of " active deterrence ".
According to Bloomberg, in 2011 the big five dominate the world's ten strongest $ 100-billion-asset banks, with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto-Dominion Bank, National Bank of Canada and Royal Bank of Canada at 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place, respectively, while Bank of Nova Scotia sits at 18th place.
According to an August 10 article in Bloomberg by Katherine Burton, " James Simons's $ 29 billion Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund fell 8. 7 % in August 2007 when his computer models used to buy and sell stocks were overwhelmed by securities ' price swings.
According to Bloomberg, Duke Energy did not renew its membership with the NAM partly because of differences over climate policy.
According to Bloomberg, ICBC's market capitalisation at the end of trade based on its Hong Kong shares was US $ 156. 3 billion, making its equity the world's fifth highest among banks, just behind JPMorgan Chase.
According to an article in Bloomberg, Walmart's " probe of possible bribery in Mexico may prompt executive departures and steep U. S. government fines if it reveals senior managers knew about the payments and didn't take strong enough action, corporate governance experts said.
According to Bloomberg News, the company ’ s chief executive officer, Brian Camelio ​, founded ArtistShare in 2000 with the idea that fans would finance production costs for albums sold only on the Internet and Artists also would enjoy much more favourable contract terms.
According to Bloomberg News, on August 18, 2010, Druckenmiller announced the closing of his hedge fund " telling investors he'd been worn down by the stress of trying to maintain one of the best trading records in the industry while managing an ' enormous amount of capital.
According to Bloomberg News, Sperling earned $ 887, 727 from Goldman Sachs in 2008 for advice on its charitable giving and $ 158, 000 for speeches mostly to financial companies.
According to Bloomberg, in the wake of the financial crisis, Nomura did not take any government bail-out money In 2010 Nomura acquired a stake in Bank of Ireland according to publicly available data.
According to Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta and New York City Clerk Michael McSweeney, " same sex-marriages in New York City have generated an estimated $ 259 million in economic impact and $ 16 million in City revenues " in the first year after the enactment of the Marriage Equality Act.
According to Bloomberg News, Brazilian prosecutors allege that Barreto razed protected jungle on Brazil's Pico Island to build a personal home.
According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, SAC Capital Advisors routinely accounts for as much as 3 % of the New York Stock Exchange's average daily trading, plus up to 1 % of the NASDAQ's — a total of at least 20 million shares a day.
According to Bloomberg,
According to Bloomberg the company utilizes an investing system that combines traditional diversification with " wager on or against markets around the world " and attempts to invest in instruments and markets that do not " move in lock step " with each other.
According to an article in Bloomberg, " about a quarter of all new hires " either quit or are let go within the first two years.

According and Russia
According to official data, in 2007, a record-high 500, 000 tourists visited Armenia — most of them ethnic Armenians from Europe, Russia and the United States.
According to Alexei Nakamura, as of 2012, there are only 205 Ainu living in Russia ( up from just 12 people who self-identified as Ainu in 2008 ) and they along with the Kurile Kamchadals ( Itelmen of Kuril islands ) are fighting for official recognition.
According to the minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia was one of the first countries to establish full diplomatic relations with Botswana.
According to Ivinskaya, " He began to say what an authentic event the funeral was -- an expression of what people really felt, and so characteristic of the Russia which stoned its prophets and did its poets to death as a matter of longstanding tradition.
:: Example 6 ( semi-presidential republic ): According to Chapter 4, Article 87, Section 1 of the Constitution of Russia:
According to the treaty, Russia granted protection to the Cossacks state in the Left-bank Ukraine, formerly under Polish control.
" According to Carr, an important advantage was that " if Soviet Russia had eventually to fight Hitler, the Western Powers would already be involved.
According to the Constitution of Russia, the country is a federation and semi-presidential republic, wherein the President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government.
According Steve White, during the Putin presidency Russia made clear that it had no intention of establishing a " second edition " of the American or British political system, but rather a system that was closer to Russia's own traditions and circumstances.
According to an official estimate for 1 August 2012, the population of Russia was 143, 200, 000.
According to the Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is head of state, and of a multi-party system with executive power exercised by the government, headed by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President with the parliament's approval.
** Iraq disarmament crisis: According to UNSCOM, the unity of the UN Security Council begins to fray, as a few countries, particularly France and Russia, become more interested in making financial deals with Iraq than in disarming the country.
According to the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Russia has 112 think tanks, while Russian think tanks claimed four of the top ten spots in 2011 ’ s " Top Thirty Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe ".
According to historian Robert Nisbet Bain, it was one of Elizabeth ’ s “ chief glories that, so far as she was able, she put a stop to that mischievous contention of rival ambitions at Court, which had disgraced the reigns of Peter II, Anne and Ivan VI, and enabled foreign powers to freely interfere in the domestic affairs of Russia .” She was also deeply religious, passing several pieces of legislation that undid much of the work her father had done to limit the power of the church.
According to the Guinness book of records, Eugene Andreev ( USSR ) holds the official FAI record for the longest free-fall parachute jump ( without drogue chute ) after falling for 80, 380 ft ( 24, 500 m ) from an altitude of 83, 523 ft ( 25, 457 m ) near the city of Saratov, Russia on 1 November 1962.
According to the Julian Calendar used at that time in Russia, the battle took place on September 28, 1708.
According to the 1997 treaty, a Russian naval base would continue to be located in Sevastopol and the adjoining region on the terms of a 20-year renewable lease, following a long diplomatic and political dispute between Russia and the newly independent Ukraine.
According to the 2002 census 35 527 Evenki lived in Russia.
According to the 2010 census, ethnic Russians make up about 81 % of the population of Russia.
According to the original theory it was impossible for such to occur in more backward countries such as early 20th century Russia.
According to classical Marxism, revolution in peasant-based countries, such as Russia, prepares the ground ultimately only for a development of capitalism since the liberated peasants become small owners, producers and traders which leads to the growth of commodity markets, from which a new capitalist class emerges.
According to Trotsky, the term ' Trotskyism ' was coined by Pavel Milyukov, ( sometimes transliterated as ' Paul Miliukoff '), the ideological leader of the Constitutional Democratic party ( Kadets ) in Russia.
According to the catalog DisserCat from 1996 to 2011 in Russia, Ukraine and other countries were defended more than 800 doctoral theses, using methods and analytic tools of Socionics in management, education, psychology, anthropology, medicine, philosophy, philology, sports, law, etc.

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