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According and Bryan
According to Jones, it was clear that Bland could not win, and that Bryan could not be stopped.
According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.
According to " The Boone Family " book by Hazel Atterbury Spraker ( 1982 ), " was buried near the body of his wife, in a cemetery established in 1803 by David Bryan, upon the bank of a small stream called Teuque Creek about one and one-half miles southeast of the present site of the town of Marthasville in Warren County, Missouri, it being at that time the only Protestant cemetery North of the Missouri River.
According to the book The Seven Daughters of Eve, by Bryan Sykes, MtDNA Haplogroup K arose along the southeastern slopes of the Alps around 12-15, 000 years ago.
According to the Bryan County Genealogy Society, Hendrix was originally known as Kemp City.
" According to Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray's biography of The Cure, the school also expelled ex-Malice co-founder Marc Ceccagno along with Smith, whose new band Amulet had also played the December school show.
According to The History of Science and Technology, by Bryan Bunch and Alexander Hellemans, in 610 AD
According to Twin Galaxies, the record high score on BurgerTime is 11, 512, 500 points, set by Bryan L. Wagner in 2008.
According to the valet's brother, Bryan Smith:
According to Bryan Burrough's book Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933 – 34, this most likely happened when Wanatka was playing cards with Dillinger, Nelson, and Hamilton.
According to executive producer Bryan Singer, Havok was not portrayed as Cyclops ' brother in the film, but " somehow related to him in a way that works for the film.
According to historian and Israeli Army and U. S. Marine Corps veteran Bryan Mark Rigg, up to 160, 000 one-quarter, one-half, and even full Jewish men served in the German armed forces during World War II, including several generals and at least one field marshal, Erhard Milch.
According to his biographer, Carolyn Livingston, Bryan was " a pioneer in the study of American folk music " who created in his students " a sense of value for the folk ballads and hymns of Appalachia ".
According to Bryan Pearson, the crew employed many guerrilla tactics in order to cut costs.
According to Batgirl writer Bryan Q. Miller, the ability to become invisible has not been incorporated into Stephanie's new identity as Batgirl.
According to Luna Leopold, one of his students, Bryan was influential as a teacher.

According and Wilson
According to F. S. Crafford, Wilson adopted " both the ideas and the style " of Smuts.
According to Factory's co-founder Tony Wilson, " All our bands are free to fuck off whenever they please.
According to the OED, John Paul Scott coined the word " sociobiology " at a 1946 conference on genetics and social behaviour, and became widely used after it was popularized by Edward O. Wilson in his 1975 book, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis.
According to Len Dawson, placekicker Jan Stenerud and punter Jerrel Wilson were the best kickers in football.
According to Dave Wilson, in his book Rock Formations, the name They Might Be Giants had been used and subsequently discarded by a friend of the band who had a ventriloquism act.
According to Wilson, the division of Illuminatus!
According to critic Edmund Wilson, Sherman
According to a BBC Radio 4 programme on the characters, they were named after the writers Sandy Wilson and Julian Slade.
According to Brian Lapping, this would have been Wilson ’ s largest reform of social security, had it been carried out.
According to author Daniel J. Wilson, the characteristics of masculinity include strength, activeness, speed, endurance, and courage.
According to Swami Sivananda, the view that the Shiva lingam represents the phallus is a mistake ; The same sentiments have also been expressed by H. H. Wilson in 1840.
According to state marker, the cemetery contains the burial plots of early settlers including Reverend Charles Webb, Moses Endicott, Edward McShane, Henry Talbert and Hugh Wilson.
According to the The Handbook of Texas, the area where the town is now located was once on land granted to the county in 1892 by the 77 Ranch, owned by S. B. Wilson and Wilson Furneaux.
According to Jacob Adler, Wilson Barrett was the most famous actor on the London stage of the 1880s.
According to Burke, Pickett gave the song to him on a tour bus: " Wilson sang the song for me in a bus on a tour.
According to the prophet Jack Wilson ( Wovoka )' s teachings, proper practice of the dance would reunite the living with the spirits of the dead and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to native peoples throughout the region.
According to Colt historian Robert Lawrence Wilson, the " lectures launched Colt's celebrated career as a pioneer Madison Avenue-style pitchman ".
According to Wilson, who highlights the phenomenon in his book Don't Get Fooled Again ( 2008 ), the characteristic feature of false skepticism is that it " centres not on an impartial search for the truth, but on the defence of a preconceived ideological position ".
According to Wilson, Ballard's voice was so loud that she was made to stand up to seventeen feet away from her microphone during recording sessions, while the other two Supremes stood directly in front of their microphones.
According to Speaker Selwyn Lloyd, the now famous disorderly behaviour of MPs during PMQs first arose as a result of the personal animosity between Harold Wilson and Edward Heath ; before this PMQs had been lively but comparatively civilised.
According to TV Guide magazine, creator Hugh Wilson said he was " satisfied " with the final product for DVD release.
According to the National Book Foundation: " From Mary McCarthy and Edmund Wilson to Gore Vidal and Joan Didion, The New York Review of Books has consistently employed the liveliest minds in America to think about, write about, and debate books and the issues they raise.
According to the Monmouth Archaeological Society, " there is now no room for debate " that the excavations by Wilson and others have now identified the main site of the medieval town to be around the minor road towards Catbrook, to the south of the current village on what is now farmland.

According and functionally
According to the theory, long-term memory differs structurally and functionally from working memory or short-term memory, which ostensibly stores items for only around 20 – 30 seconds and can be recalled easily.
According to Merton, there are also two other types of unanticipated consequences: " those that are dysfunctional for a designated system, and these comprise the latent dysfunctions, and those which are irrelevant to the system which they affect neither functionally or dysfunctionally ... non-functional consequences ".
According to Gudykunst and Kim ( 2003 ), unfortunately some people have personalities that are inherently less amenable to such deculturization and training and they tend to be " unrealistic ," " functionally unfit ," and " aggressive " ( pp. 368 – 372 ).
According to the gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor, the third eye is referenced symbolically and functionally several times in the Book of Revelation 3: 7-13, a work which, as a whole, he believes describes Kundalini and its progression upwards through three and a half turns and seven chakras.
According to Masters and Johnson sexual arousal and climax are a normal physiological process of every functionally intact adult, but despite being autonomic it can be inhibited.
According to PTC, this product intends to deliver more functionality with each progressive annual release, until the Mathcad 15. 0 maintenance releases can stop in favor of moving forward with a single, scalable, and functionally equivalent application.
According to official sources in 2007, 64 % of the population had never read a single book ; within the population component that is functionally literate, only 17. 9 % read more than two books in one year ( data collected by Marktest for TSF ).
According to Microsoft, " Windows DAC includes some changes to work with Windows Vista, but is almost entirely functionally equivalent to MDAC 2. 8.
According to analysis from Gartner analyst Greta James at the time of the acquisition, " Troux Technologies ' acquisition of Computas ' Metis product and its North American operations may result in a functionally rich product.

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