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According and Cyril
According to Christian sources, the Jews of Alexandria schemed against the Christians and killed many of them ; Cyril reacted and expelled either all of the Jews, or else only the murderers, from Alexandria, actually exerting a power that belonged to the civil officer, Orestes.
According to lexicographer William Smith, " She was accused of too much familiarity with Orestes, prefect of Alexandria, and the charge spread among the clergy, who took up the notion that she interrupted the friendship of Orestes with their archbishop, Cyril.
According to McGuckin, Cyril viewed the " elevated intellectual intellectual argument about christology " as ultimately one and the same as the " validity and security of the simple Christian life ".
According to McGuckin, several mid-twentieth century accounts have tended to " romanticise " Nestorius ; in opposition to this view, he asserts that Nestorius was no less dogmatic, uncompromising than Cyril and that he was fully just as prepared to use his political and canonical powers as Cyril or any of the other hierarchs of the period.
According to a report from Cyril to Celestine, Juvenal of Jerusalem tried and failed to create for himself a patriarchate from the territory of the Antiochene patriarchate in which his see lay.
According to the scholar of the Caucasian studies Cyril Toumanoff:
According to author Cyril Elgood ( pp. 41, 110 ), who does not mention his source, it was Abul-Fath Gilani ( d. 1588 ), a Persian physician at the Indian court of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who " first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubble-bubble or hookah.
According to Cyril Elgood ( PP. 41, 110 ) it was in India where the physician Hakim Abu ’ l-Fath Gilani ( d. 1588 ), at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar I ( 1542-1605 AD ) invented the idea.
According to the scholar of the Caucasian studies Cyril Toumanoff:
According to Zenkovsky ’ s assessment of Kirill ’ s heritage: “ Cyril, Bishop of Turov, was probably the most accomplished master of Orthodox theology and the Byzantine style of writing.
According to John of Nikiu in the 7th century, when the philosopher Hypatia was lynched and flayed by a mob of Alexandrian Coptic monks, they acclaimed Theophilus's nephew and successor Cyril as " the new Theophilus, for he had destroyed the last remains of idolatry in the city ".
According to Cyril of Jerusalem:
According to Babai, Cyril of Alexandria stood at the root of simple Theopaschism as professed by the Monophysites, and the Emperor Justinian I at the root of composite Theopaschism.
According to the hagiography of Saint Cyril and Methodius by Clement of Ohrid, Naum took part in the historic mission to Moravia together with Cyril, Methodius, Clement, Angelarius, Gorazd and other Slavic missionaries in 863.
According to Cyril Toumanoff, following the abdication in 1045-46 of Prince Gregory II ( who received from the court of Constantinople the rank of magistros and the office of duke of Mesopotamia, Vaspurakan, and Taron ) in favor of the emperor, the Pahlavunis ( Oshin of Gandzak ) moved to Cilician Armenia forming the House of Hethumids.
According to the renowned scholar of the Caucasian studies Cyril Toumanoff, the Moschians were the early proto-Georgian tribes which were integrated into the first early Georgian state of Colchis.
According to Alexander of Alexandria, he remained in schism during the episcopates of three bishops, Domnus, Timaeus and Cyril, whose administration extended from 268 to 303.

