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According and Burton
According to Burton ( 2007 ) Martin authorized a crusade against Africa in 1418 and this coupled with a later bull ( 1441 ) sanctioned the Portuguese trade in African slaves.
According to sociologist Burton Clark, Reed is one of the most unusual institutions of higher learning in the United States, featuring a traditional liberal arts and natural sciences curriculum.
According to BMI, " Landslide " also earned Nicks the 35th Robert J. Burton Award as " Most Performed Country Song of the Year ".
According to both the Burton and Doniger translations, the contents of the book are structured into 7 parts like the following:
According to Collins, Burton had a " take-the-money-and-run attitude " toward the film.
According to his younger brother Graham Jenkins's 1988 book Richard Burton: My Brother, he smoked at least a hundred cigarettes a day.
According to Mr. Burton K. Kummerow, a member of " The Black Hats, CSA " reenactment group in the early 1960s, he first heard it used as a form of fake German to describe a fellow reenactor.
According to Deborah Burton, another minor character, Princesse Orlonia, is probably based on Princess Torlonia.
According to Burton Russell, " That the name is a purely modern invention of uncertain origins makes it an elegant symbol of the modern Devil with his many novel and diverse forms.
According to Burton Watson, the Vimalakīrti Sūtra probably originated in India in approximately 100 CE.
According to an interview in 2000, Wayne had devised a plan to revive The Move's fortunes by bringing Burton and Kefford back in.
According to Wightman, the Bishop told him “ that unless I did recant my opinions he would burn me at a stake in Burton before Allholland day next .” The final verdict and list of charges included “ the wicked heresies of Ebion, Cerinthus, Valentinian, Arius, Macedonius, Simon Magus, Manichees, Photinus, and of the Anabaptists and other arch heretics, and moreover, of other cursed opinions belched by the instinct of Satan ”.
According to Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren's papers, Burton was influential in bringing about the Supreme Court's unanimity in the landmark desegregation case Brown v. Board of Education.
According to the Yale Cabaret website, " during their time at the Yale School of Drama, Patricia Clarkson, Tony Shalhoub, Kate Burton, David Alan Grier, Christopher Durang, Wendy Wasserstein, among countless others, all performed at the Cabaret.
According to Carpenter, the studio " didn't get film " and made him write something that would explain the character of Jack Burton.
At Goldsmiths he was included in the Freeze Exhibition showing two wall text pieces, one simply showing the names Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the other, The Last Supper Arranged According to the Flat Back Four Formation ( Jesus Christ in Goal ) showing the names of the Apostles arranged as different football team systems with Jesus in goal.
According to an August 10 article in Bloomberg by Katherine Burton, " James Simons's $ 29 billion Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund fell 8. 7 % in August 2007 when his computer models used to buy and sell stocks were overwhelmed by securities ' price swings.
According to the celebrated traveller Richard Francis Burton he was murdered and robbed.
According to Burton, " that Muhammad accepted a doctrine of external naskh cannot be doubted ", and indeed naskhs Qur ' ānic " proof text ", Q. 2: 106, coming as it does right after a series of verses abrogating many aspects of the Jewish Halakha, may intend this sort of naskh.
According to historian Burton Stein, this theory is purely mythical and according to another historian, Suomen Itämainen Seura, the Karkathar are so called as they migrated from a place called Karaikadu.
According to Burton Fisher, Puccini and Forzano borrowed heavily from the commedia dell ' arte tradition in Gianni Schicchi.
According to the documentary The Last of the Gentleman Producers, Lloyd says that he originally planned to reunite Moore with Wild Geese co-stars Richard Burton and Richard Harris as Pugh and Grice.
According to Famitsu, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton are confirmed to be the final playable characters.
According to Alfred Burton, who wrote about Bramall in the late 19th century, the house has not always been in the present location, and was originally at Crow Holt Wood.

According and Stein's
According to " Dave Stein's Official Petticoat Junction Site " ( http :// petticoat. topcities. com / page1. htm ), the inspiration for Hooterville came from Paul Henning's wife, Ruth.
According to Jacob Stein's treatise on asset protection, common provisions enacted among some, but not all, of these countries are: ( i ) there is no recognition of foreign judgments with respect to trusts ; ( ii ) there is a very short statute of limitations on fraudulent transfers ; ( iii ) to establish a fraudulent transfer the creditor must show that the debtor was insolvent, and must establish the debtor's intent to " hinder, delay or defraud " beyond a reasonable doubt ; ( iv ) the anti-duress provisions are incorporated into the statutes ; and ( v ) spendthrift protection is extended to self-settled trusts.

