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According and Conflict
According to UN documents, in relation to the adoption and enforcement of the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict, the CSUCS plays " a key role in ensuring implementation at every level.
According to the Conflict Archive on the Internet's Sutton Database, the LVF have killed 18 people, which included:
According to a 2005 article by Randy Borum and Chuck Tilby, in Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: " Some organizations such as Ruckus Society and Anarchist Black Cross Federation even specialize in providing training in activism and varying forms of civil disobedience.
According to Star Control: Great Battles of the Ur-Quan Conflict, Captain Rand is referred to as saying " That is one ugly sucker " when the image of a VUX first came onto his viewscreen.
According to the Institute for Conflict Management, approximately 90 % of the NLFT's administration are Christians.
According to their Myspace site, Aus-Rotten is influenced by Black Flag, Conflict, Crass, and Subhumans.
According to Amal officials, the party's militants " have been involved in every major battle since fighting began " during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon Conflict, and at least 8 members were reported to have been killed.
According to Sterba, the liberty of the poor should be morally prioritized in light of the fundamental moral principle ‘ “ Ought ” implies “ Can ” ’ from which it follows that it would be unreasonable to ask the poor to relinquish their liberty not be interfered with, noting that “ in the extreme case it would involve asking or requiring the poor to sit back and starve to death ” and that “ by contrast it would not be unreasonable to ask and require the rich to sacrifice their liberty to meet some of their needs so that the poor can have the liberty to meet their basic needs .” Having argued that ‘ ” Ought ” implies “ Can ” ’ establishes the reasonability of asking the rich to sacrifice their luxuries for the basic needs of the poor, Sterba invokes a second fundamental principle, “ The Conflict Resolution Principle ” to argue that it is reasonable to make it a moral requirement.
According to the histories of Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the magistracy of the tribuni militum consulari potestate was created during the Conflict of the Orders, along with the magistracy of the censor, in order to give the Plebeian order access to higher levels of government without having to reform the office of consul ; plebeians could be elected to the office of Consular Tribune.

According and Archive
According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact with Manuel Noriega, the military leader of Panama later convicted on drug charges, whom he personally met.
" According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact with Manuel Noriega, the US-backed president of Panama.
According to the National Security Archive, in an August 23, 1986 e-mail to John Poindexter, Oliver North described a meeting with a representative of Panamanian President Manuel Noriega: " You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega in Panama and I have developed a fairly good relationship ", North writes before explaining Noriega's proposal.
According to Cambridge University historian Christopher Andrew, who undertook the task of processing the Mitrokhin Archive, Carlos Fonseca Amador, one of the original three founding members of the FSLN had been recruited by the KGB in 1959 while on a trip to Moscow.
According to an interview at the Tulane's Hogan Jazz Archive with Oliver's widow Stella Oliver, in 1919 a fight broke out at a dance where Oliver was playing, and the police arrested him, his band, and the fighters.
* Tonkin Gulf Intelligence " Skewed " According to Official History and Intercepts — National Security Archive at George Washington University
According The Mitrokhin Archive investigators, Le Monde ( KGB codename VESTNIK, " messenger ") was the KGB's key outlet for spreading anti-American and pro-Soviet disinformation to the French media.
According to the Australian film and Sound Archive, the only actors positively identified are ;
According to Garner's videotaped Archive of American Television interview, Garner had Nichols killed in the last episode so that a sequel could never be made.
According to a timeline released by Namco in its Soul Archive site, Soul Edge < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s events take place in the year 1584.
According to Londen, official adoption documents in the National Archive in Helsinki prove that Ior's biological mother was a 23 years old gardening instructor in Porvoo.
According to a CIA document declassified in 2000 and publicised by the National Security Archive, Michael Townley, the DINA international agent responsible for the murder of Orlando Letelier, a member of Salvador Allende's government, in Washington DC, 1976, was in contact with Spaggiari.
According to the National Security Archive and Italian attorney general Giovanni Salvi, in charge of former DINA head Manuel Contreras ' prosecution, Stefano Delle Chiaie met with Michael Townley and Virgilio Paz Romero in Madrid in 1975 to plan the murder of Bernardo Leighton with the help of Franco's secret police.
According to the Historical Text Archive on Revolution in the Land: Southern Agriculture in the 20th Century in a section called " The Changing Face of Sharecropping and Tenancy ":
According to the National Security Archive: " Among the documents found in the training files of Operation PBSUCCESS and declassified by the Agency is a CIA document titled ' A Study of Assassination.
According to the " Family Jewels " report, released by the National Security Archive on June 26, 2007, during the period from March 12, 1963 and June 15, 1963, the CIA installed telephone taps on two Washington-based news reporters.
According to the National Security Archive, President Bush was the first sitting president to release a PDB to the public.
According to Scott Armstrong, taking into account labor and material costs, the three presidential administrations spent almost $ 9. 3 million on contesting the National Security Archive FOIA requests for PROFS e-mail records.
According to the Rockefeller Archive Center, The Commonwealth Fund ’ s “ early grants supported a variety of programs while generally promoting welfare, especially child welfare .” Over the years, it has given support to medical schools and to the building of hospitals and clinics.
According to the Mitrokhin Archive, Vladimir Kuzichkin a KGB officer stationed in Tehran who had defected to the British in 1982 had exposed almost the entirety of the Tudeh leadership as Soviet agents.
According to a Washington Post feature story, the Archive files roughly 2, 000 FOIA requests annually, collecting about 75, 000 documents.
According to the Unofficial Current Playlist Archive, over 4, 000 different songs have been played from around 2, 000 different artists.
According to National Archive records, the army surgeon who diagnosed his condition at that time recommended a six-months leave in a different climate from the one in which he was stationed.