According and pp
According to Müller, " France's linguistic separation began with Roman influence " ( Bec, 1963, pp. 20, 21 )
According to Yaglom ( pp. 92, 3 ), the cycle Z =
According to Ferenczi, "… One learned from and from his kind of technique various things that made one ’ s life and work more comfortable: the calm, unemotional reserve ; the unruffled assurance that one knows better ; and the theories, the seeking and finding of the causes of failure in the patient instead of partly in ourselves … and finally the pessimistic view, shared only with a few, that neurotics are a rabble, good only to support us financially and to allow us to learn from their cases: psychoanalysis as a therapy may be worthless " ( Ferenczi, 1995, pp. 185 – 186 ).
Deification as the End and Fulfillment of Salvation According to St. Maximos the Confessor — Source: Τὸ Μυστήριον ... mystery of salvation according to St. Maximos the Confessor ( Athens: 1975 ), pp. 180 – 196
* The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar from Religion ( London ), vol 25, October 1995, pp. 317 – 38
According to Gudykunst and Kim ( 2003 ), any resistance to conformity or any lack of enthusiasm for disintegrating and unlearning one's original self on the part of the immigrant suggests that they are " mentally ill " ( pp. 365, 373 ), " hostile " and irrationally " aggressive " ( pp. 368 – 372 ), weak ( p. 369 ), lacking " self-control " ( p. 369 ), and " maturity " ( pp. 377, 381 ), " self-deceived ," " unrealistic ," deluded ( pp. 369, 379-382 ), and simply " maladjusted " and failing to " perceive the world and himself correctly " ( pp. 372 – 373 ).
According to Gudykunst and Kim ( 2003 ), unfortunately some people have personalities that are inherently less amenable to such deculturization and training and they tend to be " unrealistic ," " functionally unfit ," and " aggressive " ( pp. 368 – 372 ).
According to letters written by the tiler, allegedly uncovered by Toynbee tile researchers in Philadelphia in 2006, " Toynbee's idea " stems from a passage in Arnold Toynbee's book Experiences, pp. 139 – 142:
According to Strype the rebuilt church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and this would seem to be confirmed by the fact that in the parish account for 1685 there is the following item: To one third of a hogshead of wine, given to Sir Christopher Wren, £ 4 2s .< ref name =" Thornbury1 "> Thornbury, Walter ( 1878 ) ' Bartholomew Lane and Lombard Street ' in Old and New London: Volume 1 pp. 522-530.
According to Daniel Wheeler's Life and Writings of Thomas Paine, Volume 1 ( of 10, Vincent & Parke, 1908 ) pp. 26-27: Thomas Paine accompanied Colonel John Laurens to France and is credited with initiating the mission.
According to the 1996 version of the Himalayan Journal ( pp. 29 – 36 ), members of an Indian Army expedition reached this summit in May 1994.
Stephen was buried on the south hill above the cave in what became known as “ The Old Guides ' Cemetery .” According to Mammoth Cave Historian Harold Meloy (“ Stephen Bishop: The Man and the Legend ”, in Caves, Cavers, and Caving, Bruce Sloane, Editor, 1977, pp 290 – 291 ), James Ross Mellon, president of the City Deposit Bank, Pittsburgh, PA, visited the cave for one week in November, 1878.
According to the author's Preface ( pp. ix – xii ), Lindbergh worked on the manuscript of The Spirit of St. Louis for 14 years.
According to Bensky and Clavey, 2004 ( Materia medica 3rd edition, pp. 975 – 976 ) Tribulus terrestris is ci ji li ( 刺蒺藜 ).
( 1995 ), Past Imperfect: History According to the Movies, New York: Henry Holt and Company ( Series: A Society of American Historians Book ), pp 44 – 47.
According to Louis Crompton in Shaw the Dramatist ( pp. 252 – 3 ):
* November 3: According to a book by Arad, pp. 383 – 389, The Governnment General deported 2000 Jews to Belzec from the town of Zaklików, County of Janów, District of Lublin.
According to an account in the Talmud ( B. M. 85b ), which Rapoport declares to be a later addition ("' Erek Millin ," pp. 10, 222 ), but which may have some basis in fact, Samuel is said to have cured R. Judah ha-Nasi I of an affliction of the eyes.
, pp. 202-204 </ ref > According to Bulgarian claims submitted to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, some Bulgarian shops and houses were looted by retreating Greeks.

According and .
`` According to Rose, he arrived here a couple minutes before nine and spotted Thor in the water, got a hooked pole from the pool-equipment locker and started hauling him out.
According to Katherine Litz, `` the becoming, the process of realization, is the dance ''.
According to William Ringler's study, Stephen Gosson, the theater business in London had become a thriving enterprise by 1577, and, in the opinion of many, a thoroughly bad business.
According to The Chicago Tribune News Service, State Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk of California has devised a series of questions which the joiner might well ask about any organization seeking his money and his name: 1.
According to the original program, Premier Khrushchev expected the millions looking toward the Kremlin this morning to be filled with admiration or rage -- depending upon individual or national politics -- because of the `` bold program for building communism in our time '' which the Congress will adopt.
According to the official interpretation of the Charter, a member cannot be penalized by not having the right to vote in the General Assembly for nonpayment of financial obligations to the `` special '' United Nations' budgets, and of course cannot be expelled from the Organization ( which you suggested in your editorial ), due to the fact that there is no provision in the Charter for expulsion.
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
According to Friends, the unit was organized by John Snook, a former World War 2, commando who is vice president and general manager of the telephone company.
According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, plastics units now account for more than 50% of all sign sales.
According to one major producer, materials for a typical plastic sign are approximately 25% less costly than for a comparable neon unit.
According to the myth, Old Order then vanishes at stage left and reappears at extreme stage right, but Director Shuz skillfully sidesteps the rather gooshey problem of stage effects by simply having Miss Arapacis walk across the stage.
According to Philippoff, the recoverable shear S is given by Af where **yc is the angle of extinction.
According to Whipple ( 1955 ), cometary debris is sufficient to replenish the material spiraling into the sun, maintaining a fairly steady state.
According to a number of studies, the important predictors are the nature and management of the client's anxiety as well as the accessibility of the helping person.
According to the theory proposed, this is a consequence of the severe condition of perceived threat that persists unabated for the anxious child in an ambiguous sort of school environment.
According to the theory underlying odd-lot indices, the trader who trades odd lots is most likely a small trader, one who can't afford to trade round lots.
According to the latest projections of the Bureau of the Census, the annual rate of household formations will increase for the next 20 years.
According to the new theories, the nineteenth century corporate sovereign was `` sovereign '' in a quite new and different sense from his historical predecessors.
According to Dr. Ellis, the average 20-year-old American woman is capable of far greater sexual arousal than her partner.
According to the Food And Drug Administration ( FDA ), `` Doctor '' Ghadiali, Dr. Albert Abrams and his clique, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- to name three notorious device quacks -- succeeded, respectively, in distributing 10,000, 5000, and 2000 fake health machines.
According to state law a slave had to be at least thirty years old before he could be freed.
According, then, to what I take to be the prevailing view, these rioters were merely a handful of irresponsible, Stalinist-corrupted provocateurs.
According to Stacy, she told him she was planning to remarry and she wanted him to ask Forbes for the lump sum.
According to the medical examiner, she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..
According to the medical examiner she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..

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