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According and Christianity
According to Strmiska and Sigurvinsson ( 2005 ), American Asatruar tend to prefer a more devotional form of worship and a more emotional conception of the Nordic gods than Scandinavian practitioner, reflecting the parallel tendency of highly emotional forms of Christianity prevalent in the United States.
According to Clement, through conversion to Christianity alone can man fully participate in the Logos, which is universal truth.
According to Cynthia Stewart, during the Reformation, the Protestant reformers used " the founding myths of Christianity " to critique the church of their time.
According to Sandra Frankiel, the records of " Jesus ' life and death, his acts and words " provide the " founding myths " of Christianity.
According to Eliade, Christianity retains a sense of cyclical time, through the ritual commemoration of Christ's life and the imitation of Christ's actions ; Eliade calls this sense of cyclical time a " mythical aspect " of Christianity.
According to Christianity Today, " The emerging movement is a protest against much of evangelicalism as currently practiced.
According to its first translator, it was written in Wroxeter by a Christian man called Vinisius to a Christian woman called Nigra, and was claimed as the first epigraphic record of Christianity in Britain.
According to the archaeological finds, Christianity gained a foothold in Finland during the 11th century.
According to Van Voorst, the statement " those that loved him at the first did not forsake him " has the characteristics of Josephus ' writing and points to the continuation of Christianity.
According to Mormons, a Great Apostasy began in Christianity not long after the ascension of Jesus Christ ,.
According to Bruce McConkie, a general authority of the LDS Church, " Mormonism is indistinguishable from Christianity.
According to this view, human society was formerly a matriarchy, with communities being egalitarian, pacifistic and focused on the worship of the Goddess ; such a society was subsequently overthrown by violent patriarchal hordes who worshiped male sky gods and who continued to rule through the form of Christianity.
According to Christianity a convert is one who renounces sin as worthless and treasures instead the supreme worth of Jesus Christ ; the convert sees the worth of Christ in Jesus ' sacrificial death and resurrection and renounces sin.
According to Western sources, the ruler of Friesland was converted to Christianity by the Franks.
According to Jewish tradition ( adopted by Christianity ) the Torah was dictated to Moses by God, with the exception of the last eight verses of Deuteronomy which describe the death and burial of Moses.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, " The enthusiasm felt for the Zohar was shared by many Christian scholars, such as Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Johann Reuchlin, Aegidius of Viterbo, etc., all of whom believed that the book contained proofs of the truth of Christianity.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, " This and other similar doctrines found in the Zohar are now known to be much older than Christianity, but the Christian scholars who were led by the similarity of these teachings to certain Christian dogmas deemed it their duty to propagate the Zohar.
* According to the Annales Cambriae, the Anglo-Saxons convert to Christianity after the Second Battle of Badon.
According to chroniclers such as Eusebius of Caesarea and Lactantius, the battle marked the beginning of Constantine's conversion to Christianity.
According to Irenaeus, the Judaistic Ebionites charged less than one hundred years after the Apostles that the Christians overruled the authority of Scripture by failing to keep the Mosaic Law ( see also Biblical law in Christianity ).
According to author David W. Marshall, extreme and obsessive loathing of Christianity had long been the norm of black and death metal bands, but in the 1990s Bathory and many other bands began turning away from Satan as the primary opposition to Christianity, instead placing their faith in Vikings and Odin.
According to her hagiography, she was both a princess and a noted scholar, who became a Christian around the age of fourteen, and herself converted hundreds of people to Christianity.
According to Heine, pantheism had been repressed by Christianity and had survived in German folklore.

According and Today
According to David Vine, " Today, at any given time, 3, 000 to 5, 000 U. S. troops and civilian support staff live on the island.
According to anthropologist Thayer Scudder, who has studied these communities since the late 1950s, " Today, most are still ' development refugees.
According to some sources, after his triumphal entry into the city, Allenby raised his sword in salute to the famous statue of Saladin and proudly declared " Today the wars of the Crusaders are completed.
According to USA Today, Omaha ranks eighth among the nation's 50 largest cities in both per-capita billionaires and Fortune 500 companies.
According to a poll taken by USA Today in 2005, majority of Americans support affirmative action for women, while with minority groups though, it is more split.
According to the BLS, " employment of computer hardware engineers is expected to increase 9 percent from 2010 to 2020. Today, computer hardware is somehow equal to Electronic and Computer Engineering ( ECE ) and has divided to many subcategories, the most significant of them is Embedded system design. this field has developed all around us, from tiny controllers to huge computers.
According to the USA Today methodology, the chance of people of being two different ethnic groups / races being selected was 75 %.
Bigelow Today: According to the 2000 census, Bigelow has a population of 231.
According to a 2003 report in Solar Today magazine, poor upkeep and lax regulation has reduced the energy efficiency of some of the solar heated businesses, but " most of the buildings are still excellent examples of solar energy at work.
According to Mark Leary, as reported in a November 1995 issue of Psychology Today, " we are happiest when basking in the acceptance and praise of others ".
According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has a circulation of 2. 1 million copies ( including 400, 000 online paid subscriptions ), as of March 2010, compared to USA Today 1. 8 million.
According to USA Today, those who knew the Hanssens described them as a close family.
" According to Christianity Today, " today on American college and high school campuses, the name most associated with the word Christian — other than Jesus — is not the Pope or Mother Teresa or even Billy Graham.
According to Meniketti and Haze, Leonard chose the name of the album that was playing on his turntable at that moment --" Yesterday & Today "-- an early album from The Beatles ' LP of the same name.
According to one survey conducted by the reputable Indian news magazine India Today, over 90 % of government employees actively seek and get a dowry from their bride's family.
According to Plutarch, Caesar remarked on that decision saying, " Today the victory had been the enemy's, had there been any one among them to take it.
* Occupation of Iraq: According to a USA Today / CNN / Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds ( 63 %) of Americans polled say the war in Iraq was worth fighting.
According to an article in Theology Today published in 1975, " There have been long periods in the history of the church when biblical inerrancy has not been a critical question.
According to a 2003 joint poll by USA Today, CNN, and Gallup, 90 % of Americans support the inscription " In God We Trust " on U. S. coins.
According to Van Doren, the two men had not met until August 1959, when the subcommittee to which Goodwin served as counsel had begun investigating the quiz shows and Van Doren was already established on The Today Show.
According to Michael J. Formica s " Psychology Today " blog, " There is an intimate relationship between sexuality and emotionality.
According to USA Today, " For the first time in 23 years, Walter Cronkite did not host the event, so Caroline Kennedy filled in.
According to USA Today, D ' Amato " referred to the heavyset Nadler as ' Congressman Waddler.
According to the Indian Readership Survey Round II of 2009, the readership for Reader's Digest is 3. 94 million, second only to India Today at 5. 62 million.

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