According and on
According to a newspaper report of the 1961 statistics of the Church of England, the `` total of confirmed members is 9,748,000, but only 2,887,671 are registered on the parochial church rolls '', and `` over 27 million people in England are baptized into the Church of England, but roughly only a tenth of them continue ''.
According to the Biblioteca, the " library " of mythology mis-attributed to Apollodorus, he fathered the Corybantes on the Muse Thalia.
According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, an Allocution is a solemn form of address or speech from the throne employed by the Pope on certain occasions.
According to Roy Andrew Miller ( 1996: 98-99 ), the Clauson – Doerfer critique of Altaic relies exclusively on lexicon, whereas the fundamental evidence for Altaic consists in verbal morphology.
According to Richard Dawkins, a distinction between agnosticism and atheism is unwieldy and depends on how close to zero we are willing to rate the probability of existence for any given god-like entity.
According to the studies of James Curran, the system of shared values among editors in Britain has generated a pressure among authors to write to fit the editors ' expectations, removing the focus from the reader-audience and putting a strain on the relationship between authors and editors and on writing as a social act.
( Despite common belief, he did not take a day from February ; see the debunked theory on month lengths ) According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.
According to archaeologists Patricia Crown and Steadman Upham, the appearance of the bright colors on Salada Polychromes in the 14th century may reflect religious or political alliances on a regional level.
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
According to various ideas of the afterlife, the essential aspect of the individual that lives on after death may be some partial element, or the entire soul, of an individual, which carries with it and confers personal identity.
According to LDS Doctrine, Michael the Archangel became the first man on earth, Adam, to experience his mortality.
According to Hartshorne people do not experience subjective ( or personal ) immortality in the afterlife, but they do have objective immortality because their experiences live on forever in God, who contains all that was.
According to the anthropologist Tim Ingold, animism shares similarities to totemism but differs in its focus on individual spirit beings which help to perpetuate life, whereas totemism more typically holds that there is a primary source, such as the land itself or the ancestors, who provide the basis to life.
According to E. A. Wallis Budge, " as a Pantheus, i. e. All-God, he appears on the amulets with the head of a cock ( Phœbus ) or of a lion ( Ra or Mithras ), the body of a man, and his legs are serpents which terminate in scorpions, types of the Agathodaimon.
According to Alcidamas, the highest aim of the orator was the power of speaking extempore on every conceivable subject.
According to the Lanercost Chronicle, Alexander did not spend his decade as a widower alone: " he used never to forbear on account of season nor storm, nor for perils of flood or rocky cliffs, but would visit none too creditably nuns or matrons, virgins or widows as the fancy seized him, sometimes in disguise.
According to Herodotus, Amasis, was asked by Cambyses II or Cyrus the Great for an Egyptian ophthalmologist on good terms.
According to the dramatist Aeschylus, in the distant past they had lived in Scythia ( modern Crimea ), at the Palus Maeotis (" Lake Maeotis ", the Sea of Azov ), but later moved to Themiscyra on the River Thermodon ( the Terme river in northern Turkey ).
According to legend, this prompted Ananda to focus his efforts on the attainment of nibbana and he was able to reach the specified level of attainment before the calling of the conclave.
According to the ship's log, Selkirk died at 8 p. m. on 13 December 1721 while serving as a lieutenant on board the Royal ship Weymouth.
According to federal guidelines, only approved religious symbols — of which there are 38 — can be placed on government headstones or memorial plaques.
According to the original press release from Colangelo's group ( which remained posted on the team website during the first few seasons ) the chosen team colors were Arizona turquoise, copper, black and purple.

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