According and History
According to Lovecraft's " History of the Necronomicon " ( written 1927, first published 1938 ), Alhazred was:
According to The Natural History " by Pliny the Elder:
According to Edward Gibbon in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, during the shifting of offices that took place at the beginning of the new reigns, Alaric apparently hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the rank of general in one of the regular armies.
According to Glenn W. LaFantasie, Professor of Civil War History at Western Kentucky University,
According to sources such as the History of Bede, after the invasion of Britannia, the Angles split up and founded the kingdoms of the Nord Angelnen ( Northumbria ), Ost Angelnen ( East Anglia ), and the Mittlere Angelnen ( Mercia ).
According to Judge, the History set was made up of episodes that he had previously rejected for home video release and had been prepared without his knowledge or consent.
According to Neil Parsons's online " Brief History of Botswana ":
According to the History of the Cyprus Church, in 478 Barnabas appeared in a dream to the Archbishop of Constantia ( Salamis, Cyprus ) Anthemios and revealed to him the place of his sepulchre beneath a carob-tree.
According to Emile Benveniste ( 1954 ), the earliest written occurrence in English of civilisation in its modern sense may be found in Adam Ferguson's An Essay on the History of Civil Society ( Edinburgh, 1767 – p. 2 ): " Not only the individual advances from infancy to manhood, but the species itself from rudeness to civilisation.
According to Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, the term is interchangeable with the Gewisse, meaning the descendants of Gewis.
According to Carl Benjamin Boyer, in the introduction to his The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, concepts in calculus do not refer to perceptions.
According to The General History of the Pirates, published more than 25 years after the event by an author whose very identity remains in dispute, Kidd made peaceful overtures to Culliford: he " drank their Captain's health ," swearing that " he was in every respect their Brother ," and gave Culliford " a Present of an Anchor and some Guns.
According to Eusebius of Caesarea in the Ecclesiastical History, he served as the first bishop of Crete.
According to BBC History: " There have been 53 major wars in Europe, France had been a belligerent in 49 of them ; UK 43.
According to Book of Zhou and History of Northern Dynasties, Ashina was a branch of Xiongnus and according to Book of Sui and Tongdian, they were " mixed Barbarians " ( 雜胡 / 杂胡, Pinyin: zá hú, Wade-Giles: tsa hu ) from Pingliang.
According to Anthony Harkins in Hillbilly: A Cultural History of an American Icon, the term first appeared in print in a 1900 New York Journal article, with the definition: " a Hill-Billie is a free and untrammeled white citizen of Alabama, who lives in the hills, has no means to speak of, dresses as he can, talks as he pleases, drinks whiskey when he gets it, and fires off his revolver as the fancy takes him.
According to Theodor Mommsen ( The History of Rome, volume 4, The Revolution, ISBN 1-4353-4597-5, page 4 ), 1 January became the first day of the year in 600 AUC of the Roman Calendar ( 153 BC ), due to disasters in the Lusitanian War.
According to George Macaulay Trevelyan in A Shortened History of England, during the Viking occupation: “ The Scandinavians, when not on the Viking warpath, were a litigious people and loved to get together in the ‘ thing ’ to hear legal argument.
According to the Netherlands Institute for Art History, he influenced Cornelis de Bie, Jan Coelenbier, Cornelis van Noorde, Abraham Susenier, Herman Saftleven, Pieter Jansz van Asch, and Abraham van Beijeren.
According to the all-time ranking published in 2009 by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, an organization recognised by FIFA, based on clubs ' performance in international competitions, Juventus were Italy's best club and second in Europe of the 20th century.
According to the book Local DJ, a Rock & Roll History, the band was performing in the area as an opening act for Herman's Hermits.
According to Nikephoros Kallistos Xanthopoulos ( Ecclesiastical History 14th century AD., Migne P. G.
According to Geoffrey Keating's 17th century History of Ireland, Ériu, Banba, and Fódla worshipped Badb, Macha, and the Morrígan respectively.
According to the Princeton Encyclopedia on American History:

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