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According and Combs
According to Feud announcer Gene Wood, Combs also toured extensively around the United States to promote the show and made guest appearances on Card Sharks and The Price Is Right to discuss the new version of Family Feud.
According to recording artist Chanté Moore, her song " If I Gave Love " which was intended to be released as the second single from her album, This Moment Is Mine, released in March 1999, was re-written by Jerkins with the same arrangement for Lopez after Sean Combs, a producer for On the 6, said he wanted the song.

According and Chandler
According to Senator Zachariah Chandler, he " disgraced himself and the Senate by making a drunken foolish speech.
According to the historian David P. Chandler, the leftist Issarak groups, aided by the Viet Minh, occupied a sixth of Cambodia's territory by 1952 ; and, on the eve of the Geneva Conference, they controlled as much as one half of the country.
According to T. Chandler, Memphis had some 30, 000 inhabitants and was by far the largest settlement worldwide from the time of its foundation until around 2250 BCE and from 1557 to 1400 BCE.
According to the United States Census Bureau, Chandler has a total area of, of which, of it is land and of it ( 0. 17 %) is water.
According to Chandler, Rickey professed that he would not move forward with Robinson's transfer unless he had Chandler's full support, which Chandler subsequently pledged.
According to the historian David P. Chandler, the leftist Issarak groups, aided by the Viet Minh, occupied a sixth of Cambodia's territory by 1952 ; and, on the eve of the Geneva Conference, they controlled as much as one half of the country.
According to the biography on his official website, Chandler is the grandson of Albert Benjamin “ Happy ” Chandler Sr.
According to the Detroit Post, an extant newspaper, and publisher of an autobiography of Chandler, " Mr. Chandler, was from his boyhood, was radical in his opposition to human bondage, and for a time hoped that the Whig Party of the North could be used to effectually resist the conspiracy of the slave power against the territories.
According to Chandler, " Individual monks are required to render fingerprints and signatures that demonstrate their pledge to uphold the Dalai Lama's position.
According to Daniel Chandler, the commutation test may involve any of four basic transformations which, to a greater or lesser extent, involve modification of the syntagm:
According to a recent BBC 6 show on Elastica, Matthews has been linked romantically to Lawrence Chandler of American indie band Bowery Electric.

According and had
According to William Ringler's study, Stephen Gosson, the theater business in London had become a thriving enterprise by 1577, and, in the opinion of many, a thoroughly bad business.
According to state law a slave had to be at least thirty years old before he could be freed.
According to the Suda, he also had an eromenos, Palaephatus of Abydus.
According to Forbes magazine Armenia had the second worst economy in the world in 2011.
According to the Gospel of Matthew, at the death of Jesus tombs were opened, and at his resurrection many saints who had died emerged from their tombs and went into " the holy city ", presumably New Jerusalem.
According to the Tanakh, however, Ahab with 7, 000 troops had previously overthrown Ben-hadad and his thirty-two kings, who had come to lay siege to Samaria, and in the following year obtained a decisive victory over him at Aphek, probably in the plain of Sharon at Antipatris ( 1 Kings 20 ).
According to fellow folk singer Joan Baez, it was one of the most requested songs from her audiences, but she never realized its origin as a hymn ; by the time she was singing it in the 1960s she said it had " developed a life of its own ".
According to The Annotated Alice, Carroll had originally had the characters dry off by having the Dodo lead them to a nearby house for towels.
According to Suetonius, Agrippina had a strict upbringing and education.
According to Suetonius who had cited from Pliny the Elder, Agrippina had borne to Germanicus, a son called Gaius Julius Caesar who had a lovable character.
According to Suetonius, Caligula nursed a rumor that Augustus and Julia the Elder had an incestuous union from which Agrippina the Elder had been born.
According to Tacitus, Agrippina ’ s eldest daughter Agrippina the Younger had written memoirs for posterity.
According to legend, Castor and Pollux announced to one of their ancestors the victory of the Romans over the Latins at the battle of Lake Regillus, and, to confirm the truth of what they had just said, they stroked his black hair and beard, which immediately became red.
According to the Bibliotheca, no one had realised that Ajax had raped Cassandra until Calchas, the Greek seer, warned the Greeks that Athena was furious at the treatment of her priestess and she would destroy the Greek ships if they didn't kill him immediately.
According to some scholars Ali ibn Yusuf was a new generation of leadership that had forgot the desert life for the comforts of the city.
According to the dramatist Aeschylus, in the distant past they had lived in Scythia ( modern Crimea ), at the Palus Maeotis (" Lake Maeotis ", the Sea of Azov ), but later moved to Themiscyra on the River Thermodon ( the Terme river in northern Turkey ).
According to the Talmud, Amram promulgated the laws of marriage and divorce amongst the Jews in Egypt ; the Talmud also argues that Amram had extreme longevity, which he used to ensure that doctrines were preserved through several generations.
According to Festus, Marcius had the surname of Ancus from his crooked arm.
According to Nicephorus Gregoras, Andronikos also had an illegitimate daughter, Irene Palaiologina of Trebizond.

According and deposited
According to API Standards 600, " Steel Gate Valve-Flanged and Butt-welding Ends, Bolted Bonnets ", the trim consists of stem, seating surface in the body, gate seating surface, bushing or a deposited weld for the backseat and stem hole guide, and small internal parts that normally contact the service fluid, excluding the pin that is used to make a stem-to-gate connection ( this pin shall be made of an austenitic stainless steel material ).
According to the Chronicon Paschale, the point of the lance, which had been broken off, was given in the same year to Nicetas, who took it to Constantinople and deposited it in the church of Hagia Sophia, and later to the Church of the Virgin of the Pharos.
According to the Boston Evening Transcript of October 4, 1904, Dugan had deposited a forged check for $ 955 in the Peoples Bank of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and convinced the bank manager to let him withdraw $ 500.
According to Webindia, however, the money had not been delivered to him, because of currency regulations, and was instead deposited in the Oriental Bank of Commerce account of the Indo-Fiji Friendship Society.
According to her will, her heart was placed in a raised enamel gold reliquary, then transported to Nantes to be deposited in the vault of the Carmelite friars, in the tomb made for her parents.
According to an indictment, Olmert had actually taken another $ 100, 000 from Almaliah, which was deposited into his personal bank account.
According to the story in Plutarch ( Theseus, 18 ), Theseus, before setting out to Crete to slay the Minotaur, repaired to the Delphinium and deposited, on his own behalf and that of his companions on whom the lot had fallen, an offering to Apollo, consisting of a branch of consecrated olive, bound about with white wool ; after which he prayed to the god and set sail.
According to the EPA, acid rain is a broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry deposition ( deposited material ) from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids.
According to plaintiffs, defendants " accepted, concealed, hypothecated, laundered, retained, converted and profited from assets looted by the Ustasha Regime during April 1941 through May 1945 and deposited in, or converted, concealed, hypothecated, trafficked, credited, pledged, exchanged, laundered or liquidated through, the IOR, and OFM after the demise of the NDH-Independent State of Croatia in May 1945.
According to the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Michoacán de Ocampo, the exercise of the Ejectivo Power of this Mexican organization, it is deposited in a single individual, that denominates Constitutional Governor of the Free and Sovereign State of Michoacán de Ocampo and that is elect for a period of 6 years without any possibility of re-election.
According to the Book of Mormon, the hill Shim () was in the Land of Antum and the location where Ammaron deposited the plates containing what was to become part of The Book of Mormon.

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